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Genetic Evolution
Part 7

by Xen

"So is Jessie ok?" James asked impatiently.

"For the hundredth time yes. Why where we the ones that have to take him back to the lab." Misty asked Brock.
"Because, Prof. Oak, Bill, and Seymour and working on a new cure and Ash can’t be seen here."
"Yeah Ash hasn’t told his mom yet about his ‘condition’."
"I know. He’s have of hard time about this. If they can’t find a cure, not only will it breaks his mothers heart, but he won’t be able to compete in the pokemon torment."
"How do you know that Brock."
"Oh come on, even I know this one. If Ash is a pokemon do you think the league will allow him to compete. The only he could get in would be if someone else his trainer." James stopped to make a ‘trainer throwing pokeball pose’. Misty hit with her mallet for waiting time. "Hey that hurt. Say by the way, how come the doctors didn’t ask about the rose in my head."
"We said that it was a gift from a girlfriend and wanted no one to touch it."

"Oh, that’s so romantic."
"Well you stop. Can we just get back to the lab without this nonsense." The three walked back to lab in silence.

Ash and Pikachu were by the forest when the three came back. Ash was sitting think about all that is happening in the past weeks. "I just don’t understand it Pikachu. This is just so confusing for me."
"Don’t worry Ash, it will be ok."
"OK? OK? Look at me Pikachu. I’m a freak. No worse I’m a pokemon. I’m a pokemon trainer. Now what am I supposed to do?"
"Become a pokemon master like you always wanted."
"I even do that anymore. Don’t you understand. The pokemon league is not going to let a half human, half pokemon freak become there new champion." Ash Taps his metal arm as a reminder to Pikachu.
"I’m sure that they could listen to reason."
"Reason. Pikachu, if a trainer saw a pokemon with the power I have don’t you know what they would do? They would try and catch it, that’s what I would do. If I even take a step on the Indigo Plateau, I’m as good as captured."
"But I’m sure they can understand and let you fight."

"Even if they did, what pokemon is going to obey me. No pokemon is going to allow another pokemon to be there master."
"I’ll fight with you."
"One pokemon is not good enough Pikachu."
"Did you even ask the others. They would fight for you too if you just asked."
"Are you sure?" Pikachu nodded. "Ok then, I’ll ask. Pokemon come out." Ash threw all his pokeballs out and out came his pokemon. "Okay I know you all know of my current situation. I just want to know if you will stay follow me, even though I am going to become a pokemon myself."
"Sure we will." Squirtle said first.

"Your our friend." Pidgeotto added.

"We never would abandon you. Pokemon are not like that." Bulbasaur said agreeing with the others.

"Even though I haven’t been with you long, I know that your a good friend human or pokemon." Muk said.

"And you Charizard?" The other looked toward the fire pokemon.

"I will not obey you Ash. You have no right to own me. I am more powerful then the others put together. I only fight to prove that I am the strongest."
"Then what do I have to do for you to obey me?"
"You are not worthy of the challenge."
"I defeated Jessie in one shot when you couldn’t even best you."
"Are you saying that you are stronger then I. You maybe part pokemon, but you cannot defeat me."
"That what I’m saying."
"So be it. You have declared a honor match and I accept. We will begin at once."
"What? What a honor battle."
"A honor is a personal battle between two pokemon." Bulbasuar explained. "This a hand to hand battle. Only you and Charizard may battle. If you win Charizard will obey you."
"And if I lose."
"That would be up to Charizard." Pidgeotto added.

"So you expect Ash?" Charizard demanded.
"I do. If that what it takes for you to obey me, then I’ll do it."

"Ok, then. Pikachu get the others. We shall need a least one human witness for this." Pikachu ran off to the lab while the other pokemon prepared for the battle."

Misty, Brock, and James were at the lab waiting for Prof. Oak and the others when Pikachu came in. "Pi pikachu." The little pokemon pointed outside.

"What is it, something outside." Misty asked Pikachu. Pikachu nodded.
"Say isn’t Ash outside?" James said.

"Your right. Maybe he’s in trouble." The three ran outside to that a large square had been craved into the ground and Ash and Charizard were standing at opposite ends of the square.

"Ash what are you doing." Misty yelled.

"I’m doing something that must be done. I’m fight Charizard for my honor."


To be continued....

Will Ash fight Charizard? Can half a pokemon fight a full pokemon? Who will win? Find out in Genetic Evolution part 8.

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