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Cascade Tears

by: jstriker

    Ash and co. were on their way back to Pallet Town. They heard rumors of wild Laprases had been spotted there, with one they will be able to reach Cinnabar Island. "So Ash, we're going to your hometown aren't we, can we spend the night at your place? Please?" Misty teased. "Well uh, I don't really.."Ash started to stutter only to be interuppted by Brock "Yeah we should go, I always wanted to see your place." "I guess it's okay. How 'bout it Pikachu?" the little electric mouse was ecstatic "Pika!(Yeah)" as the 4 friends headed for Pallet town.

    "Meowth, do you really think we need to sink this low to capture Pikachu?" Jessie bolted. Meowth had sharpened his claws ready to slash once more, and dipped his claws into some strange fluid "I'm very sure, that kid'll give up for sure." James lifted his pokeball as he saw Ash and co. "Alright here they come, this time no screw ups." he said in a serious tone. "Remember DO NOT say the motto, or else." Meowth rasied his claws, it seened that Meowth would not tolerate failure no longer.

    Team Rocket didn't use any special machines or scams, this time it was a surprise attack. "Weezing, smokescreen!" "Arbok, glare!" through the smoke, Ash couldn't move. they weren't prepared to fight this time, Pikachu and the others couldn't see through the smoke. Ash on the other hand was being attacked. Meowth slashed Ash on the face. Strange purple fluid began to go inside his wounds, it was poison. Meowth made some kind of poison and his hatred towards Ash was beyond any Pokemon, human or even Team Rocket, Meowth was pure evil.

    After Pikachu had powered up a small blast, he repeled Team Rocket. Brock started to get the first aid kit the examined Ash's face "Your wounds, they have some kind of purple stuff inside." Misty saw the wounds too "What's happening?" she said. Pikachu started to cry, Ash felt weak. He couldn't even walk. "Brock....Misty, take me to... the nearest hospital." he said trying to bear the pain, this was no ordinary poison. It was worse than swallowing a Muk. Time was running out. Ash was fading fast.

    "We're at Vermillion City, let's take him to the nearest hospital." Brock said as he carried his friend. Misty never felt so worried about Ash before, it was beyond the accident at Grandpa Canyon, the trampling of the Exeggucutor, even deeper then the Pokemon Tower incident. And now they can only hope for him to recover. They entered the hosptial and found a nearby doctor, Misty came over to him "Please, you've gotta help my friend..." she said with tears in here eyes, "He's poisoned real badly." the doctor saw Ash and nodded "I'll be right on it." with that, he took Ash into ER.

    The doctor came out of the room with a heavy head,"The patient says he wants to see his friends." Brock, Pikachu, and Misty got up to go see Ash, not wasting anytime. Ash was laying in the bed feeling a bit tired, still he never recovered. "How ya' feel?" Brock said "I feel great." Ash lied trying to reassure everyone, but knew his time was coming. "Misty? I have a favor to ask you." Misty edged closer. "Could you call my mom and tell her to visit me here?" She nodded and ran out to make the call. Pikachu came to Ash's bedside "Pikapi." he said in a crying tone. Misty came back and said "Your mom is on the way" "Brock, could you leave me here with Misty and Pikachu?" The former-future pokemon master had to tell Misty one thing, but also tell Pikachu another." "Ash, I knew you for 8 months. You can tell me anything." Misty said. "Well....I..l.lul..love you Misty." Tears of joy came out of Misty's eyes and she hugged him " I love you too Ash Ketchum." Pikachu felt a little better and smiled as Misty brushed Ash's cheek with her lips. Now it was time to call Brock inside, and for Ash to tell his friends and his Pokemon one thing...

    Mrs. Ketchum had gotten to Vermillion to see Ash at the hospital. She rushed to his room, and saw Ash at his bed. "Honey are you alright?" she cried out, she was just in time to hear Ash's announce the bad news. "Mom, Brock, Misty, Pikachu and my fellow Pokemons. I'm not going to make it, a band of Pokemon thieves call Team Rocket attacked me, their cat Meowth scratched me with his poison claws. the doctor has no antidote for the poison and I'm going to die." It wasn't true, it couldn't be true. How could a pokemon do something so cruel? And now thanks to Meowth, his life will be nothing more. Of all people in his room Misty cried the longest. She never knew how much she cared for Ash and the three special words he had said to her and now he's going to die. "NO! My only son, is going to die. This can't be happening." Ash's mother cried out. Brock was speechless and Pikachu and the other Pokemon froze, even Charizard. Two hours later Ash, his friends and mother fell asleep. Ash died in his sleep. Brock woke up and looked at Ash's lifeless body. "We can only plan for his funeral, we should get everyone he knows and take them there." he said softly. He noticed Misty was still asleep. "Poor girl, she'll be sad if she finds out. Ash rest in peace old friend." Brock lefted the room to make some phone calls. Misty and Pikachu had awakened, "Ash wake up. Ash Ash ASH Ash please wake up. Ash, Ash, AAAAAAAAAAAASSHHHHHHH!" Pikachu saw it too. No longer was Ash the kid who was full of energy trying to be a Pokemon master, but he was dead. Just lifeless and sad. Later, the news had spread. Ash was no more. the only one who was pleased about his death was Meowth.

    At Ash's funeral there was everyone Ash had met, including a great amount of officer Jennies and Nurse Joys, Professer Oak, even the 6 gym leaders Ash had fought. First up was Gary, "Ash, I may sounded like a jerk to you, but I just wanted you to know I'm still your friend. Goodbye." Then there was Lt. Surge "You were a good trainer baby. I salute you." Pikachu came up and cried at his side, "Pika, pikapi, pika, pika, ::sniff:: kachu (Goodbye Ash I'll miss you ::sniff:: very much.)" And finally Misty came up, "I'll always be with you Ash. I'll be lost with out you. Thank you so much, good bye." she sobbed. Brock started to blush at most of the girls, but he decided to pray for Ash and to ease Misty's pain and hit on the girls later. "He's with his father now." Ash's mother said. "What? Ash told me his father was missing, trying to be a pokemon master." Misty said through her tears. "No, I've been lying to him. You see, his father had died when Ash was only a baby. Now he's with his father." Misty looked down. Pikachu just finished talking to Charizard. Telling him to do something after the funeral is over. He nodded. After the funeral was over, everyone turned and watch Charizard shoot some fireballs into the air. He doing this because Ash was his master, even he did disobey him. But he will not forget him and either will the rest of Ash's Pokemon. After Charizard shot the last fireball in the air he began to cry.....

    Jessie and James heard the news and decided to take a silent moment until his funeral was over. Meowth on the other hand had swallowed the rest of the poison on accident during the bad news, thinking it was wine. He wanted to celebrate, but instead he was getting beaten by Jessie and James. "You didn't need to kill the poor kid!" Jessie said. "How could you be so heartless? you stupid cat!" James said. Meowth started to lose feeling in his body and after 9 minutes he died Team Rocket buried him in the dumpster.

    Moments later the only ones at Ash's grave were Misty and Pikachu. "It won't stop hurting. It just won't stop." Misty said softly then she felt a hand on her shoulder, "PIKAPI!" Pikachu said runnig towards the figure. Misty turned around, it was Ash "Misty, I will be with you, always, I have to go now. Goodbye." He started to disappear "Ash, wait!" "Don't worry Misty. You'll be with me very soon....."



Misty had started to twist and turn in her sleep, Brock wanted to wake her up but he remembered how cranky she was if she was disturbed. Finally she got up "Huh, how did I end up here?" she implied, then Brock turned to her " I thought you'd never wake up." Misty turned around "Sometimes I wish I didn't..." Brock raised a brow "You're acting strange lately, you were out for 14 hours and you were crying in your sleep." She looked around her room "Crying in my sleep..." she thought "Then that must mean..." then she broke down in tears. "What's wrong Misty?" Brock asked "That dream seemed so real, Ash died in the dream and our journey ended..." she started "Ash, Ash, Hey where's Ash?" Misty panicked. Ash is resting, he's just exhausted after training Pikachu." Brock assured.

"No, why did she go with Gary? Why? I wished she never died." Ash started to wail like a baby. Misty was playing with Togepi and noticed Ash was uneasy in his sleep. "Poor guy, I'm glad he's still alive." she smiled with a tears in her eyes. "Toge?" Togepi called "Come on, Togepi. Let's wait for him to wake up."

Ash got up and noticed his pillow was soaked with tears, he started to wipe his face and change. "That was some dream. I hope that never happens." he said as he grabbed his pack. "I've go to tell her, before it's to late! Yeah, that's what I'll do and then I can take the guilt off of me!" Then he marched to Misty's room, feeling uneasy about what her response would be. Misty headed for Ash's room with the same thought in mind "This could be my best chance. I just have to try." she stated. Ash saw Misty and ran toward her "Misty, you're okay." She responded with a nod "You see," she started then they said simultaneously "I HAD A DREAM THAT YOU DIED!" they stared at each other, then Misty grabbed Ash for a hug "I know what you meant, don't worry I'm here for you, Ash." he could only hug back "Misty, I..." "Shhhh...let's just enjoy this time together" Misty whispered. "love you." he said under his breath as they rested together.

Author note: The whole turn of events were only Misty's nightmare.


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