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Genetic Pokemon
part 1

by Xen


We find Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu walking along the shoreline to Bill the poke manic lighthouse. "Say why are we heading to Bill place anyway." Misty said.

"Prof. Oak said that Bill had created a device and he wants us to check it out." Brock said.

"I just wonder what the device is and what it does." Ash pondered.

"Well I guess where going to find out cause there it is." Brock pointed ahead to show the Bill’s lighthouse. A short while later they reach the house. Ash pushes the button on the door.

"Hello Bill. It me Ash. Prof. Oak sent to see your new invention."

"Oh hello Ash. Nice to see you again. Well come in the doors open." The gang enter the building. They find Bill waiting inside. "My have you kids grown. Come, lets go to the back and I’ll show you my new creation." Bill leads the kids to a large room containing a large machine. The machine like to large tube like areas with a series of lasers inside it and a large computer that connected to the tubes.

"Pika." Pikachu said as the other just stared in awe.

"Wow what a large machine. But what does it do?" Misty asked.

"I’m glad you asked that. This is my pokemon combination machine."

"What does it do?" Ash said.

"Well my machine can take the genetic codes of a pokemon and can imprint them into another creature. With this machine I can even take the DNA form pokemon and even put them into human. Of course this is all in theory, but I know it can combine Genetic starters."
"Wow that sounds impressive, but why would you build such a thing."
"Why with my machine I can take the DNA of a Hitmonlee and put in the handicapped to make them walk again, or I can take the DNA of a Persian and give sight to the blind. Why it may be able to take human DNA and put it into pokemon to give them the ability to fully talk."

"Wow that sounds wonderful." Misty said in awe.

"But there could also there could be great problems. If certain people get hold of this machine, they could create super pokemon that could destroy the world or even worse."

"Gee that sounds like it could cause trouble as well as benefit mankind." Brock said.

"Did someone say trouble." A familiar voice said.

"Then we should make it double." Another voice said.

"To protect the world from devastation." A figure appears above over heroes

"To unite all peoples within our nation." A second figure appear opposite the first

"To denounce the evil of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."

"Jessie." Jessie jumps down to the ground.

"James." James jumps down next to Jessie.

"Team rocket blast of at the speed of light."

"Surrender now or prepare to fight."

"Meowth, that right!" The cat pokemon jumps between it’s partners.

"What are doing here?" Ash demand toward the rockets.

"Why where going to take that machine and create the pokemon we need to take over the world." Jessie said pointing toward the machine.

"I don’t think we can allow that. Bulbasaur GO!" Ash threw the pokeball to reveal the plant pokemon.

"Starmie GO!"
"Geodude lets go!" Misty and Brock threw there pokeballs as well.

"Arbok get them." Jessie opened her pokeball to reveal the large snake pokemon.

"Weezing attack." James threw his pokeball also. "Weezing poison gas attack."

"Weezing." Weezing unleashed gas into air causing everybody in the room to cough.

"James you idiot where indoors. What do you want kill us!" Meowth said.

"We worry about that later. Arbok bite them."

"Geodude tackle." Geodude rammed into Arbok sending it into the wall.

"Bulbasaur use razor.." Ash’s sentence was cut off when the wall behind then exploded. "What the. Is this your doing." Ash pointed toward the rockets.

"How it be us, we’re over here."

"Wait a minute it that...it can’t be them." Jessie said. The dust settled to reveal that Butch and Cassidy where behind the expulsion.

"Hello Jessie. Nice to see you again." Cassidy said.

"We thought you two where still in jail." James said.

Butch laughed. "We escaped you idiot. But now were going to get or revenge for you putting us in jail."

"You see we got some new pokemon since we last meet and were going to use them to destroy you trewps." Cassidy laughed like a psycho.

"Ash I think there serious." Misty glanced at the two nervously.

"I think that a temporary truce is in order, Cause if we don’t then were dead meat." Brock exclaimed.

"I agree. We evil, but we don’t kill. But they will kill us if necessary." Jessie said.

"Well, then I guess you going to give us a little fun before we destroy you." Butch and Cassidy threw some pokeballs revealing about twenty pokemon.

"Man they out number us." Ash was worried that this was about to be his last fight.

"Pokemon destroy them." The pokemon ran for our heroes.

"Pikachu use thunder bolt. Bulbasaur use solarbeam and blow them away." Pikachu and Bulbasaur releases a surge of energy taking out most of there opponents.

"Starmie use hydro pump." Starmie unleashed a wave of water sending some of the pokemon back toward Butch and Cassidy.

"That’s it. This ends now." Butch threw a pokeball to summon a Golem. "Golem use explosion."

"NO! Don’t do that you’ll kill us." Bill said, but it was too late. The Golem exploded. Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie and James and there pokemon where thrown into one the machines large tubes. Butch and Cassidy where knocked into the other with there pokemon. Pikachu, Meowth, and Bill flew of into other directions. Bill hit the control panel of his machine. The machine was activated and the room became full of light and screams of pain. When it ended Ash came out of the machine.

"Ahh...the pain. Pikachu. Bulbasaur. Where are you? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Ash collapsed on the floor from the pain rushing threw his body. Ash was changing, but what he did not know.


To be continued....

What will happen next? What will Ash turn into? What of the others? Find out in Genetic pokemon part 2.

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