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Genetic Evolution
part 1

by: Xen

It had been 3 months since the accident that had caused Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James to become part pokemon. Even though they where once again human there lives where once again about to change and lead them on to a new adventure. We find Ash, Misty, Brock in Pewter city visiting Brock’s family. While Brock was enjoying the company of his family Ash and Misty were bored out of there minds.

"If I have to listens to another story about Brock’s days of leading the gym, I’m going have to kill someone." Misty said as she paced around the Ketchum. Ash was also there reading the paper.

"Don’t worry Misty lets go and do something away from Brock and his family for awhile. (note: this is not to be with Misty but to just get away form Brock, so don’t think its a romance.)

"But what can we do? We already did everything that we could do to."

"I know! Lets go to the museum. There is a special display about the worlds largest evolution stones."

"The museum. I guess since we have nothing better to do, so why not." Ash and Misty grabbed there pokemon and headed toward the museum. Meanwhile at the outskirts of town.

"So does everyone got the plan." A familiar voice said.

"Yes Meowth we know. We go into the museum and steal the evolution stones. How can it not be any simpler." James said casually. Jessie agreed

"Beside the brats will be nowhere near a museum so, they can’t spoil it for us."

"That doesn’t matter. You two will probably find some way to mess things up." Jessie hit Meowth with her fan.

At the museum we find Ash, Misty, and Pikachu said in front of the stone exhibit. There where five stones on display. The fire, water, thunder, and leaf stone were about a ten pounds each and had to be carried by both hands, but the centerpiece of the exhibit was the moon orb.

"The moon orb. A piece of the moon stone that was discovered long ago and fashioned into a orb." Ash said as he read off the little display writing. "Wow That is a pretty big orb. It also said here that the moon orb has a legend."

"What’s the legend." Ash reads what the title says while we see what that Ash is reading.

"According to legend the moon orb was also enchanted long ago by a wizard. The wizard cast a spell that prevented the orb’s power form being be used till a the ‘people that walk both lines’ shall unleash it’s power."

"I wonder what power it could have. It’s just a moon stone. It can only effect certain pokemon." Misty said as she examined the orb.

"Oh that would not be your ordinary orb. It’s power is more then a regular moon stone." A voice said behind the two.

"Seymour." Ash and Misty said in unions. There before was Seymour the scientist, friend to all Clefairy’s and the total expect on the moon stone.

"Hi Ash, Misty, Pikachu. How are you all? As I was saying, that legend maybe more then just myth. Our studies have found out that the moon orb is more powerful then whole moon stone form where it came form. It’s power level is off the scales, but the only thing is that we can’t discover what the moon orb can be used on."

"What do you mean."

"It’s that we exposed the stone to every pokemon we could find and not a single one was effected in anyway." Seymour sighed. "I guess will never find out what the moon orb can really do. We have found however made the most interesting discovering about these larger evolutions."

"Yah they are pretty large." Ash mused.

"How come they got so big." Misty asked.

"These stones where discovered along with the moon orb. Even though we can’t explain how they are so large, we do know this. These stones can be used more then once on any pokemon."

"I thought that a evolution stone can only be used once and then it’s energy is gone."

"That is true. But these stones are so large that they can be used over and over again and never deplete it’s energy. That and there size alone make these stones worth millions of dollars."

"That is a lot of money." Misty said eyeing the stones.

"And that’s why we put up extra security. You have to be a fool to try and rob this place."

"Or team rocket." Ash remarked. Just as he said that the roof of the museum blew up and a hot air balloon hovered or head.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"
"Oh no! It’s team rocket." Ash and Misty yelled together.


To be continued....

Stay tuned for the next part of Genetic Evolution.

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