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Genetic Pokemon
part 3

by Xen


"Why do I have to be tied to the roof?" Jazzing complained. Since there wasn’t much room in team rockets car, two people had be out of the car. It ended up being that Starmist being tied to the roof of the car while Jazzing as tied to the back of the car and floated behind it.

"Consider your self lucky. You can at least move. And Will you loosen these vines Bulbash." Since they only had enough rope to use on Jazzing, Bulbash had to tied Starmist down which his vine whips.
"Sorry. I’m just trying to keep you from going off the roof."

"But these vines are too tight. I can’t breath."

"Will you two keep quiet. It’s had enough driving with out you people complaining." Since Jessbok only had a tail she found driving was not easy.

"Anyway, Jazzing can you see where Butch and Cassidy are?" Georock said trying to keep the conversation form go astray.

Jazzing looks around. "I see them. They are heading toward Cerulean just like Bill said. Man there really tearing up the forest."

"How fast are the going."

"There still ahead of us. We better hurry up if where going to catch up to them."

"OK. Hold on." Jessbok hits the gas and they go flying.

The woods became a dangerous place now. The pokemon in the woods went clear form some thing traveling though the woods. It wasn’t a human that the pokemon knew, but it wasn’t a pokemon either. It came though the woods destroying every tree that stood in it way, but the pokemon it found went though worse. What ever this creature was it engulfed the pokemon it found and left nothing in it’s path of destruction.

"Well we reached the city limits. Everybody out."

"Why don’t we just ride the car into town?" Meowth asked.

"Cause we got to keep a low profile and the gas man and star girl strapped to the roof of the cart isn’t exactly the attraction we need. Beside you know we never just drive into a town. It’s degrading to team rocket." Jessbok explained.

"Jazzing do you still see them." Bulbash asked.

Jazzing fly up a bit and looks around. "I can see a bunch of trees moving, it must be them. I guess that they will be here in about a few hours."

"A few hours that doesn’t give us enough time." Bulbash mused over this.

"What should we do?" Starmist showed concern over what was going to happen over her home town.

"I think the first thing we should do is warn the cops about the approaching danger." Georock said.

"Sure I guess you kids can just walk up to officer Jenny and tell her about the upcoming danger." Meowth said slyly.

"That’s true but we can use the phone." Starmist points to a nearby pay phone.
"That’s convent." Jazzing says. They walk to the phone. Bulbash calls the police.

"Hello Police station #34. Officer Jenny speaking."

"Yes. Officer Jenny I have a warning to report. There is a creature heading towards the city. You have to evacuate the city."

"Yeah right. Why don’t you spend your time doing something else or I’ll report you for prank phone calls."

"WAIT. I’m telling the..." Ash words where cut off by phone hanging up.

"Great so now what do we do." Jessbok said.

"I guess we have to fight Butch and Cassidy ourselves." Starmist shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess it could work. I mean we out number them five to two."

"But we have no idea what they become. They could be any pokemon and that something that could cost us the battle." Georock said. The group sighed.

"I guess then we wait here for them to come."


To be continued....

How will the battle turn out? What have Butch and Cassidy become? Find out in Genetic pokemon part 4.

Writers note: I like to take this time to answer a question that some people might of thought of. The question would be on why I choose to fuse Ash with Bulbasaur instead of Pikachu? I did that because even tough Ash and Pikachu are really close, Pikachu isn’t really like Ash. I chose Pokemon that are like the masters and Bulbasaur is more like Ash the Pikachu is (remember in Bulbasaur mysterious garden they said Bulbasaur is exactly like Ash). So it would make sense to combine Ash with Bulbasaur then with Pikachu.

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