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Genetic Revolution
Part 4

by Xen

"Nice of you to come to me so willingly."

"YYYou won’t get away with tttthis Giovanni." The half frozen Bill said.

"But seems that I have."

"JJJJJessie and James will stttop you."
"Those two? I hardy doubt that. They couldn’t capture a Pikachu, let alone overthrow an empire."
"But you know that they are a threat to your power. I know because I’m the one that created there power and now you wish me to create a pokemon arrrmy for you."

"I see there is no slack form you. Yes, that is what I want form you. Either you create for me such a machine or you will become an ice block."
"I would nnnnnnever build such a device. I rather die."
"I could make that happen too." Giovanni made a cold smile. "Iceidy freeze up to neck.

I suggest you think about it Bill or the next we meet, you’ll be a goner." Iceidy pointed a had at Bill and froze more of his body. Bills scream form the pain went unanswered. "Remember you have till tomorrow."


"I can’t believe that were doing this." James said as he looked down form the balloon. "What if we get spotted?"
"Where not going to be spotted if you don’t keep quiet."
"But Jessie."
"But nothing. This the only mode of transport we have that could get us to the league games fast enough."
"Couldn’t we steal a car or ride a train."
"If we stole a car, they would spot it and the trains don’t go there."
"But we could of at least called and told them we where coming."
"And what if some else answered the phone, they would know us for sure. Besides we don’t their number."
"Oh. I just hope that we get there in time."
"I hope so too James."

‘Cassidy. Can you hear me.’ Butch called to Cassidy’s mind.

‘Psytch? Where are you?’

‘I’m in a tube. I’m talking to you though my mind.’

‘I see.’

‘Cassidy we have to get out of here.’


‘Look at what they did to you. Look at what they did to me. They made us freaks. I say we bust out of here and reek some havoc.’

‘I don’t care. I don’t mind my new body.’

‘What are you talking about. They turned us into pokemon. There just using us as pawns. Doesn’t that even anger you.’

‘No it doesn’t. I can think clearly now. I see that there is nothing we could do that would result with us getting killed. We should stay.’

‘What have they done to her?’ Butch thought to himself. ‘Cassidy would normally we furious about us being used, yet she is completely clam. Too clam." He redirected his thought to Cassidy again. ‘Cassidy what do mean you think clearly now.’

‘Since my transformation I have felt a great relief in my sole. I have lost my emotions and I don’t regret it.’

‘So you can’t feel anything now. Not even about what you feel for me?’

‘I don’t know. I know that I once liked you, but now I don’t know. I’m get confused.’ Butch heard her mind scream in pain.



‘Can you hear me?’

‘Cassidy no longer lives. I am Iceidy. You are Psytch. We serve Giovanni. That is all we need to know.’

‘No. Your Cassidy. Can’t you remember. Can’t you feel anything.’

‘I am Iceidy. I serve Giovanni.’


Ash walked into the living room to see Prof. Oak hanging up the phone. Ash caught the worried look on his face. "Say What’s wrong Professor Oak?"
"Oh Ash. I was expecting a call form Bill a bit earlier, but he hasn’t called. Also when I called the lighthouse, no one answered. I hope there all right."
"Don’t worry Professor Oak. Maybe they just training outside and forgot about calling you."

"If it was only that. Remember Ash, Jessie and James quit team rocket. And in an organization like team rocket, members don’t just quit for no reason."

"But I thought that no one knew about where there location?"

"I thought that too, but something like team rocket has eyes and ears everywhere. Their even in the pokemon league. That’s why we really must keep your transformation a secret. If the league found out, then so would team rocket. And if the league doesn’t capture you, team rocket will."
"I understand Professor Oak. But it pains that I can’t tell my mom about this."
"I told Ash you can’t tell her. Not because the league might find out, but I will break your heart. Ever since you father died, you have been her number one concern. It took a lot out of her when you left on your pokemon journey. If she finds out that her son is no longer human, It would push her over the edge."

"I understand that too, but it just feels wrong."
"I know it does, but in life you have to do things that are wrong to protect others."
"Like how you risk your career on keeping us secret."

"Exactly. But let us forget about this. I think your mom has finished dinner and you better do some training for the fifth round. Remember it starts tomorrow."

"Ok professor Oak." As Ash and Professor Oak walked out of the room, they didn’t notice a set of eyes watching them.


"Did you find out anything?"
"No Gary. They had there windows closed and I couldn’t hear anything they said." Amy Gary’s cheerleader said.

"My grandfather is involved in this somehow, so its got to be big. But what could it be. Did he kill someone? Capture a very rare pokemon" I have to know!"

"Maybe you could ask."

"They wouldn’t tell if I did. And how asked you. Go practice your cheers for when I become pokemon master."
"Yes Gary." Amy left the room to join the other cheerleaders.

"I will find out what you did Ash Ketchum and when I do I’ll will be supreme."


To be continued....

Can Jessie and James make it in time? Does any one think Gary will ever find out? Only I know, I aint telling.

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