Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Sabrina's in a Jam

by Jason Boaz: "clintele@webtv.net"

Note: This is a single story, not a series. This is supposed to be a 'lost' episode of the series, between the episodes "The Ultimate Test" and "The Breeding Center Secret"




Ash and his friends have completed their adventure in the Pokémon
Admissions Center, and now they're heading further onward to Cinnabar
trouble is already on the rise.

Ash: I can't wait until I get my next badge. Thanks to that test, I've proven how great I really am.

Misty: (sighs) Could you please show a little more modesty, and a little less ego, Ash Ketchem?

Ash: HEY! I'm the best Pokémon trainer here, Misty! I'll challenge you to a match right now, if you like.

(gets Pokéball out, and itgrows to full size

(Just as Ash was about to battle Misty, she notices a giant shadow on the ground)

Misty: I hate to burst your balloon of pride, Ash, but there's a giant shadow above us.

Ash: (looks down) Hey? Who blocked out the sun?

(Todd, the Pokémon photographer, notices the shadow. he looks up, and sees a hot-air balloon.)

Todd: (looks up) Wow! It's a hot air balloon. It looks like it's shaped like a Meowth's head.

(Brock knew whose balloon that was....it also meant BIG TROUBLE)

Brock: (looks up) Oh, no! It's TEAM ROCKET!

Ash: Aw, crud! Why'd they have to show up again so soon?!

Misty: Those guys NEVER QUIT!

Pikachu: Pi-pika chu!

Sure enough, it was Team Rocket in their balloon. And, as usual, they used their slighty-overused, but famous motto.

Jessy: Prepare for trouble!

James: Yes, and make it double!

Jessy: To protect the world from devistation...

James: To unite all peoples within our nation...

Jessy: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

James: To extend our reach to the stars above.

Jessy: JESSY!

James: JAMES!

Jessy: Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth: MEOWTH! That's right!

After completing their motto, Team Rocket demanded that Ash hands over his Pikachu.)

James: Hand over your Pikachu, now!

Jessy: Yeah! Unless you want to make a brawl out of this!

Meowth: And if you do, I'll teach you a lesson for allowing a fellow Meowth to lose a battle against a Vaporeon!

Ash, who had no time for the usual annoyances, got out his Charizard.

Ash: Aw, man! I don't have time for this! (throws Pokéball)

Charizard...I CHOOSE YOU!

Charizard: CHAR!

Misty, of course, had her doubts.

Misty: Are you sure you should've done that, Ash? If you recall, When

Charizard was Charmeleon, he refused to obey you.

Ash: Yes, that's true. However, if you guys recall, Charizard saved me

when I fell off of Aerodactyl.

Brock: He has a point, there.

Togepi: Togi Togepi.

Ash gave Charizard a command, and to Misty's surprise, it obeyed him.

Ash: Charizard, use the Flamethrower, NOW!

Charizard: (uses Flamethrower) CHARIZARD!!

Misty: (with look of disbelief, and blue lines on face) AMAZING! It obeyed him!

Ash: I told you so, Misty.

Charizard's attack was so successful, it burst a hole in Team Rocket's

balloon, and sent them flying...again.

Jessy: OH NO! You know what this means, James!

James: All too well, Jessy.


Ash: Well, that's that. Charizard, return.

(Charizard returns to Pokéball)

Todd took some pictures of the fight, and was impressed.

Todd: (taking pictures) WOW! What a fight. What great pictures.

Charizard was great.


Brock: (stops the argument) Let's go, already.

Ash: Alright.

And as our heroes head for Cinnabar Island, it seems that they've

won...but what's this? It seems that Team Rocket's balloon is heading

straight for Saffron City. Looks like this adventure has just begun.

(Show Title

Ash: Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Sabrina's in a Jam!


Meanwhile, at the Saffron City Gym, a changed Sabrina is in the middle of battling a Pokémon Trainer with Haunter, the Ghost Pokémon who helped reclaim her human heart and emotions.

Trainer: Squirtle, Water Gun, NOW!

Squirtle: (uses Water Gun) Squirtle! (gargles)

Sabrina: (with feeling in her voice) Haunter, dodge the attack, then lick it!

Haunter: Ha ha ha ha ha! (dodges the attack) Haunter. (goes to

Squirtle and licks it, thus paralyzing it)

Squirtle: Sssqquuuiiirrrtttlllleee....

Sabrina: Now, Haunter, finish it off with Night Shade!

Haunter uses the Night Shade attack, and wins by a knockout.

Squirtle: (swirls in eyes) squirtle...

Trainer: Oh, no! Squirtle, return. (Squirtle returns to Pokéball)

The defeated Trainer expected Sabrina to make her into a doll, but to her surprise, she didn't.

Trainer: Alright. You win. I guess you'll be turning me into a doll now, right?

Sabrina: Nah. (smiles) You fought well, but you've got to train harder

if you wish to gain a Marsh Badge from me. Now, practice hard and come back.

Trainer: Okay. Thanks...I guess. See you guys later. (leaves)

Sabrina: Good job, Haunter. Now, Return.

Haunter: Ha ha haunter. (Haunter goes into Pokéball)

As the surprised Trainer leaves the Gym, guess who's dropping in?

Jessy: (balloon crashes onto the ground) OOF! Curse those kids and their Pokémon! We need something to stop them cold!

James: Yes! Something that'll help us get our revenge on them, and that foolhardy Mr. Exam Man!!

Meowth notices that they are right outside the Saffron City Gym.

Meowth: Something like a Psychic Pokémon.

Jessy and James: (bewildered look on their faces) Huh?

Meowth: Look at where we are. (points to the sign)

Jessy and James both take a look at the sign, and realize they've been sent all the way to Saffron City.

Jessy: (reading sign) Saffron City Gym...(scared look) OH NO! We're at the Gym which belongs to that crazy Gym Leader, Sabrina!

James: Yes, it seems we are. Let's get out of here!

But before Team Rocket can escape, Meowth scratches their faces and stops them from turning tail and running.

Meowth: Now, WAIT A MINUTE!! (scratches Jessy and James' faces) If we

can capture her Kadabra, we can get our revenge on that taskmaster, and FINALLY capture Pikachu!

Jessy: OWTCH!! Next time, speak before you scratch!! (hits Meowth in the face with her paper fan)

Meowth: (face red with a hit mark) YEOWCH! Why, I oughta...

James: Well, what're you guys waiting for, let's go get that Kadabra.

At that moment, Team Rocket goes into the Saffron Gym...in disguise, of course. Inside, Sabrina was waiting for her next challenger.

Sabrina: Welcome to Saffron City Gym. You guys want a match?

Jessy: Why, yes. I'm your next challenger. Let's do it!

Sabrina: Alrightie, Let's do it. (tosses Pokéball) Kadabra, GO!

(pokéball releases Kadabra)

Kadabra: Kadabra.

As soon as Kadabra was summoned for battle, Jessy and James sent both of their Pokémon out at once, which was against the rules.

James: (whispers to Jessy) Now's our chance. Let's get him! (tosses his Pokéball) Weezing, GO!

Jessy: Arbok, GO!

Weezing: Weezing!

Arbok: Chaarrr-BOK!

As Arbok and Weezing were unleashed, Sabrina noticed that Team Rocket was going against the rules.

Sabrina: HEY! You've sent out 2 Pokémon at once! It's against the rules!

Jessy: Sorry, Sabrina. We're capturing your Kadabra...RiGHT NOW!

James: Weezing, Sludge attack, now!

Weezing's sludge attack blinds Kadabra, leaving it susecptible to capture.

Jessy: Now, Arbok! Wrap it up!

Arbok uses its wrap attack and captures Kadabra. Sabrina was shocked.

Sabrina: (yells out, and is worried) Kadabra, NO!

Meowth: Sorry, Sabrina. Your Kadabra is now the property of Team Rocket. (hands her a letter) If you Wish to see it again, you'll go to Ash and his friends and read this letter to them.

Sabrina: TEAM ROCKET! I should've known it was you scumballs!

James: That's right.

Jessy and James reveal themselves, and they got ready to escape.

Jessy: Well, we're outta here!

James: Remember, don't open that envelope the letter is in, until you're

in the company of Ash and his loser friends. Weezing, Explosion, now.

Weezing: Weezing. (explosion attack)

As Weezing explodes, it sends itself, Arbok and Team Rocket flying all the way back to the spot where they were defeated by Charizard.

Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket is BLASTING OFF

AGAAAIIIINNNNN....Sayonara, sucker!

As Team Rocket escapes, Sabrina knows exactly what to do.

Sabrina: Oh no...Team Rocket has captured Kadabra. But...little do they know that it'll only obey me, because of our psychic link. And, it'll refuse to obey them. I'd better go to Ash and the gang, just to be sure. (telepathically talks to her parents) Mother, father, Team Rocket has captured my Kadabra. I'm going to get it back...with Ash's help of course.

Sabrina's mom: Alright. Just be careful, Sabrina.

Sabrina's dad: I'm proud of you, Sabrina. You've learned how to feel,

and you know when to get help. Now go to them, Sabrina...and good luck.

Sabrina: Thanks, dad. I won't fail you. TELEPORTATION!

And as Sabrina teleports, Team Rocket is almost at the spot where they were at. Will Sabrina Ash and the others stop them this time?

(out to commercials)

(outline of Kadabra) Ash & co: Who's that Pokémon?

(return from commercials)

(Kadabra fills outline) Ash & co: It's KADABRA! Kadabra: Kadabra.


Back on the road to Cinnabar Island, Ash and his keep pressing onward to the next gym, when all of a sudden, they were stopped by Sabrina's arrival.

Sabrina: Hi, guys. Sorry if I came at a bad time.

Ash: (surprised look) Sabrina?! What're you doing here?

When Sabrina explained her situation, everyone responded in disbelief.

Sabrina: Ash, you and your friends are the only ones who can help me.

Team Rocket has captured my Kadabra.

All: (in disbelief) SAY WHAT?!

Sabrina: That's right. And, to top it off, they left me this note.

They told me not to open it until I was with you guys. (hands note to

Misty, who opens it and read it)

Misty: Hmmm...let's see what this thing says...

Team Rocket: (voiceover)

Jessy: To Ash and his meddling friends, we have captured Sabrina's Kadabra, and are on our way back to the Pokémon League Admission Center.

James: There, we will wreak our rightful revenge against that Mr. Exam Man!!

Jessy: And, with Kadabra's powers, we will capture Pikachu in no time!

Meowth: That's right!

All three: Sincerely yours, Team Rocket.

Ash was relieved when he thought they didn't add their motto....until

Misty continued reading.

Ash: Whew. At least they didn't put their motto in that letter.

Misty: Don't be so sure, Ash...there's more...

Ash: (aggravated look) WAH!

Team Rocket: (voiceover continues)

Jessy: And remember, you'd better...Prepare for trouble!

James: I suggest you should make it double.

Jessy: To protect the world from devistation, James: To unite all peoples within our nation,

Jessy: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above.

Jessy: JESSY!

James: JAMES!

Jessy: TEAM ROCKET! Blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth: MEOWTH! That's right!

Ash was furious of the fact that Team Rocket has said their motto twice in a row now.


Uh...oops. I'm sorry.

Misty: Now that Team Rocket has Kadabra, there's no chance for us to stop them.

Sabrina: (laughs) Don't be so sure, Misty.

Misty looks at Sabrina, wondering why she's sure of herself.

Misty: How can you be so sure, Sabrina?

Sabrina: If you guys remember, Kadabra is psychically linked to me, and nobody else. Those nincompoops won't be able to control him AT ALL.

Ash: Yeah! You're right! I remember that now!

Sabrina: Very good, Ash. I have a feeling that Team Rocket is about to learn that lesson...THE HARD WAY.

As Sabrina finished speaking, Todd asked about getting a lift back to the Admission Center.

Todd: Sabrina, can you teleport us back to the Admission Center so we can stop Team Rocket?

Sabrina: It would be my pleasure. MASS TELEPORTATION!

Pikachu: Pika!

Togepi: (trills)

And, as our heroes teleport to action with Sabrina's help, it seems what she said about Kadabra is coming true....he won't obey Team Rocket.

James: Alright, Kadabra, attack the Admission Center with your Psybeam.

Kadabra: (shakes head) Kadabra.

Jessy: (angry) WHAT THE HECK?! It won't move, much less attack! Why?!

Kadabra: Kadadra, Kadabra Kadabra.

James: Well, Meowth, what did he just say?

Meowth: He just said that you guys are rotten finks, and he won't obey either of you, because you're not his master.

Jessy and James: (looking big, yelling at Meowth, who looks diminutive, inside a flaming background) WHY NOT, MEOWTH?!

Meowth: Because, he is psychically linked to his master, Sabrina, and will obey only her. Oh, and another thing...

Jessy and James: (looks at Meowth) Yes?

Meowth; NEVER YELL AT ME! (scratches their faces)

Jessy and James: OOOUUCCHH!!

As Jessy and James reel from Meowth's latest scratch attack, Look at who appeared just now...Ash and the others have arrived, via Sabrina's teleportation.

Ash: Not so fast, Team Rocket!

Jessy: Oh, no! It's them again! We didn't expect them SO SOON!

James: DRAT! They always show up at the wrong time!

Sabrina: Okay, Team Rocket, I've got some surprises for you. First of

all...(calls to Kadabra) Kadabra, come here.

Kadabra, obeying the call of his master, glady came to Sabrina.

Kadabra: (jumps to Sabrina's arms) Kadabra.

Sabrina: Yes, Kadabra. I missed you, too. But it's going to be okay now. Ready to get even with those delinquent losers, Kadabra?

Kadabra: (nods) Kadabra.

Sabrina: Alright! Let's get them. (put Kadabra down) Now for the second surprise. (gets out Pokéball) Pokéball, GOOO!

Haunter: (comes out of Pokéball) Ha ha ha ha ha. Haunter.

The moment Team Rocket saw Haunter, all three of them trembled in fear.

Jessy: (gasps) YIKES! I..i..i..i..i..it's that Haunter again!

James: (screams) NNNOOO! I thought we saw the last of that Haunter at

Saffron City...but it seems that Sabrina is its master now...Keep back!


Sabrina: Alright, Haunter. Keep Team Rocket away from the Pokémon League Admission Center, while we go in and warn the people there about

Team Rocket. And remember, keep them at bay until I return. Got it?

Haunter: (salutes to Sabrina) Haunter.

Sabrina: Thank you. (turns to Ashco) Let's go!

And, as Haunter kept Team Rocket at bay, Sabrina, along with Ash and his friends arrive inside the Admission Center...just in time to warn everyone about Team Rocket.

Ash: (goes to the Taskmaster's desk, and talks to him) Excuse me, sir. Team Rocket's back to wreak their revenge on you...But fortunately,

Sabrina's Haunter is keeping them at bay.

Taskmaster: So, it seems Team Rocket hasn't learned their lesson yet.

Well, I'd like to help, but I'm afraid I have to stay here, to prevent a panic. However, I offer you the aid of our latest, and most exceptional student. She just completed the exam with flying colors, and is now a True Ditto Master.

Ash: (A Ditto Master? Wait a second...could that be...Duplika? It could be...i dunno.) Okay, and who would that be?

Voice: Who do you think, Ashy-boy?

Ash: (startled) Wait a minute! There's only one girl who ever called me

Ashy-boy. (turns around) Duplika, is that you?

And, as Ash turns around, his suspicions were confirmed as he saw...Duplika.

Duplika: That's right, Ashy-boy. Need some help?

Ash: As a matter of fact, yes. Team Rocket is outside right now. We need the help of you and your Ditto to stop them. Will you help us, Duplika?

Duplika: For you, Ashy-boy...ANYTHING. But first, we've gotta go and make Team Rocket a little mad...okay?

All: Okay.

Just then, Haunter was still keeping Team Rocket at bay. In fact, he scared them all up a tree.

Jessy: Keep back, you awful thing.

James: Yes...please don't come up here....pretty please?

Meowth: MEOWTH! Keep away from us!

Just as Haunter was about to scare them out of the tree, Sabrina gave Haunter the command to return.

Sabrina: Alright, Haunter. That's enough. (Haunter comes to Sabrina) I'm proud of you, Haunter. You've done your part. Thank you for keeping those losers at bay. It's our turn now. Ash, the others and I have yet another surprise in store for Team Rocket.

Haunter: (with pleased and loyal look) Ha ha ha ha ha. Haunter.

Sabrina: You're welcome. Haunter, return.

(Haunter returns to Pokéball)

As soon as Haunter returned to his Pokéball, Team Rocket climbed down the tree, and they were relieved.

Jessy: Whew. Am I glad that's over.

James: Yeah. That Haunter was a menace. But, at least the worst is over.

Unfortunately, much to Team Rocket's dismay, Meowth spotted something much worse than Haunter.

Meowth: Oh yeah? I think the worst is yet to come...(points to Ash & co, Duplika and Sabrina) LOOK!

Jessy and James: OH NO! NOT THAT AGAIN!

Jessy: They wouldn't.....they couldn't...

James: I'm afraid they would,

Jessy. And they could. In fact, they will do it.

Meowth: They're going to make fun of us again,

Sure enough, Ash and the others were all in Team Rocket outfits, ready to make fun of Team Rocket. Even Todd and Sabrina got into the act.

Misty: Prepare for Trouble!

Brock: And make it double-double.

Jessy: (with angry look) Why I oughta...THAT'S NOT FUNNY!

James: (with angry look) LEAVE US ALONE!

Sabrina: To protect the world from devistation...

Todd: To ignite all peoples within our nation...

Jessy: (still angry) I HATE THIS PART!

James: (still angry as well) Oooohhh...Why do they HAVE TO DO THIS?!

Duplika: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

Ash: To extend our reach to the stars above.

Misty: Misty!

Brock: Brock!

Sabrina: Sabrina!

Todd: Todd!

Ash: Ash!

Duplika Duplika! (points to her smile) That's right.

Misty: Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

All: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Sabrina: (giggles) WOW! You were right, Ash. That was fun.

Ash: Yep. That's why they like to say the whole thing.

Jessy: We've told you twerps before, and we'll tell you again...If you want to make fun of us, GET IT RIGHT!!

James: Yeah, you ungrateful creeps! To UNITE all peoples within our nation, NOT IGNITE!!

Sabrina: (with a smirk on her face) Well, that's just too bad, you two. For it's time for my final surprise.

(looks at Kadabra)


Kadabra: (looks at Sabrina) Kadabra. (begins to glow white)

Ash: WOW!

Brock: Amazing.

Misty: Look, guys. Kadabra's evolving.

Todd: (takes pictures) This IS SPECTACULAR.

Duplika: ALRIGHT! It's time to kick some Team Rocket butt! WHOO HOO!

Before Ash & co's very eyes, Kadabra evolved into Alakazam!

Alakazam: ALAKAZAM!

Jessy: We'd better defend ourselves, James!

James: Right, Jessy.

Jessy: Arbok, GO!

James: Weezing, GO!

Arbok: Chaarrrr-bok!

Weezing: Weezing!

As Arbok and Weezing were released, Sabrina told Ash that only Duplika and herself were fighting. Sabrina: Ash, this battle is between, me, Duplika and Team Rocket. The two of us are going to face them. Please, give me your word that you and the others won't intervene.

Ash: Alright, Sabrina. I promise we won't intervene.

Misty: So do I.

Brock: Me, too.

Pikachu: Pika pi. Pikachu.

Todd: Can I at least take pictures of the fight, Sabrina?

Sabrina: (smiles) But of course, Todd.

Ash: But why is Duplika joining you in the fight?

Sabrina: Well, take one good look at her. (laughs)

Ash looks at Duplika, who now looks like Sabrina.

Duplika: Well, how do I look, Ashy-boy?

Ash: You look like Sabrina. Okay, I give up. Have at it, Duplika.

Duplika: Alright! (throws her Pokéball out, which releases Ditto)

Ditto, GO!

Ditto: Ditto.

Duplika: Ditto, transform into Alakazam.

At Duplika's command, Ditto transformed into a perfect copy of

Alakazam...right down to its face.

Ditto: Alakazam!

Jessy: Arbok, Glare!

But before Arbok could perform the Glare, Duplika commanded Ditto to hypnotize it, and thus making it fall to sleep.

Duplika: Oh no, you don't! (using Sabrina's voice) Ditto, Hypnosis, now!

Arbok: (falls asleep) Chemowah...charrr....bok...zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sabrina: Wow! That was great! You even got my voice down to perfection.

Duplika: Thanks, Sabrina. It's what I do best. After all, who would

expect anything but perfect impersonations from the Master of the House

of Imite!

Sabrina: You said it, Duplika. As they say, Imitation is the most

sincere form of flattery. Now, it's my turn. (turns to Alakazam)

Alakazam, Confusion, now!

Alakazam: ALAKAZAM!

Using its confusion attack, Alakazam causes the rest of Team Rocket to lose their sense of direction...not to mention their sense of balance.

Jessy: WHHOOOAA! I seem to have lost my balance.

James: Me too, Jessy. I can't tell what direction is up, or down, either.

Meowth: MEOWTH! I told you this wasn't a good idea to capture Kadabra, you morons!

Jessy & James: OUR IDEA?! Don't give us that hogwash, Meowth! This was all YOUR IDEA!

But before Team Rocket could continue arguing about whose idea it was to capture Kadabra in the first place, Sabrina and Duplika decided to finish the match.

Duplika: (using Sabrina's voice) Ditto...

Sabrina: Alakazam...

Sabrina & Duplika: (in unison) PSYBEAM, NOW!

Ditto & Alakazam: ALAKAZAM!!

With that command, both Ditto and Alakazam performed the Psybeam, which sent all of Team Rocket and their Pokémon flying into yet another defeat.


Duplika: Well, that's that. We made a good team, didn't we, Sabrina?

Sabrina: We sure did, Duplika. We sure did. (turns to Todd) Got all that, Todd?

Todd: Sure did, Sabrina. I've got it all on film...even Kadabra's evolution into Alakazam.

Sabrina: Thanks, Todd. (smiles)

After Team Rocket's latest humilation, it was time for Ashco, Sabrina and Duplika to go on their separate paths.

Ash: Goodbye, Sabrina. You, Duplika, Alakazam, Ditto and Haunter sure saved the day this time.

Sabrina: Thanks, Ash. It's the least I can do for the guy who helped me rediscover my human heart. (shakes hands with Ash) I'll see you again, my friend.

Ash: Okay. Later, Sabrina. (turns to Duplika) Thanks once again for helping us, Duplika. You've proven your skills as a Ditto Master.

Duplika: (shakes hands with Ash) Don't mention it, Ashy-boy. Now, I can have the best shows ever, thanks to my true mastery of Ditto and his transformations.

Ash: Yep. You're the best Ditto Master of all. Goodbye, Duplika.

Todd: See you later, Sabrina.

Sabrina: Later, Thanks once again for those wonderful prints of the battle.

Misty: Later, Sabrina. Later, Duplika. You guys are true friends.

Duplika: (using Misty's voice) Don't mention it, Misty. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my friends.

Sabrina: Duplika's right about that. (laughs)

Misty: I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that Duplika can imitate anyone, even me...oh well.

Brock: Later, guys.

Sabrina and Duplika: Goodbye, everyone...and thanks again.

And as our heroes once again leave the Pokémon Admission Center, so ends another adventure. Who knows what lies in store for them next?

Girl: We do, Mr. Narrator.

Who said that?

Girl: We did.

Guy: Yeah. We said that.

Who in the world are you two?

Girl: Allow us to introduce ourselves. PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!

Guy: And make it double!

Oh no...not another Team Rocket!

Girl: Afraid so. Ahem...To infect the world with devistation...

Guy: To blight all people in every nation!

Girl: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!

Guy: To extend our wrath to the stars above!

Girl: Cassidy!

Guy: Butch!

Cassidy: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth day and night!

Butch: Surrender to us now, or you'll surely lose the fight!

Both: That's right!

Raticate: Cate!!

Oh, great. A new Team Rocket has come out of the shadows. Ash and the

others will have their hands full. Oh well...


To Be Continued... (Actually, the end)

(out to commercials)

Ash: Don't go away, the Pokérap is next. POKéMON!

(return from commercials)



Attention all Pokémon Trainers!

Do you got what it takes to be the best?

Today we'll do thirty Pokémon!


Gotta catch'em all, Gotta catch'em all! YEAH! Gotta catch'em all, Gotta catch'em all!

Articuno Jynx Nidorina Beedrill Haunter Squirtle Chansey


Parasect Exeggcute Muk Dewgong Pidgeotto Laparas Vulpix RHYDON!

At least one hundred and fifty or more to see,

To be a Pokémon Master is my DESTINY!!

Charizard Machamp Pinsir Koffing Dugtrio Golbat Staryu Magikarp

Ninetails Ekans OMASTAR! Scyther Tentacool Dragonair MAGMAR!!

Not bad, not bad.

Hey, don't get cocky! Tomorrow's the hardest part!

We're working our was up to 150 Pokémon.

There's no stopping us!

Catch'em Catch'em Gotta catch'em all

Gotta catch'em all, Pokémon

Catch'em Catch'em Gotta catch'em all,

Gott catch'em all, Pokémon

Catch'em Catch'em gotta catch'em all, Gotta catch'em all,



(closing credits / theme)


I wanna be the very best, Like no one ever was,

To catch them is my real test, To train them is my cause...

I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide,

Teach Pokémon to understand THE POWER THAT'S INSIDE!

Pokémon! Gotta catch'em all!

It's you and me, I KNOW ITS MY DESTINY!

Pokémon! Oh, you're my best friend, IN A WORLD WE MUST DEFEND!

Pokémon! Gotta catch'em all!


You teach me and I'll teach you, PO-Ké-MON!!

Gotta catch'em all, Gotta catch'em all! POKéMON!


Disclaimer: Pokémon, Pikachu, and all characters are the creations of Nintendo, Creatures and GAME FREAK. The theme song and the Pokérap originated from 4Kids Entertainment. All rights reserved. "Use of copyrighted and trademarked material is for entertainment uses only, no infringment on the original copyrights or trademarks of respected owners is intended."


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