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Genetic Pokemon
part 4

by Xen


"I think there about here." Jazzing said watching in the sky.

"Can you see what they look like yet?" Bulbash asked.

"I can something. I can only see one of them."

"What kind of pokemon are they fussed with?"

"I can’t tell. There moving to fast and I really can’t see them in the with the forest in the way."

"Are they heading this way."

"Yep there heading right towards us."

"Now is that a good or a bad thing." Meowth said.
"I vote for bad." Jessbok sighed. "We got to be out of our minds to do this."

"But we have to. Were the only hope Cerulean city has." Bulbash said.

"There coming! Be ready." Jazzing floated down to the others.

"OK be ready everyone." The group gazed out toward where the forest ended. They saw tree being uprooted to reveal the creature. The creature looked like a mess of parts form various pokemon.

"Ahh I have found more victims for me to feed on." The creatures voice sounded harsh and awful.

"MY GOD! What is that?" Jazzing said startled.

"Is that you Butch?" Jessbok said.

The creature laughed. "I was once the creature that you called Butch. I am also the one that was called Cassidy too. But now I am more then that. I am a collection of human and pokemon. I am the Collective. Prepare to become a part of me." With that the Collective leaped toward our heroes, but missed.

"Starmist try water gun." Bulbash commanded. Starmist breathed in air and unleashed a gush of water upon there foe. "Pikachu use thunder bolt."

"Piiiiiiiikkkkaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." Pikachu unleashed electric energy onto the Collective shocking it to ground.

"Wow that was fast. I guess we win." Jazzing said. Suddenly the Collective burrowed underground.

"Dam. Where it go. Georock. Jessbok. Dig after him." The two dived into the ground. A short time later they both pop out of the ground.

"Nothing." Jessbok said.

"I think it tunneled out of here." Georock sighed. "I also think that it’s gotten into the city. Sorry Starmist."

"We got to stop it before anyone gets hurt." Bulbash said.

"But how are we going to stop it." Starmist asked.

"We have to get Officer Jenny to help us."

"But how? She thinks where only pranksters."

"I know ,but I have a plan."

Officer Jenny was sitting at her station, when a Meowth and a Pikachu appeared at the door. "Why Hello, you little pokemon. Are you lost form your masters?" The two pokemon run off. "Hey where are you going." Officer Jenny ran after the two pokemon. She cased them till they ran into a alley.

"Hello is that you Officer Jenny?" A voice said.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"It’s me Misty. From the Gym."

"Hello Misty. Why don’t you come out."

"Okay I’ll come out. But I don’t want you to be freaked by what you see."

"Now Misty what could possible scare....." Jenny gashed at what walked into the light.

"You see, me and my friends had a little accident." The other walked out into the light.

"What is going on here!" Officer Jenny demanded. They told Officer Jenny the whole story. "OK you kids tried to fight this Collective and now it loose in the city. We can’t let the city know about this because it would cause a city wide panic and that make it worse. We have to figure out where it would strike next."

"During the battle it said it wanted pokemon to feed of." Georock said.

"It also said that it wanted human too." Jazzing added.

"Then it would most likely head for some place that has both pokemon and humans." Jenny said.

Misty gasped. "I know where it’s going to strike next."

"Where would that be Starmist?" Bulbash asked.

"It’s going to head for the gym. It’s the only place that has a lot of pokemon and people are always there for my sisters shows."

"That makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I think of that. We can’t evacuate the city but I can close down the gym so can set a trap."

"Okay Officer Jenny. Will meet you at the gym." The gang went back into the alley and disappeared. Officer Jenny headed toward the gym in hopes that they wouldn’t be too late.


To be continued....

Will they reach the gym in time? Is the Collective going to attack the gym? Find out in Genetic pokemon part 5.

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