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Genetic Evolution
part 4

by: Xen

Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, and the two pokemon where traveling toward Pallet town to seek help form Prof. Oak, but along the way they upon a few difficulties. First off they had to avoid any human contact do to there new looks. Secondly they also had to near a stream for when ever Misty started to dry up. And just when things going smoothly life takes of it’s little turns. We current finds the gang with Ash in front and Jessie at the rear because her hair causes Misty to dry up faster.

"How long is this going to take us. My feet hurt and I’m tried." James whined.

"Well my back hurt, but I’m not complaining." Ash said scratching his back.

"Lets take a rest. I’m hurting too." Jessie said hold her back as well.

"I think I need water again."

"OK lets take a break if everyone is hurting some much." Everyone except Brock collapse to the floor. Misty takes out a water bottle and drinks it down.

"Man you guys are a wreak." Brock said as he looked over the group.

"Your just luckily you weren’t there or you probably be like us." Jessie said though her teeth.

"I guess your right. But the only way for all of you to hurting so much is that your evolution is going to be soon." Just as Brock said that the rest of then started screaming form there pain. James boots broke open to reveal his new formed roots and right above his right ear a single rose sprung form his head. Jessie developed a long cat like tail (like a cheetahs) and developed fangs and claws. Misty neck popped open to reveal gills and her hair turned a deep blue and grew down to waist. Ash shirt ripped open in the back to reveal large angel like wings while his forearms developed a metal like armor. "Oh no it’s getting worse."

"Man if they keep this up, Brock is going to be the human of a pokemon group."

"Misty are you ok." Brock ran over to Misty who looked she was not breathing. Misty slowly stood.

"I think I’m OK. I think I can breath air." Misty’s new gills start moving. "Strange."
"You think that’s strange. What is this." James points to the rose on his head.

"I think it looks nice." Jessie said looking at it.

"Well I don’t. I want it gone." James pulls out the rose. Strangely enough the stem of the rose is also attached, but just as he pulled it off another rose appeared in place.

"I guess your not getting rid of it after all."

"Ash are you OK." Misty said going closer to Ash. Ash looks at his new wings in confusion.

"I guess so." Ash pulls one of the wings and it bend slightly. "I guess these things work." Ash flaps his wings once.

"Say what happened to your arms." Jessie came and tap his arm. Ash’s arm sounded metal. "Weird."

"I think we better get moving before you guys start to change again. Are you guys still hurting or can we continue."

"Yeah lets keep going." The group of ‘ahem’ trainers on the road toward Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak had been a computer doing some ‘research’ (Insert picture of Prof. Oak playing doom) when his door bell rang. "I wonder who that could be." Prof. Oak opens the door. "Oh hi Brock. Where is Ash and Misty?"

"Um that’s what I’m here about."
"Are they ok? Are you guys in some kind of trouble."
"If we can go round to the back I think it will explain itself." Brock and Prof. Oak went toward the back door.

"What is it? Has something bad happened."
"I warn you, this is a little strange but we can explain for it." Brock opens the door. Prof. Oak jaw drops to the floor as he sees the now altered form of Ash and the others.

"Oh my god. What happened to you kids."

"We don’t know." Ash said.
"But we believe that we are turning into pokemon." Misty piped in.
"But how? Human’s can’t become pokemon."

"Allow us to explain." They explain everything that happened to them form Genetic to present day. "So that what happened to us Prof."
"Amazing. I wondered why Bill stopped his research on his machine and this is why. I really don’t understand on how this happened myself, but I think I’ll need help. I have to call Bill and Seymour and get them to come over here to help me. But that is going to take time. I have better started now. Ash can you come with me." Prof. Oak and Ash head into the lab to begin testing. Seymour comes in two days later and Bill came one day after that. We now see the three discussing the situation. "I glad you made it so soon Bill."

"I had to. It was I that caused this, I should at least see it tough. So how are they?"

"Not good." Prof. Oak shock his head. "There getting worse. I come to the conclusion that the really are pokemon."

"How can that be. When I separated them form there pokemon I thought that they had become human again."

"That’s what was wrong. It seems that when you separated them, they still had the pokemon essence in them. I tested them all and they all show that they are currently one hundred percent pokemon. To prove this even further, I tested Brock. His DNA showed that his body is only part pokemon so I thought that he may be under effect as well."

"But them studies have put that theory to rest. There mutation was caused by the moon orb and there exposure to the evolution stones radiation, but with the stones drained of energy he couldn’t be effected."

"This is still puzzling. How can the moon orb be the only thing that is unaffected. Shouldn’t it be drained of energy as well?"

"That’s what worries me as well. I have no answer on how it’s the only stone that remain."
"I think we should put the moon orb on hold for a moment. Those kids are still changing and we must figure out a way to reverse it’s effects before they permanently become pokemon."

"Bill can’t your machine still revert them back to normal?"
"No I’m afraid it wouldn’t work. First off, there DNA has been altered not changed. Second, I destroyed my machine and all my notes in case of another accident."

"Then we can’t do that. But there must be some way to turn back."
"Prof. Oak. Why is that bad."
"Well not only is it our faults that there like this, but there something else. When I examined them, what I found is truly disturbing."

"What is it?" Bill and Seymour looked in total seriousness.

"It seems that they power levels are over the top. In there current condition there strong enough that one of them can defeat the elite four by the themselves."
"That can’t be. No pokemon can be that strong."
"But it is. There are still changing. Who knows what they can do if don’t halt there mutations."

"Do they know they have such power."
"Not really. Only one does. James has discovered that he can control plant with his mind. If he gets strong enough he might control nature itself."
"And the others."
"They haven’t discovered anything else. But who knows when they might take there power and.."

"Rule the world. I pray that there hearts never lead them down that path."
"I pray that too Bill. I pray that too."


To be continued....

Will the kids realize there powers? Can they be a cure? Find out in Genetic Evolution part 5.

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