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Genetic Revolution:
Part 1

by Xen

Jessie woke James form his bed. After there transform there lives have changed a lot. They gave up team rocket and now lived as assistants/subjects for Bill the researcher of the lighthouse, which is they now live as well. For staying at Bill’s light house they food and shelter and in payment allow themselves to revert to there pokemon selves and Bill would study them. "Come on James. It’s your turn to the sweeping."

"Just a few more minutes. I’m sleepily." James said though his pillow.

"I said. WAKE UP!" James jumped form the bed. "Good your awake. Now get to work." James got dressed and went to get the broom. Jessie then went into the kitchen to clean the dishes form this mornings breakfast. After she finished she went to the lab where Bill and James where waiting.

"Just in time I see. I’ll go get your pills." It had taken a while, but Bill was able to transfer the revert formula into a pill, Although it took many trials for the process to work. Bill came back shortly and handed Jessie and James there pills. Each pill was colored to their element with Jessie’s red and James green.

"Say Bill did Prof. Oak get the pill formula for the others." James asked.

"Oh that he did James, but we can’t test them till Ash and Misty come back form the pokemon league games. However I fear that they don’t get discovered." Other then having to take the formula every forty eight hours, they discovered that a lot stress or experiencing a lot of emotions at once could send the transformation in progress. Little did they know that was going to become the least of there worries.

"Come on Ash. It’s time to take your medication." Brock said pulling out the needle.

"Ok. I’m just feeding my pokemon." Ash came in the room shortly. "Ok but make it quick, I match in a hour." Ash had currently won his first three matches (same as the series.) And his fourth round match in the grass field was coming up.

"Don’t worry it will only be a sec." Brock said as he injected Ash. "There that should last for a while."
"I can’t wait till Prof Oak gives us this new treatment. I’m sick of these shots." Misty said rolling up her shirt to cover up the marks.

"I know. It makes me kind of nervous too."
"What do you mean Brock?"
"Well if someone finds these needles or a canister of your serum, they could kick Ash out with the suspicion of drugs. Also they would suspend of our licenses and take our pokemon away."
"Well I hope they don’t find out."

"But why do you need these shards boss. Thez is useless since the stones lost there power. They can’t evolve nothing." Meowth said to Giovanni as they walked down the hall.

"But that where your wrong Meowth. They still can serve a use to me."
"But how?"

"Interesting on how you ask now? I was just about to show you your new partners."

"New partners? But aren’t Jessie and James my partners."

"Not any more. They are now a threat to me and must be eliminated."
"But why boss, they ain’t no threat. They can’t do anything right."
"But they are a treat none the less. We don’t know where they could be, which is a treat in itself but also if what you say about the pokemon selves are true, then that makes all the more dangerous." They enter a lab filled with tubes and scientific equipment.

"So who are my new partners."
"I think you know them already." Giovanni stopped in front of two large casing tubes filled with a strange liquid. The figures inside where hooked on to breathing machines and strange ring of metal where attached around there necks.

"Butch and Cassidy. But how did they get out."

"I let them out. They can still serve a great use to me still." Giovanni turned to face a lab worker. "Are the devices ready."

"Yes sir. We a wait your order."

"Well then being the process. Come Meowth."

"What are you going to them boss?"

"Simple. There going to be my new pokemon." Giovanni grabbed a remote and pushed a button on it. The machines started up and light developed with the tubes. Soon the light blinded the entire room and the only that could be heard was a inhuman scream.


To be continued....

I know this is short, but I think it’s best if this starts out slow then builds up as it goes along. So stay tuned for the next part of Genetic Revolution.

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