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Genetic Evolution
part 3

by: Xen

"MY ARM! What happened to my arm!" James was holding his left arm which now bore the shape of a rose.
"My god James. Your arm has turned into a rose."

"I can see that but how did this happean."

"Maybe that explosion did something to you. Say what did start that explosion."

"UM...lets..see" Jessie tries to recall the events. "That Pikachu thundershocked everyone and then that orb glowed."

"Then those stones we where holding glowed as well and then all went blank."

"I wonder if the stones energy went into you guys." Meowth said thoughtfully

"What do you mean in went into us. Were not pokemon."

"But you were pokemon. Remember Bills lab a few months ago. I think you guys are still effected by it and the stones are making you pokemon again."

"But what pokemon has a rose on their arm? What am I becoming?"

"I said you turning into pokemon. I didn’t say I knew what kind."

"But I was in the explosion too and I’m still normal."

"Umm Jessie I won’t be saying that. Look at you hair." James points toward the tip of Jessie’s hair. The tip was currently on fire and was spreading up her to her head. Jessie starts panicking and begins to run around.

"PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!" Jessie yelled running around the camp site. Meowth took our a fire hose (out of nowhere of course) and tries to spray Jessie. The stream hit some of her hair and she screamed in pain.

"Why did you do that!" Jessie towered over Meowth.

"You screaming to put the fire out she I tried to." Meowth cowered behind James who was still staring at his arm and Jessie hair which now the flames completely engulfed.

"It seems that flame is now apart of you much like a Charmander’s or a ponyta’s. It’s apart of you like this rose is of me."

"I guess your right. I know it’s hot but I don’t feel pain. I just panicked because I saw it on fire and got confused."

"I know. Same with my arm." James sighed. "I guess where becoming pokemon, but we don’t know what kind."

"Say those brats where in the explosion too. I wonder happened to them. They might be going tough the same problem too."
"And maybe they can find a cure. If you two go back to headquarters like this the boss is going to experiment on you and maybe even kill you or worse." Meowth said stepping away form James. Jessie and James nodded knowingly.

As we go back to Ash, Misty, and Brock we find that they are currently unaffected by the strange events and are once again on the road. "Say where are we going anyway." Misty asked the others.

"Well since the league doesn’t open for a few mouths so we are going to find some more pokemon for my team." Ash said.

"Say Misty are you ok? That’s the third bottle of water you been drinking since we left Pewter." Misty stops drinking form her water bottle.

"I don’t know. I just been thirsty since this mourning." Suddenly Ash drops to the ground and holds his head in pain. The others go up to him, but back away when he lifts his head.

"Ash what happened to your eyes." Brock was in shock.

"What about my eyes." Ash said confused.

"Here." Misty handed Ash her mirror. Ash looked in the mirror and looked in shock. His eyes had become totally white like there nothing in his sockets.

"It looks like I’m blind, but I can still see."

"This is getting weird." Misty exclaimed.

"You can say that again." a voice said behind them. The gang turns around to see team rocket which at the moment is as equally strange as Ash is.

"What happened to your arm."

"And your hair."

"That’s what we like to know." Jessie said as her hair flared a bit.

"Man you guys looked messed up."

"That’s because where becoming pokemon...and so are you two." Ash and Misty look back in shock.

"Pokemon but how. Were not pokemon."
"That’s what I said. But I guess that’s we are."

"How did this happean." Brock said utterly confused over this situation.

"That explosion. The explosion that your Pikachu caused. It turned us into these freaks." James points his rose at the mouse pokemon.

"Pika." It hid behind Ash.

"Hey don’t blame him. We weren’t the ones trying to steal form the museum."

"Why you little..." Jessie’s hair stared to increase in size and glow brighter.

"Jessie calm down. Or your going to burn us up." Jessie started to relax and her hair went back to it’s normal shape.

"I think we should go Prof. Oak about this maybe he can help us."

"UM..Ash I think we have a problem."

"What is it Brock?" Brock points over to Misty who collapses to the ground."

"MISTY!" Ash over to her. Ash touches her face. "She’s completely dry." Brock goes over a examines her.

"She’s dehydrated. She needs water fast."

"Squitle use your water gun on Misty." Ash throws Squirtle’s pokeball.

"Squitle." The water pokemon sprays water all over Misty. Misty remains asleep, but looks better.

"At least she OK now." Ash said looking her over.

"I think we better get over to Prof. Oak’s now before things get worse." Brock said with a deep worry in his voice. ‘Or is it already worse?"


To be continued....

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