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Genetic Evolution
Part 6

by Xen

"We got to hurry. There is no telling what she can do now."

"What do mean Bill?" Ash asked the pokemon researcher.

"Form what you told me it seems that the glow around her pokemon energy source."
"But what does that have to do with anything." James said.

"Well that means her emotions are effecting her transformation."

"You mean?"

"Yes, that she could revert to her pokemon form at anytime." Little did the researcher now who right he was."

Prof. Oak was in terrified. Never in his life as a researcher has he seen anything like this. Jessie’s pokemon form was some what like that of a jungle cat. Her body was covered in short orange and red fur. Her hair had become a flaming mane of fire. Her body had become something of sleek and strength. She would of thought of as beautiful, but Prof. Oak saw only one thing. Her eyes. Her red glowing eyes where in blood lust and it was his blood she wanted. He saw her prowling around in the forest surrounding the field form where he stood. ‘She’s prowling me. Her mind must think that she is a pokemon and she thinks I’m her prey.’ Prof. Oak thought form where he was. He heard a low growling sound, and was praying that he could live though this. Suddenly the eyes vanished form the bushes. Prof. Oak looked around to see if there was anything. " I guess she heard something else. I pray I can get back to the lab." Prof. Oak started to walk slowly to the labs. "I’m too old for this." He said holding his back. Then just as he thought he was safe, Jessie pounced on him. The heat form her body was burning his body while her claws where digging into his back. Just when Prof. Oak thought he going to heaven he heard a shot. Jessie screamed in pain and run off.

"Prof. Oak are you ok?" The voice was Ash.

"I think so. I’ll be ok. Where did Jessie go?"

"She went off into the forest. Me, Misty, James, and Bill are going to find her. Brock. Seymour can you take him back to the lab."


"Good. Prof. we’re going to need you to create a stronger antidote for when we bring Jessie back."

"Ok, I’ll try. But I must warn you. She is not herself. Her pokemon half has token over. She is truly out of control and will hurt anything that comes in her path. You must find a way to stop her."

"don’t worry. Will get her back. You just work on a antidote and leave the rest to us."

The others left while Brock and Seymour took Prof. Oak back to lab to work on a new antidote."

"Are you sure that tranquilizer will work Bill" Misty asked.

"I hope so. I have enough here to take down a charging Rhydon."

"Knowing Jessie it’s going to take more then that." Meowth remarked. James hit the cat pokemon in the head. "What was that for?"
"Now is no the time for joking. Jessie’s out there and we got to find her."
"I don’t think we have to worry about that."

"Why not Misty?"

"CAUSE SHE’S RIGHT HERE!" Jessie jumped form the bushes and was standing in front of the gang. She leaped toward them with incredible speed. Bill shot the tranquilizer gun at Jessie and hit in the shoulder. Jessie reeled back in pain and started head toward them.

"Oh no her body is burning the tranquilizer. We have to do something."

"Charizard stop Jessie." Ash threw his pokeball and out came the large fire pokemon. Sensing that their was powerful for it to challenged, it decided to obey Ash. Charizard stood in front of Jessie and released and flamethrower attack. However Jessie had leapt though the flames and kicked Charizard in the head. Charizard and Jessie where grappling with on another neither giving in. Jessie’s temper was increasing her power and The heat Jessie was producing was heat Charizard tail flame making him stronger.

"I don’t think there going to stop." Ash said watching the scenario.

"I would use my water pokemon, but I might kill Charizard or hurt Jessie."
"I going to try something." James headed toward Jessie and Charizard.

"James don’t." Bill warned, but James would not give in. The heat form the two was overwhelming.

"Jessie." James said weakly. "Stop this your not like this. Remember you are Jessie. Your a member of team rocket, a human, and my partner. Jessie look at me. Do you remember." Jessie’s eyes look at James. "That’s it Jessie stop this fighting. We can cure you again. Just clam down and will bring you back to normal." Jessie let go of Charizard and started to walk toward James.


"Yes, Jessie its me." Jessie approached James.

"My head hurts so much."

"Don’t worry now. Lets go to the lab."

"What? I thought you wanted to be cured."
"Yes. NO. I don’t know. My mind is hurting. Make these voices stop." Jessie held her head and started shaking back and forth.

"I looks like her mind is confused. She decided if she is a pokemon or human, so she can’t think straight." Bill said observing her reactions. Suddenly Jessie let out a terrible scream and pounced James. Her claws went ripping into his flesh. The other’s where in shock over this.

"Oh my god, Jessie STOP!" Misty yelled.

"My got to stop her." Suddenly out of now where a bright flash shot out and hit Jessie. The force of the blast knock her into a tree leave her out cold.

"What was that? oh Ash what happened to you." Misty pointed at his arm. The metal plates reformed and where opened. Underneath the plating what appeared to be a large stream of electric energy flowing around his arm. Ash stared at the plating and it shut not revealing the power source inside.

"What happened. Did I do that?" Ash said before fainting form the shock.

"We got to get them back to the lab. Charizard can you carry Jessie for us." Charizard nodded and picked up Jessie. Bill carried James while Misty dragged Ash.

"My god what happened to them?" Prof. Oak said when they brought everyone in.

"James tried to clam Jessie down, but they she turned on him. Then Ash shot out a electric bolt that knocked her out. Ash fainted due to the shock of what he did."

"Well You better get James to hospital, I can’t really help him here. As for Ash and Jessie, Brock can take him to bed while me and Seymour do something about Jessie."

"Your not going to hurt her are you?" Misty asked.

"No, she’ll be ok. But we have to pretty much chain her down so she won’t run off."

"Misty can you help take James to the hospital?"
"Ok, say what about Charizard."

"Oh I almost forgot. Charizard can you return to your pokeball." Charizard seeing no point of staying went into his pokeball.

"Huh. Where am I?" Ash slowly opened his eyes. Pikachu was standing on his crest.

"Oh I see your awake." The voice was Misty. Ash turned his head to see her sitting next to the bed.

"What happened?"
"Don’t you remember? You zapped Jessie."
"Zap? But how?"
"Your arm. It convert it’s pokemon form and you fired a electric blast form it." Misty tapped his forearm. It made a clanging noise. Ash stared at it.

"But how did it happen?"
"I don’t know. Well lets go see Prof. Oak."
"Ok. Pikachu can you get off me."
"Ok Ash." Ash stared at Pikachu as the pokemon jumped off the bed.

"What is it Ash?" Misty asked.

"Pikachu. He just talked. And I understood what he said."
"Ah oh. We better tell the professor."
"I think your right." Ash, Misty, and Pikachu walked down stairs. At the lab everyone minus James and Jessie was there. "Hey Prof. where back."

"Oh good." I see that has recovered."
"Yeah Prof. Oak. Can you explain on how did this happened." Ash pointed to his metal forearm.

"Well Ash in all honesty I don’t know. I think it may have something to do with your mental state."
"What does that mean Prof. Oak?"
"Well it seems that your transformations can be affected by your emotional state. When you are ‘human’ and you experience something that causes a emotional disturbance then your pokemon halves start to take affect."
"So that’s why Jessie fully became a pokemon."

"Yes that is why she revert to her pokemon form. When her anger took control she lost control of herself and her minds reverted to it’s pokemon side."

"Say Prof. Where is she?"

"Oh come with me." Prof Oak let them to a room. In the room was a bed with a glass cover on it. In the bed was Jessie. "This a pokemon recovery chamber. She’s currently in a state of suspended animation. This way she won’t escape and hurt someone."
"How long are you going to keep her like that."
"Till James gets back. I think he is the only one that prevent her mind form reverting to it’s pokemon half."
"Then I hope he come back soon."


To be continued....

Stay tuned to Genetic Evolution part 7.

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