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Genetic Evolution
Part 10

by Xen

Misty was put into a large tank of water with a life support machine hooked up to her. The others where around the tank with Jessie standing as far away form the tank a possible. "So Prof. Oak, why did Misty go critical on us?" Brock asked.

"And how come she isn’t fully transformed." Jessie stated look into in tank. Misty body was stuck between her regular body and her pokemon body. Her gills have one again resurfaced and all over her body were aqua blue patch of scales that seemed to simmer even under the water.

"I think I can answer this one." Bill said. "I think it has to do with her type."

"What about her type?"

"Well since Misty is apparently a water type pokemon, she is strongest near or in the water. When we injected Misty with the transformation execrator, it also sped up the need for her to be with her element. And because the lab didn’t have enough of her element source she collapsed because the change became to painful for her. She’s currently fainted at this point."

"She what’s the machine for."

"Well, that so we can satiable her for when we revive her. I can guess that when we becomes conscious, she will fully transform since she is in her element."

"Um, say how come I didn’t faint when I transformed?" James asked.

"Well James you are a plant pokemon. I believe that you’re source would be the plant and creatures around you. I think that Jessie source is the heat form either a fire or the heat a animal produces while Ash’s source is electric power form a storm or electronic devices."

"Well she’s stable, I’m going to give her a revive." Prof. Oak said as he poured a pink liquid into the life support machine. The liquid traveled down the tubes into Misty. Everyone waited for any signs of life. Suddenly Misty’s eyes opened and she started moving. The water around her seemed to move to her body. The water swirled around her forming a whirlpool preventing anyone form seeing inside. Suddenly Misty jumped out of the tank and landed on the floor. Misty’s pokemon form was a creature of grace, elegance, and beauty. Her skin became scales of a light blue that simmered in the light. Misty also developed a small reptile-like tail on her back.

"How that for an entrance." Misty said breaking the silence of the room.

"Wow Misty, you look great." Ash said eyeing her over.

"And I feel much better. I strangely feel complete."
"You know she has a point. This new power I have is like some new but it’s like I’ve always known that it’s apart of me." James said.

"That’s a interesting piece of information. But now I think we should get started on that cure of yours."

"Your right Prof. We must start right away." The two pokemon expects left to create a new cure.

Ash, Misty, Jessie, and James where sitting around in the living room waiting for Prof. Oak and Bill to finish there new cure. "I hope Brock comes back soon." Ash said looking towards the door. Brock went to the pokemon center to pick up Charizard.

"I’m sure he’ll be back right after Nurse Joy rejects him again." Misty said playing Togepi. "And how is my little Togepi."

"Mommy look funny." Misty gave a look of confusion.

"I guess you heard what Togepi said huh." Ash said guessing form the shock on Misty’s face.

"What do you mean ‘look funny’?" Misty asked her baby pokemon.

"Mommy look pretty." Everyone laughed at Togepi’s response.

"Yah I guess a fish face is a improvement over the old one." James laughed out. James was then in la-la land thanks to Misty’s mallet.

"I guess that little egg likes you better as a pokemon then as you." Jessie said. Suddenly Brock came in the door, downtrodden as usual.

"I guess you couldn’t impress nurse Joy." Misty said.

"Do you have Charizard?"

"Yeah he right here." Brock handed over the pokeball to Ash. Ash opened the pokeball and Charizard came out.

"I was sleeping." The large fire pokemon said.
"Well I just want to know if you are going to keep your end of the bargain. I defeated you in battle, so are you going to obey me?"

"Yes, I will. You have proven that you are stronger then I am and will serve always."

"And remember if you ever back down on that, you will dishonored and no pokemon will respect you."
"I know. Now may I go back to sleep."

"Okay. Charizard return." A beam came form the ball and Charizard entered the ball.

"I been thinking, if were like this can we be captured. I mean we’re a new species and one of a kind. If the world knew about us then we would be hunted like dogs." Misty said with a look of fright in her eyes.

"Well Prof. Oak told me that as long as you keep taking that cure you can’t be captured. Your human forms can’t be captured but your pokemon bodies can."
"And how are we going to keep taking this cure? Prof. Oak isn’t going to give it to us. We are still pokemon thieves."
"So why don’t you quit team rocket." Ash said.

"And then do what? Me and James can’t do anything. Who would hire criminals like us."

"Actually Jessie, I figured that problem out." James said.

"What? How?"
"Well I thought about this situation and thought that we would need help, so I asked Bill for a job. he said that he could always use aids and as payment we can stay at the light house as it’s caretakers."
"And you thought of this all by yourself."

"Well I didn’t know what else we could do."

"Did you tell Meowth about this?"
"No, I didn’t have the time to tell him about it? Actually I haven’t seen him for a few days."
"Yeah, we did Meowth go?" Everybody thought about where Meowth could of gone to.

"You don’t think he went back to the boss?" James said.

"I pray he didn’t and if he did he doesn’t saying anything about us."

"Giovanni, Meowth here to see you." The intercom spoke.

"Good. Let him in." The door opened and Meowth walked in. "Do you have it Meowth?"

"Yes." Meowth opened the bag and put the items on to the desk. The items were shards for the elemental stones that where destroyed earlier. "If I may ask, what did we need these stones for? They can’t even work any more."
"That is what you know Meowth. If what you told me is true, then I can use these in my plans to take over the league." Giovanni laughed and Meowth stood still thinking on how he betrayed his team.

"And what about Jessie and James?"
"That them be. I be rid of them soon enough."


It had tooken them a few days, but Prof. Oak and Bill had reverted the gang back into there original forms. We now find Ash, Misty, and Brock leaving Prof. Oak’s place.

"Now remember to take that formula every seventy two hours to prevent the transformation."
"Don’t worry Prof. Oak. We won’t forget." Ash said.

"Say where are we going now?" Misty asked Ash.
"Well in case you forgotten the pokemon league is opening I’m going to compete in it."
"Like you think you have a chance of winning."

"You just wait and see Misty. I’ll win and become the greatest pokemon master of all time."
"Well pokemon master or not you won’t be in the league if you keep staying here."

"Well see you Prof." Ash said as he walk off to the pokemon league.


The End.

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