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Genetic Revolution
Part 3

by Xen

"Hey Brock can you hurry up, my mom could be here any moment." Ash said waiting for Brock to prepare the needle.
"No need to rush. Misty and Prof. Oak should be delaying her."
"Then you don’t know my mom." Scene change to one of Misty and Prof. Oak trying to divert Ash’s mom.

"What wrong with Ash, I know something is wrong. I can feel it. Your keeping him away form me. Why?"
"Where not doing any of the sort. We just want to show you around."

"Oh look a there a shop. Why don’t we check it out?"
"Um, well okay." Prof. Oak and Misty sweatdropped.

"I just know that my mom is coming any moment now."
"Oh look at these cute tee shirts. And look at this little figurine, Ash would love it. Oh look at that."
"Wow, this job is easier then I thought." Misty said.
"Yes, I thought we would though time on hands while they Ash get prepared, but it doesn’t seem so." Prof. Oak and Misty watched as Mrs. Ketchum went back and forth though the shop. Shortly Ash and Brock showed up.
"So, did my mom cause any trouble for you."

"No. In fact she still is in the store."

"Well we better get her out before she buys the store." Everyone enters the store, not noticing Gary Oak watching them form a distance.

‘Your hiding something Ash, I know it. And when I find out, I’ll be the greatest trainer form Pallet and you will be nothing.’

"Ok Scorch, lets try again and please hit the target this time." Bill said to Jessie’s alternate form. Bill and Scorch were in the garden with a target across form Scorch. One could suppose that a target practice session was occurring, but form Bill’s somewhat burnt outfit you could tell that it wasn’t going well. "Your not going to master your special move if you don’t practice it."

"Well it’s not that easy. I can’t aim with my head down."

"That’s why you must learn to use to properly. James learned to control his move and so can you."

"James only has to point his arm. He doesn’t have to twist his head around. But, ok here goes. Fire mane." Scorch tossed her head around, her fierily hair growing longer with each turn. When it became long enough, she tossed her mane towards the target. The fire tip for her mane slashed across the target leaving a burn mark on it. I did it. I hit the target."
"Yes, but next time watch more careful where your aiming." Bill pointed to the large smoking burn mark across his shirt.

"Sorry. Does this mean more practice." Bill nodded and Scorch resumed her stance.

James was finishing up on the dishes when he heard a explosion. ‘It must be Jessie practicing.’ Suddenly a thought went trough his head. ‘Wait. That explosion sounded like it came form the lab. I better go check this out.’ James rush out of the kitchen only to bump into Bill and Scorch.

"Oh James your here. We better hurry. Someone broke into the lab." The three ran into the lab where three figures wearing robes where waiting for them. The shortest one talked first.

"Greetings Bill. Our boss requests your presence."

"Who are you guys?"

"To infect the world with devastation!"

"To blight all people in every nation!"

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"

"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"


"We’re Team Rocket, circling earth day and night!"

"Surrender to us new or you’ll surely lose the fight!"

"Meowth that’s Right!"

"What happened to you guys?" James said as he enter the room. Cassidy had looked much like she did before, but her skin and hair became a pale icy blue and her eyes appeared void of emotion. Butch’s body was much thinner and his hands only had three fingers on them. Also his head appeared larger, but one would guess that because his body became much thinner. Another thing they noticed was that
"Well if it isn’t the traitors."
"Meowth! How dare you talk to us like that!"

"I wasn’t the one that left the team. But we aint here to discuss that. Hand over bill and no one gets hurt."
"I’m not going anywhere."
"Then that’s too bad. Iceidy freeze them in place."
"Yes master." Beams of ices flew form her hands freezing all that they touched. Everyone avoid the beams, but struck Bill’s legs freezing him to the ground.
"Good now. Psytch grab him." Butch’s eyes glowed and Bill was lifted off the floor.

"Oh no you don’t." Scorch unleashed a wave of flames at the rockets. Iceidy created a ice wave canceling the flames. Psytch created a bright flare and the four were gone.

"Were did they go?" Jessie asked.

"I don’t know. What are we going to do? And how did they get those powers."

"I think we should go find Prof. Oak."

"But he’s at the league games, checking on Ash and Misty. If we go there were going to be spotted and asserted. Or worse."

"But if we don’t there going to get the Professor, then where would we be. We don’t know how to make these pills. Anyway Ash is the only one that could stop them."

"Why him?"
"Well he foiled all our plans when we where in team rocket, so he can foil them again."

"I guess we got no other choice. But how are we going to get to there. We don’t have a car and the nearest town is miles away."
"No but we still have another way."

"Boss this is Meowth. We got Bill." Meowth said the image of the boss on the communicator.
"Excellent. I hope the operation went smoothly."
"We run in to the traitor. It appeared that..."
"Are they still alive."

"Why have you not eliminated them."

"We thought."
"Your not here to think, your here to do what I say." Meowth cowered in front of the boss.

"Yes sir."
"Well bring the captive here and for further institutions."

"Yes boss. Right away."

Giovanni thought in chair after Meowth gave his report.. "That fool. Meowth has no idea on what he’s done. Now I must speed up the plan." Giovanni petted the Persian on his lap. "What am I worrying about. Those two idiots can’t stop my plans now, but they still are a threat. Who knows what those trouble those two could cause. And a threat like them could become my down fall. Jessie and James must live a moment longer. Am I right Persian?" Persian purred gently in his master lap.


To be continued....

How are Jessie and James going to get to the league games? Can they reach the plateau in time? What is Giovanni’s plan? Stay tuned for the next part of Genetic Revolution.

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