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Genetic Pokemon
part 6

by Xen


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T TURN US BACK!" The group yelled at Bill.

"Like I said I can’t fully return you kids to normal. The Machine still needs to be fixed further if I can restore you kids to normal."

"Then what about the Collective?" Bulbash asked.

"That I can fix. My machine has enough energy to separate it. That’s why I can’t return who all to normal now. The Collective has way too may DNA types in it. The machine may have enough power to separate the them." Bill places the pokeball into a small tube.

"What’s that tube for." Starmist asked.

"I use this to exact the DNA form a pokemon without opening the ball." Bill flips a couple of switches. "Okay Here goes nothing." Bill turns on the machine. The machine starts making strange noise and lights. Then the machine starts going haywire and exploded destroying the machine completely. When the dust fell the gang stood up.
"What happened?" Starmist said.

"The machine overloaded."

"But did it work." Georock said. They all look over to the tubes and find a large mass of pokemon. On top of the pile where Butch and Cassidy.

"I guess we don’t have to worry about the Collective at least." Bulbash said.

"Who cares if there normal. Where not and are never going to be now that the machine is busted." Jessbok said angrily.

"Don’t worry I’ll can get it fixed soon."

"SOON! That’s all you can do it in. Screw this." Jessbok wrapped herself around Bill "Either you give us that Pikachu or Bill get it." She tighten herself a little to prove she wasn’t joking.

"You have to be kidding. You still want to capture Pikachu, even after all we been though." Bulbash held Pikachu in his arms.

"Jessie Stop this." Jazzing wept up to his partner. "You can’t be serious. If you hurt Bill he can’t turn you back to normal."

"I don’t care. Anyway aren’t we supposed to capture rare pokemon. Look at us. Look at them. Where one of kind. Will become the top member of team rocket again."
"Are you even thinking straight." Meowth said to Jessbok. "Don’t you know what team rocket does when they find a very rare pokemon."

Jessbok thinks for a moment. "No I don’t recall."

"Well I do, I was a part of them. They experiment on any pokemon rare or not. They strap them to machines and examine you for weeks on end. If you live though this then your one of team rockets pokemon. If you don’t then they take your body and clone it in hope of another one just like you. If you go back to rocket headquarters like you are now then you are never see the light of day again. Allow Bill to fix the machine. Do it if me then, do for yourself. Don’t allow yourself to become another experiment or worse." Jessbok stares at the cat pokemon. After a while she lets go of bill and he falls to the floor. "Trust me Jess, your doing the right thing."

It took a few days, but Bill was able to create another working version of his machine. "OK I have the machine working again, but I still don’t know if it will work."

"What do you mean by that?" Starmist asked.

"Well I will be able to separate you form your pokemon, but I don’t know if you will remain part pokemon."

"Well do we have another choice." Georock asked.

"No. I’m afraid that if I don’t remove the pokemon form you, it might become permanent or worse. The posses may go into full swing and you would become a pokemon forever."

"Well then I believe that we have no choice but to take the machine." The group step into one side of the machine.

"Before I turn it on, I suggest that you put these on." Bill hands them robes. "If you return to normal your clothes won’t, so I think it would be a good idea to wear them." They don the robes. "OK, here we go." Bill turns on the machine and sounds and light engulf the room.

The machine stops. Out of one end of the machine comes out a Bulbasaur, Starmie, Geodude, Arbok, and Weezing. "Are you guys OK?" Bill asked to the other tube. Form the smoke the group comes out normal and back to their human form.

"WOW it work!" Misty said looks at herself.

"I have my hair back." Jessie hugs her hair.

"Yes I back to my old self. It was fun being part pokemon but, prefer just being myself." Ash said petting his Pikachu and Bulbasaur.

"I agree too Ash. Beside it was really uncomfortable being made of stone." Brock said.

"So what do we do now?" Misty asked.

"Well we going to take a vacation. Although next time Pikachu will be ours." Team rockets leave the lab. A minute later they heard a car drive off.

"So What are going to do to the machine?" Ash asked.

"I’m going to destroy the machine. This incident has proven that the world is not ready for my genetic fusion machine. Maybe someday my machine can be rebuilt and help mankind, but for now it is still to dangerous for it to be used properly."

"Well I think we should get back on your pokemon journey. Come on Pikachu lets go."

So we see our heroes continue on there pokemon journey. Waving good bye to Bill our heroes continue there journey. Along the way they’ll experience more adventures, but in this one they experniced something unlike they have ever encountered and came out stronger than when the started.


The End.

Writers note: Maybe I’ll write a sequel to this. Depends on if enough people like this story.

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