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Genetic Pokemon
part 2

by Xen


"Ash. Ash wake up." Ash opened his eyes.

"What happened. I feel funny. Ash got up. "What happened to my hands." Ash stared at his skin which now looked a bluish-green.

"It seems that when the Golem exploded it caused a little accident."

"Misty? Brock? Are they OK?"

"Where over here Ash." Misty said behind him. Ash turned around. Ash was shocked at his friends. Misty had turned purple and developed the extra limbs just like a Starmie. Brock’s skin had turned to stone and his arms had grown in length.

"What happened to you guys." Ash said dumbfounded.

"Us what about yourself." Brock pointed towards Ash. Ash not only turn green but also developed a large bulb on his back like a Bulbasaur.

"Well Consist your self luckily. At least you still have limbs." Jessie appeared next to Ash. Her legs had disappeared only leaving a tail much like Arbok’s, also her head resembled that of a Arbok’s as well. Behind James stood or floated as the case was. His chest had deformed and almost looked a Weezing himself.

"Bill what happened to us?" Misty asked.

"It seems that the experiment was a success. Only it worked to well. It seems that the DNA of both human and pokemon where fussed together into one. What I’m saying is that you are all one with your pokemon."

"You mean that I’m now Bulbasaur."

"In a way yes, But you are more of a hybrid. I think the more correct term would be Bulbash. Just as you are all now Starmist, Georock, Jessbok, and Jazzing"

"Mmm...Jessbok. I like the way it sounds."

"Starmist. I like it. It sounds so mystical."

"I think my name sounds dumb."

"Mine too. I sound like a medical disease."

"Your a hybrid of Weezing. Your supposed to sound like a disease."

"Say wait a minute. Where is Pikachu." Just then Pikachu walked in looking for Ash.

"Ahhhhh What are you." The group stood in shock as they heard Pikachu speak.

"What the. Pikachu you talk." Ash said stunned over what heard.

"What do you mean. I just heard Pikachu talk normally. It must be that can actually speak with pokemon." Pikachu walked over to Bulbash.

"Ash is that you?" The little pokemon said.

"Yes Pikachu it’s me. Or what’s still me. I guess we have a little problem." Bulbash comforted his pokemon.

"OK. Now that touching reunions are over, can you turn us back to normal." Jessbok said.

"I don’t know if I can."

"WHAT!" The gang said in unison.

"I mean the machine was damaged and even then I don’t know if it will work."

"Well that’s just great." Jessie shock her head.

"I think that we would still have a problem." Georock said.

"Why is that?" Starmist replied.

"Well what happened to Butch and Cassidy. They where in the caught in the same expulsion same as us, but they with a lot of pokemon so who knows what they became."

"That’s true Georock. I have a feeling that they might be very dangerous in their mental state. I fear I have unleashed something that may be the doom of us all."

"I don’t think that this was your fault. I do know is that we have to work together to stop what ever Butch and Cassidy has become." Bulbash said.

"And how do think that we can stop them. We lost are pokemon." Jazzing said.

"That’s not true. We are the pokemon now. We can stop them ourselves."

"I don’t want to. I might get hurt." Jazzing whined. Jessbok smacked him with her tail.

"Jazzing how can you be so dumb. If we don’t them now then we all are going to die."

"OK I’ll go, but I don’t what good will do."

"Well since you are part pokemon you can use the moves of your pokemon." Bill pointed to Starmist. "Try to use water gun. Just use your instincts."

"OK I’ll try." Starmist breathed in air and blew out a blast of water. "Wow I did that."

"Hey what’s with the shower." Meowth got up form where Starmist sprayed her water. Meowth looked around and showed a look of pure shock on his face. "What happened to you guys."

"Um we had a little accident and ended up becoming part pokemon." Jessbok said.

"OK is this the part where I wake up form my dream, right?"

"No Meowth this isn’t a dream. We are now part pokemon and we find Butch and Cassidy who are probably part pokemon as well and put a stop to them before they kill everybody."

"OK. As long as it wasn’t ridicules or something like that." The gang face vaults.

"Anyway, I think we should start finding them while Bill tries to repair the machine. Just look over there." Georock points outside toward the forest where a bunch of trees are moving.

"I think it’s Butch and Cassidy. And I think that there heading to Cerulean city." Jazzing said.

Starmist looked worried. "Cerulean city. My family is there. We go to stop them before they get there."

"Don’t worry Starmist will get there and stop them." Bulbash said.

"Well you kids better hurry. It looks like they got a head start and you have to hurry."

"That OK we can our car." Jessbok said.

"You guys have a car?" Bulbash asked.

"Sure wez do. You think we walk everywhere." Meowth remarked.

"Well OK but do you think it will fit everyone. Cars are made for normal humans and you kids aren’t exactly in that category anymore. Also I suggest that you stay out of sight. Who knows how people will react if they see you." Bill said.

"Well will come to problem when we come to it. But for now we got to find Butch and Cassidy. Come on gang lets go." The gang leave the lighthouse and begin there search for Butch and Cassidy not realizes the trouble there about to get into.


To be continued....

Will they find Butch and Cassidy? What will they look like? Can they save Cerulean city in time? Find out in Genetic pokemon part 3.

Writers note: This would be the way that you would say the gangs hybrid names: Bulbash-bulb a ash, Starmist- star mist, Georock- geo rock, Jessbok- jes bok, Jazzing- jay zing.

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