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Genetic Evolution
part 2

by: Xen

As we last left off team rocket had just busted open the museum ceiling.

"Oh no! There going to take the stones. Guards! Guards! Where are they?"

"We gave the guards a little nappy time." Meowth said as they pushed over a empty container of gas.

"It looks like your the only one left."

"Wrong again team rocket." Ash said as he stood into view.

"Oh no it’s the brats." James said pointing at Ash and Misty.

"That doesn’t matter. Will still get those stones." Jessie as she threw her pokeball. "Arbok GO!"

"Weezing go get them."
"Weezing." Weezing released gas upon our heroes blinding them while Jessie and James drop down from the balloon.

"Pidgeotto I choose you!"

"Starmie Go!" Pidgeotto and Starmie appear out of there pokeballs.

"Arbok bite them." Arbok lunges forward and tries to charge the pokemon but misses.

"Pidgeotto whirlwind attack." Pidgeotto flapped it’s wings causing a powerful gust of wind blowing away Weezing’s smoke. Meanwhile Jessie and James grab some of the stones.

"Hey drop those stones." Seymour said running up to them. James pulls out a small bottle and sprays a mist on Seymour. Seymour fell to the floor unconscious.

"Sleep tight." James made a little wave.

"Come on lets get the stones and scram." Meowth said form the balloon. James had grabbed the water and leaf stone while Jessie had grabbed the fire and thunder stone and was heading for the moon orb.

"Oh no you don’t" Ash said as he ran for Jessie.

"Starmie hydro pump." Starmie tried to blast water at Weezing but the gaseous pokemon avoid the water. Pretty soon the room had a large puddle. Meanwhile Ash had token to take the thunder stone form Jessie and was trying to keep the moon orb away form her.

"Meowth bring down the basket." James yelled to the pokemon in the balloon. Meowth lowed down a small basket. James was about to put one of the stones in when a beam of water shot it out form his hand. The water stone went to the air where Misty caught when it fell to the floor. Her Starmie was standing right beside her.
"Pika." Pikachu said as he was charging his electric power. Ash then noticed that the floor was covered in water.

"Pikachu don’t." Ash hollered, but it was too late.

"Pikaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuu." Pikachu unleashed a thunder bolt at team rockets pokemon. When the electricity hit Arbok and Weezing they where fired, but then the electricity went into the water and electrocuted everyone. The moon orb which was current held by both Ash and Jessie started to glow form the electric flow.

"What the hell is going on here!" Jessie yelled as the stone generated a powerful blast knocking everyone down. The stone that everyone was holding started to glow and each one produced a power surge that went into the person holding it. The energy of the explosion to rendered unconscious.

"Oh my god. I got to get them out of here." Meowth let down a bunch of cables that grabbed Jessie, James, Arbok, Weezing. Meowth then brought the cables up taking the other rocket member out the building. The balloon then floated away leaving town. The cops came in shortly after and called in the ambulances to take Ash and Misty to hospital.

Ash woke up in a bed at the hospital. Brock was stand at the foot of the bed looking over him. "Ah your awake. How you feeling Ash."

"OK I guess. what happened."

"There was a explosion in the museum. You where in middle of it. What happened there anyway."

"Team rocket tried to rob the museum. Then Pikachu then did thunderbolt and.....wait. Where’s Pikachu?"

"There okay. Pikachu and the other are in the pokemon center. Did his thunderbolt cause the explosion?"

"No...the moon orb. It glowed and caused the explosion. Pikachu’s electricity did something to it. Say where’s Misty?" Brock pulled the curtain away.

"She woke up fifteen minute ago. She opened her eyes then fell asleep."

"Okay then. Say when can we leave?"

"The doctor said in the morning. I saw Seymour earlier, he said you prevented team rocket form stealing the stones."

"I hope we did. They where holding two of them before the explosion."
"Yeah, he back there now to see if the stones are still there."

"Okay then. I think I’ll just go to sleep now. I feel so tried." Ash dozed off after he said that. Brock left Ash and Misty and went home glad his friends where safe.

Seymour went to battle area. "My god did this place get messed up. I hope the artifacts is safe." Seymour look around for a while till he found the orb. "Amazing! It looks like it hardly even touched. Now where are the evolution stones." Seymour looks around a bit longer till he find the fire stone. "Ha here it is." Seymour touch the stone and it shattered into shards. "Oh my god." He find the other finding the same thing at each one. "The evolution stones. There broken. The evolution stones have been drained of there energy. But how?"

James woke up to start. Jessie and Meowth where sitting at camp staring at him. "So you finally woke. Are you ok?"

"I’m fine. Although my arm hurts." James starts to rub his left arm.

"Man that was strange." Jessie said to herself. James took off his gloves and started to grasp his hand. "Are you ok James?"

"No, hand it hurts." James starts to scream. "The pain. It feels like my arm is going to blow." James knees as his hand starts to reshape itself.


"AAA!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARM!?!" In place of James hand now stood a large red rose.


To be continued....

Stay tuned for Genetic Evolution part 3.

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