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Genetic Evolution
part 5

by: Xen

"James, where are you?" Jessie was walking around for her partner in Prof. Oak’s garden.
"I’m out here." Jessie walked out into the garden where James was. James was playing around with his power making the plants dance back and forth. "Isn’t it lovely how the plants sway back and forth at the slightest command."
"Yeah sure James. We have to go."
"And call me by my pokemon name. I’m not truly James anymore." Two days ago Prof. Oak came up with names for there pokemon bodies. James was the only one that liked his.

"Ok then. Come on Red Rose the Prof. has something to show us."
"Ok. Lead the way, Scorch." Scorch was Jessie new for her.
"Don’t call me that." Jessie’s hair started to flare. "You may like your pokemon name, but I don’t want to be Scorch. I’m Jessie, I’m a human and a member of team rocket. Why must you keep on calling us pokemon when we are not."

"I just like it. But if it upsets you that much I’ll stop calling you Scorch." Jessie and James went inside to the lab where everyone else was. Along with Prof. Oak naming Jessie Scorch, he named Ash Thunderwing and Misty Nymph. "Hello everyone. What’s up?" James said fingering his rose arm.
"Well I’m glad your here. We believe that we discovered a possible cure to your conditions."

"Really. Does that mean I can finally stay out of the pool for more then ten hours." Prof. Oak had found out that Misty’s has to remain in water unless she fills her body with water to live off of. She could only do this for about ten hours.
"Yes it does. I warn you tough that it may or may not work." The professor warned.
"So what is the cure Prof. Oak?" Ash asked.

"Well Brock here is the cure. Since is also part pokemon, I just took samples and created a antidote that should revert you kids to normal." At this point Brock comes in pain and apparently rubbing his rear. The others stare at him.
"Um Professor. You didn’t take the samples from his..."
"Oh no Ash I didn’t take it form there. He just sat on a tack and I just took it out." Brock nodded a tried to lean against the wall. The others breathed a sigh of relief.
"Well who’s first. Remember this may or may not work, so decide who goes first."

"I’ll go first if no one minds." Ash said. The others agreed because Ash was willing.

"OK then. This might sting a bit." Ash and others where injected with the antidote.

"Say Prof. Oak, I think it didn’t work. There still pokemon." Brock said looking at his friends. Suddenly Ash went to the floor over in pain, The others fell as well shortly after Ash. They all started screaming in pain. When they stood up they looked normal once again.

"Hey I guess it worked."
"WORKED! This rose is still in my head." James yelled pointing the rose still in head.
"And I was a redhead." Misty’s hair was still long and blue.

"Well I think I’m normal again." Ash said.

"Um, Ash your eyes." Misty held up a mirror to his face. Ash looked at it to see that his eyes were still blank.
"Oh man. How am I supposed to complete in league now. I look like I’m blind."
"Well it looks like I’m the only one that came out normal." Jessie said smiling. The group then notices something.

"Um Jessie." James points at his mouth. Jessie rolls her tongue around and sighed which showed off her fangs.

"Great now everyone will think I’m vampire or something."
"Say Prof. Oak. Why didn’t they fully revert back to there old selves." Brock asked.

"Well I don’t understand, but I think maybe I can explain. As I have told you all, you are all ready part pokemon. It seems that my cure did revert you bodies to their natural state, but didn’t completely restore you because your DNA is still altered and it would take more research to find a way to fully reverse the effects."
"You mean were still are going to be freaks." Misty said disappointed.
"I can’t believe this." Jessie screamed. "We wait all this time and you can’t do anything." Jessie started throwing a fit. "Listen here old man, you better come up with a cure or else I’m going to pulverize you."
"Jessie, clam down. Control yourself." Jessie threw James into the wall and started going for Prof. Oak. Jessie started glow red.

"Clam down Jessie. Your losing your cool." Meowth said trying to stop Jessie, but was also thrown into the wall. Prof. Oak ran out the door.

"I have to do something." Ash holding a pokeball. "Bulbasaur wrap Jessie in your vines."
Ash threw the pokeball and Bulbasaur unleashed his vines. The red aura around Jessie grew brighter and burned away Bulbsaur’s vines. Jessie started to run after Prof. Oak.

"Ash, her body is too hot. We can’t touch her." Brock said. Bill and Seymour came into the lab.

"What happened here." Bill asked. The kids quickly explain.

"I see. Ash I think Charizard might be able to hold her down while we give her a tranquilizer."

"Okay I just hope this can work.

Prof. Oak just kept running. He knew that if Jessie got to him in her condition, she might kill him. The Professor had stopped running when he reached a field. "Man. If I live though this, I’m going to going to start working out." Just then some of the trees burst into flames. The Prof. Oak looked in shock at what he saw. Jessie had fully converted into a pokemon.


To be continued....

Can your heroes get there in time to save Prof. Oak? What does Jessie look like? Find out in Genetic Evolution part 6.

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