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Genetic Pokemon
part 5

by Xen


Officer Jenny reached the Gym and managed to clear it of everybody and any pokemon that could be token out. Our heroes came out of hiding when everyone was gone. They where now in the pokemon battle arena. "Are you sure that everyone has gone." Bulbash asked Officer Jenny.

"Yep, everyone has been evacuated. Where the only people in the Gym."

"That means that if it comes it will head straight towards us."

"I have a question." Jazzing said to the others. "What exactly are we going to do to the Collective when we face it."

"I’ve been thing about something that might answer that question." Georock explained his theory. "You see The Collective has both human and pokemon DNA. I think that we can capture it in a pokeball if we weaken it enough. But the thing is that it might not work because of Butch and Cassidy DNA might of made it immune to being trapped in a pokeball."

"Officer Jenny do have any spare pokeballs." Bulbash asked.

"I do in fact. When I went back to my station I picked this up." Officer Jenny pulled out a pokeball. It looked like a normal pokeball except that it was the top was blue and had black stripe around it.

"Hey that looks like a master ball." Jessbok said surprised.

"This is a official police master ball. We use these in case of a wild pokemon riot. But this is the only I have so, I think it would be best if you weaken it anyway."

"Okay this just might work now all we have to do is..."

"To die." The Collective said as it sprang form the pool. "Do you think that you can capture me. I am the ultimate pokemon. I contain the DNA of over 50 species do you think that I can be caught so easily."

"Yes we can." Georock said as he tackled right into the Collective.

"Jazzing use sludge attack." Bulbash command.

"Right." Jazzing split a purple goo into the Collectives eyes, blinding it.

"Do you think that will stop me. Even blinded I can still defeat you." With that the Collective punched Georock causing him to fly into the wall.

"Are you okay?" Starmist asked.
"I’m okay, but I think there are other things we should worry about."

"Right." Starmist took to the air a aerial tackle into the Collective.

"Okay, Jessbok bind his legs together." Jessbok went up to the Collective and wrapped her self around it’s legs.

"Here’s mud in your eye." Jessbok reeled back and let loose her acid attack. The acid burned all over the Collectives face and it screamed in torment.

"Now it my turn." Ash stood behind the Collective and used his vine whip to bind his arms back. "Now Starmist open the ceiling." Starmist went over to a panel that opened the roof windows. Sunlight started to come in though the ceiling. Using the bulb on his back Bulbash charged himself with sunlight. "Okay Pikachu thunderbolt his front when I say so. All other get ready to use whatever distance attack you have and fire when I say so." The Bulb on Bulbash got brighter. "Okay everyone group fire attack NOW!" The group each fired there own attack upon there foe. Starmist used water gun, Georock threw a rock form the broken area of the wall, Jazzing unleashed his smog attack while Jessbok burned it with acid. Meowth threw used his pay day while Pikachu unleashed a thunderbolt. During this Bulbash fired his solarbeam into the back of the Collective. "OK now Officer Jenny use the Master ball." Officer Jenny threw the ball hitting the Collective in the head. The ball open sucking the creature inside of it. The master balled wiggled for a while then stopped.

"WOW! We won! I can’t believe we won." Bulbash words where the only sound that where heard after a while.

Officer Jenny picked up the pokeball. "I guess we should get this and you kids back to Bill’s lighthouse. I hope that he can get you kids back to normal. I’ll take you kids in the police van in the back. Right now I have to see your sister Misty and tell them that the rat problem is solved." Officer Jenny walked toward the front door .

"Okay You heard her. Lets get to the van and pray that Bill fixed the machine." The gang had headed toward the back door when Starmist turned around. "What is it Starmist. Is something wrong?" Bulbash asked.

"No. It’s that I always wanted to do something and now would be the perfect opportunity to do. Can you guys wait for me."
"Okay but don’t get caught cause where to keep people form not knowing we are like this." Bulbash warned.

"I’ll be OK. Beside it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t a risk."

"Hey that’s our line." Jazzing complained. Starmist just wink and dived into the pool.

Daisy and her sisters had just came back inside the gym when they heard a strange sound form the pools. "Did you hear something?"

"No." Her sister said.

"I think I heard something form the pools."

"That can’t be the pools are empty. Lets check it out." The sisters walk over to the pools and find nothing. "That’s odd I thought I heard something." They all start to leave when a large flow of water splash them.

"Hey that wasn’t very nice to do to us. Who ever you are." The three see a mysterious shadow in the ceiling of the gym.

"Hey surfs up." A voice said. The mystery figure unleashed a flood of water upon the three sisters drenching them form head to foot.

"Hey who’s up there." Daisy demanded. The figure laughed as it flew out of the gym.

"What was that?" The sisters where totally confused as to what had just happened or what had soaked them.

Back at the van everybody was waiting for Starmist. "What can she be doing. We have to go." Bulbash complained. Just then Starmist walked up to the van. "You ready."

"Yep. Lets get going."

"Say what where doing." Georock asked.

"Ohh I just wanted to do something against my sisters. I didn’t hurt them but I had a good laugh over it." Starmist giggled.

"Well lets get back to Bill and hope that he fixed the machine and turn us back to normal." Bulbash said.

"Yah I hope so to. Lets go!" Starmist said as enter the van and drove off.


To be continued....

Can Bill return the gang to normal? Find out in Genetic pokemon part 6.

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