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Genetic Evolution
Part 8

by Xen

"Ash, don’t do this. Your going to get killed." Misty pleaded to Ash.
"No Misty this is something I must do. If I’m ever to going to be a pokemon master, I must even my pokemons respect and this is the only way Charizard will obey me."
"Ash this is nuts, you know how strong Charizard is in battle." Brock said.

"And I know that I can defeat him." Ash replied.

"James, go get Prof. Oak, he might be able to stop this foolishness." James runs inside to tell the professor. James, Prof. Oak, and Bill came out soon after.

"What this all about. Ash what are you doing."
"I’m fighting Charizard so he can obey me. You can’t stop this Prof. This is a pokemon battle of honor."
"If it is that then there is nothing I can do."
"What you mean you make him stop." Misty demanded.

"This is a pokemon honor battle. The pokemon must battle or both will be dishonored and no pokemon will even respect them. Only if they battle can there honor. We can only thing we can do now is pray that Ash wins."
"And maybe this battle will reveal this full transformation." Bill said.

"What are you talking about?" Brock asked.

"I thought you where trying to prevent the transformations."
"That’s what we thought to, but there is reason to allow the transformation to happen. We’ll explain later."

"Okay Ash, bring it on." Charizard said toward Ash.

"Ok here goes." Ash lunged toward Charizard. Charizard avoided this by taking to the air and landing a few feet away.

"Is that all you got."

"No. I also have this." Ash jumped to the air and kicked Charizard in the head. Charizard shakes it off. Charizard responded with a punch to Ash’s chest. The two shortly end up grappling with neither apparently giving in.

"Wow. Ash is surpassingly strong for someone his age." James said.
"That’s because Ash’s pokemon half is starting to emerge further. The more Ash fight the further he is transforming."
"I just hope that his pokemon half doesn’t fully take over like it did in Jessie."

"I don’t think so. Jessie revert to her pokemon form when her emotions took over and her mind became clouded with pokemon thoughts. Ash on the other hand is only think about the fight. His mind can’t be clouded if he is think on this current task."
"I guess that’s the only way is ever going to think." Misty said.

Ash and Charizard continue grappling. Suddenly Charizard turns and hits Ash with his flame tail. Ash collides with Charizard’s tail and is hurled back form the force. Ash’s shirt becomes burnt, but Ash appeared ok. Ash’s eyes start glowing a bright light and his metal arm opened to reveal the electric power inside. Ash fires a shot a Charizard and dodged it, but was got in his wing. Ash fired a couple of more shots, but Charizard avoided them.

"That’s it. I’m going to burn your hind right off." Charizard unleashed is flamethower attack and Ash became engulfed in fire.

"Ash no." Misty yelled. She tried to run towards him but James and Brock held her back.
"It’s no use, he’s toast." Brock said as Ash’s body fell to the ground. Everybody was in shock. They had no clue that Charizard would do such a thing.

"Is he?"

"I don’t think so. Look." They look towards Ash’s body as it rose form the ground. A aura of pure white surrounded him. Above the field massive storm clouds appeared.

"I don’t believe this. Is Ash doing this?"

"I believe so. I think he’s going to transform." Prof. Oak said. Ash’s body floated above the ground and a bolt of lighting struck him. The blast threw everybody back. I a large ball of light stood where Ash was.

"Oh my god Ash!" Misty yelled.

"Don’t worry Misty I’m ok." Ash said form the light source. The light source dimmed and everyone saw Ash’s new form. His white wings where back once again and his other arm became metal as well. Ash’s hands where entirely black and his hair had grown longer and very spiky. His lower legs developed a tuff of feathers and his feet became sharp talons. The color of skin had become a pale white. "So, how do I look."

"You think being stuck by lighting would of given you a tan." James said with a smug smile.

"Aw, so now our master has shown his true form. Well a new body just means more for me to injure. Your match isn’t over remember." Charizard said as he went for Ash. Ash jumped over Charizard and landed on Charizard’s back. Charizard fell over form the impact and tried to sweep Ash with his tail, but Ash jumped over and hovered in midair.

"This ends now Charizard. You will obey me."
"Never. I will never bow down to a weak trainer. You have yet to prove that you the stronger."
"Okay then, so be it." Ash flew up toward the sky and stopped halfway between the ground and the storm clouds. Ash lifted his hands towards the clouds and a blot of lighting stuck them. Ash’s arms opened and gathered the energy. Then Ash formed a ball in his hands. "Storm blast." Ash said as he threw the ball down towards the ground. Charizard tried to avoid the shot but it still stuck the ground near him. The ground exploded and sent Charizard into a bunch of trees. Charizard impact broke many of the surrounding trees creating a hole in the forest. Charizard came out of the hole and then collapsed to the ground. Ash had defeated Charizard. As Ash descended to the ground the storm clouds dissipated and left a clear sky.

"As that was amazing." Brock said as he came up to his friend.

"It was, wasn’t it. Prof. Oak can some one take Charizard to the pokemon center. He’s badly damaged." Ash took out Charizard’s pokeball and sucked the pokemon back inside it.

"I’ll do it Ash." Brock said as he took the pokeball and left towards the pokemon center.

"Anything to meet a joy." Misty said.

"Well anyhow. Nice battle. Can I see Jessie now?" James pleaded.

"Yes you may. And we better get you two to transform."

"Why do Misty and James need to transform Prof. Oak."
"Because Ash, the cure is the transformation."


To be continued....

What does Prof. Oak mean? What will James and Misty look like in there pokemon forms? Find out in Genetic Evolution part 9.

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