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Genetic Revolution
Part 2

by Xen

Note: I’m starting on the fourth round match and matches 1-3 were the same as the show.

"Hi I’m Fred Highman and Ladies and Gentlemen, what a day this has been. Today was the final day of the beginners round of the league tournament and what day it was today. We have some fine matches today, once again proving the incredible talent these trainer have. With me now is Jim Cross with special commentary on today’s match."
"And what a day this was. These trainers that won today should feel proud that they made it this far into the league, but there journey is still long if they want to be champion of the pokemon league. Lets start with the winner of our first match, Gray Oak form the town of pallet Vs Melissa Stone form Saffron City had a incredible match today especially when Gary Oak won just when it looked like defeat."

"And lets take a look of that in match." They turn around to face the screen where video footage displays. The video shows the Match between Gary’s Nidoking and Melissa’s Golem. Golem grabs Nidoking by the horn.

"Golem Seismic toss." Melissa yells. Golem lifts its opponent into the air and both take to the air. But just as Golem was about to toss Nidoking, Nidoking grabs Golem’s arm and flips it around. The two pokemon crash to the ground causing a huge dust cloud. The dust settles and Golem is knockout under Nidoking.

"The match goes to Gray Oak. Gray Oak wins." The referee says raising the red flag. The scene goes back to the two commenters.

"What a incredible win by Gray Oak. I feel this kid might go all the way."

"Now we go to or second match, Ash Ketchum also form the town of Pallet Vs Jeanette Fisher and this was another incredibly close match."

"I can’t agree with you more Jim. Lets go to the tape." They turn around and the screen shows the grass field with Ash and Jeanette battling.

"Hang in there Pikachu." Pikachu attacked Bellsprout with a fury of punches and kicks. Bellsprout skillfully avoided all the attacks. Meanwhile as Ash kept looking on his emotions started taking there toll. Ash’s eyes started surged with pain that Ash lost focus.

Guessing that his formula was wearing off, he took out a pair of sunglasses that he bought on the way here in case something like this would happen. Although by the time Ash finished donning his sunglasses, Bellsprout defeated Pikachu.

"Oh no Pikachu." Ash ran across the field to pick his friend up.
"It looks like Ash isn’t doing so good." Misty said to Brock.

"But we also have another problem. Look at Ash." Misty looked at Ash holding Pikachu and noticed something.

"Oh no the medicine is wearing off. But he took it only a few hours ago."
"It the battles intensity. He’s been worrying some much through this battle that it trigged his transformations."

"I don’t care how this match turns out. We have to get him out of there."
"But we have to wait till the mach is over. If he leaves now, Ash will be disqualified."
"Sorry where late." A voice said.

"Ah Mrs. Ketchum and Prof. Oak! What are you doing here?"
"Well we came to see Ash perform." Prof. Oak sat down next to Brock. "And I also have the pills Bill created. I guess Ash is going to need them now." Prof Oak whispered to Brock.

"Yeah the heat of the match trigged it." Brock said back.

"I wonder what pokemon Ash would be using next?" Ash’s mom said unknowing of her sons condition.

"I wish I could find out, but I just remembered I left something behind that forgot." Brock said as he left the others.

"Well that Bellsprout is very though." Ash reached for a pokeball.
"I choose you!" Ash threw the pokeball and Muk emerged. Jeanette gave a look of shock.

"Bellsprout high jump kick!" Bellsprout executed the kick hitting Muk straight on in the chest. But do to Muk sludge body the attack bounced off. Bellsprout unleashed attack after attack each one not effecting Muk in the slightest.

"Muk body slam." Ash commanded. Muk slam itself it to Bellsprout smothering the plant pokemon. A few seconds later Muk got off of Bellsprout and the referee went to check on it. Seeing the Bellsprout knockout the referee declared Ash the winner. Ash quickly picked up Pikachu, returned Muk and left the field as quick as he could.

"What a exciting match. Just when Ash Ketchum looked down and out, he made a comeback thus winning the match and allowing him to move further into the league games."

"And that it is. After the break will take a look at the other matches that took place today." Fred said. Gary Oak turned off the TV and stared at the blank set.
"What is it Gary? Is something wrong?" One of the cheerleaders asked.
"I don’t know, but there was something strange about that fight. After he fight Ash would in front of the cameras to say something stupid, but he ran out just after he won. And why was he wearing sunglasses all of a sudden. Something is going and I’m going to find out."

"Are they ready?" Giovanni asked a scientist.

"They are ready at your command sir."

"Excellent. Prepare them for their trail run."
"And what would that be sir."
"Well there going to take a trip to a lighthouse."


To be continued....

Will Gary find out? Will Mrs. Ketchum find out? What going to happen to the lighthouse? Find out in Genetic Revolution part 3.

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