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Genetic Evolution
Part 9

by Xen

"So Prof. you still haven’t told us about why we have to be fully transformed?" Misty asked Prof. Oak. Everyone was in the lab area where Jessie was kept.

"Well since were here I can tell you. Bill, Seymour ,and myself had came upon a discovery when we where examining Jessie’s DNA. It seems that you complete pokemon forms have a completely different structure then your nonpokemon form. Using Jessie’s DNA we have form a cure."
"So, if you have created a cure why do need us like this?" Ash asked pointing a his recently altered form.

"Well I have created a cure, but it seems to have a interesting effect."
"And that is?"

"It’s seems the cure will only work on Jessie. When we tested the cure on the samples, we found that Jessie’s where the only one that worked. We figure that we have make a different cure for each of you."
"But I don’t want to battle to transform." James whined.

"You don’t have to. In developing a cure we also found a way to speed up the transformation, so you don’t have to a battle. Anyway you might lose control of yourself like Jessie if you battle. I think this is a safer alternative."
"Well I guess we have no choice. Are you going to do this now."

"No, not yet. we have to revive Jessie first. If we transform James now, it might send her into shock."

"Well can be alone for a while?" Misty asked.

"Um, sure. We’ll call for you when we need you." Misty walked out of the room. Brock went over to Ash.

"I think you better go with Misty." Brock said.

"I don’t know. I just have a feeling that something is bothering her and your the only one that can help at the moment."

"Ok. I’ll go check on her. Pikachu stay here." Ash walked in the direction Misty left in.

Misty was staring into the pool, when Ash came up to her.

"Say Misty is some thing wrong?" Misty was startled by Ash. Ash sat down next to her.

"Um, no Ash. Why do you ask?"
"Well Brock said that you looked upset when you left the lab. I’m just checking on you to see if your ok."
"Well he’s right."
"He is? Then what’s wrong."

"I just been thinking. I mean what am I going to become. Form what we know, I’m going to be some kind of water pokemon, but what kind."
"I think you’ll become a unknown species of pokemon."

"And that’s the point. What if I come out looking like freak."
"Don’t worry Misty. I’m a freak and I don’t care what I look like."

"That because you look like a cast member of Dragon Ball Z."

"Well it’s all in the hair." (author’s note: I had to do that joke. If you were in my shoes you properly do that joke too.)

"Well I just afraid that I’m going to some hideous creature."

"Well you will never be hideous to me."
"You mean it?"
"I do." Ash wrapped his wing around Misty. "I just want you to know that no matter what you look like, I’ll always be there form you."

"Yes. And always" The two stayed by the pool holding each others knowing that they will never part form each other. By the doorway a small pokemon made a small smile at the sight of the two.


"Ok were ready? Brock you have the tranquilizer gun ready."

"Yes, Prof. Oak."
"Ok then. I’m off the pokemon chamber. You may begin James."
"Jessie. Can you hear me."

"James. Is that you." Jessie opened her eyes to see James above her.
"How do you feel?"
"I feel like I’ve been hit by truck." Jessie sat up. she looked around the room. "How did I get back here."
"Don’t you remember anything."
"I remember I got mad at something and then it’s all blank." Jessie looked at her hands and was stared by them. "What happened. Didn’t the cure work. How come I’m still a pokemon."

"Well when you got mad, your body transformed and then you went after Prof. Oak."
"I didn’t hurt him did I."
"No Jessie, I’m fine."

"So, I’m I stuck this way forever."
"No, on the contrary, form this little incident we found a better cure."
"What do you mean?" Jessie asked.
"Although the cure we made form Brock’s DNA proved effected, it doesn’t last long. This new one should last longer then the previous one."
"But doesn’t that mean we still be pokemon."
"Unfortunately, yes. I wanted to save this for later, but I think it would be better if you know now."
"Know what?" Ash said as he and Misty came back into the room.

"I’m glad your here so I won’t have to repeat this later. It seems that we can’t remove the pokemon halves of DNA."
"So, you mean that we are going to be pokemon forever." Misty said.

"Sadly, yes. Although the cure can only restore you to your human forms, it can’t eliminate your pokemon halves. And you would have to take this formula on a regular basis to keep you human."
"So, we are going to be freaks." Misty said sadden by news of their condition. Ash put his hand on her shoulder.
"At least will be together." Ash said.

"Any how, Are you two ready?" Bill asked Misty and James. They both nodded. "Ok, This formula will speed up the transformation to your pokemon forms." Bill injected them with the formula and everyone waited. About a minute later they started, Misty and James fell to the floor. There screams form the power over flowing in them soon filled the entire house. Soon the screaming stopped and James stood up. His altered form contain less difference then his regular form, if you think green skin is normal. His left arm had once again became a giant rose and his right arm developed rows of leaves that cling to his skin. How ever Misty had not came up form the floor. Ash went over to her.
"Misty? Are you Ok." Ash checked her and saw her gills weren’t moving. "Prof. Oak. We need help. Misty dying on us."


To be continued....

Is Misty going to die? What went wrong? Find out in the last installment of Genetic Evolution.

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