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Genetic Revolution
Part 5

by Xen

"Okay we landed." Jessie got out of the balloon and tied it down.
"Do think anyone saw us?"
"No, I don’t think so. The stadium is a few miles off, and not many people would be around here."
"So what disguises will we wear?"
"I don’t know. What do we got?" James took out a trunk and opened it.
"We have some officer Jenny outfits."
"No, the place is crawling with them. We would get caught if we wore that."
"How about the nurse Joy outfits?"
"No. That would be the same thing."
"How about the baseballs outfits?"
"Its not baseball season."

"How about our rock outfits?"
"We don’t have enough hair gel."
"OK, how about this."

"OK that good. Lets go."


"Meowth do you understand your mission?" Giovanni said, sitting form his desk.
"Yes sir."
"Good. I expect you back in three days."

"Yes sir."

"Remember, I expect you to complete at least one of your objectives."
"I will not fail you boss."
"You better not."


"Still no news form Bill, Prof. Oak?" Ash asked. Ash, Misty, and Brock just came back form Ash’s five round match.
"No I afraid not Ash. By the way how did your match go?"
"The battle was hard, but I beat that other trainer."

"Yeah, Ash did pretty good." Brock said.

"Pretty good? I creamed him."
"But who would of guessed there would be another trainer with a Pikachu here."

"But that was no match for Pikachu. Right Pikachu?"
"Do you think something happened to Bill?" Brock asked.

"I think so. I called the police and asked if they could check the lighthouse out. I should be getting a call any moment now." Just then the phone rang. "That must be them." Prof. Oak picked up the phone. "I see... Ah ha...Really... Thank you." He hung up.

"So, is there a problem?" Misty asked.

"They found the place deserted."
"Was the place robbed?"
"No. Nothing was appeared to be missing, but in the lab they found a wall blown open and most of the floor was covered in ice."
"Ice? That’s odd."
"That’s why I’m worried Ash. Something happened to them, but what could of happened."

Just then their was a knock on the door.

"I wonder who could that be?" Ash opened the door and two pizza delivery people came inside. "Did anyone order pizza?"
"It’s us." Jessie and James removed their hats.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"And what happened to Bill? Is he OK?" Jessie and James lowered their heads.
"Were sorry. We tried to stop them, but they took him." James said.

"Who took him?" Prof. Oak asked.

"Team rocket did."
"How come you couldn’t stop them?"
"Because, team rocket has people like us."
"Like us?" Misty said. "You mean team rocket is creating people with pokemon abilities?"
"This is what I feared. I think they’ll be after me next."
"What makes you think they would be after you Prof. Oak?" Ash asked.

"They probably think that I know how to create more genetic pokemon. But I don’t. Bill is the only one that knew on how to create his genetic recombination machine. Knowing him he would never tell and that means..."
"They killed him." Jessie said.

"I didn’t think they would do such things."

"But if Bill didn’t create the machine, how did they create genetic pokemon?"

"It was Butch and Cassidy. Cassidy has some kind of ice power."
"That explains the lab." Brock said.

"But what about Butch? Didn’t he have some sort of power."
"None that we could see. But Bill did levitate before they vanished."
"And Butch appeared much thinner then before."

"That sounds like Butch has become a psychic type pokemon. So Cassidy is a ice type and Butch a psychic. Brock I think Your in danger too."
"Me? How?"
"Butch and Cassidy where with you and the others when the others became pokemon. They must of found a way to infuse someone with a certain type of pokemon, but it will probably only work on someone that has been already transformed. Remember Brock you are a pokemon, but you have a human form with no powers."

"So they would be after you and Brock."
"But they wouldn’t attack us during the league games."

"Actually that might be the time they’ll most likely strike."
"But won’t people notice them if they attack?"
"Yes they would, but then people would notice you four when you attack back. If they attack now none of you would be able to transform in your pokemon selves without revealing yourself."

"What can we do? We can’t fight back and we can’t tell anyone with exposing ourselves." Misty said.

"That is true, but there might have a plan. Jessie would team rocket assume that you would come to me."
"I think they would."
"And did anyone notice you on your way here."
"None that we noticed. That’s why we have these disguises on."

"That’s good. Did anyone see you enter here."
"Well I think I saw some pompoms by the bushes outside the door." James said.

"Pompoms? Why would there be pompoms by the bushes?" Prof. Oak thought for minute.
"I think Gray might be spying on Ash."
"Gary! Why would he be spying on me?"
"Don’t you get it Ash! Gary is spying on us, because he want to find the skeletons in your closet."
"But I don’t have any skeletons in my closet. I guess I’m in the clear then." Everyone sweatdropped.
"No Ash. That’s not it. Gary is trying to find something to use as blackmail." Brock explained.

"But why would he want to do that."
"Gary is getting very desperate to win the pokemon league. He wants you out because he feels that you are a threat to his success."

"So I’m a threat to him. I hope they didn’t hear any of this."
"No the windows are shut and it looks like who ever was watching is gone now. But Prof. Oak you said you had a plan?"
"I did. Thanks for reminding me. We will act like everything is normal while Jessie and James revert to their pokemon forms and hopefully they stay hidden long enough so that when team rocket attacks, we will be somewhat prepared."
"Well my mom isn’t around, but what are we going to say about Jessie and James when they she comes back? It’s not going to be easy hiding someone with flaming hair."
"Well we brought with us the formulas Bill made for us, including the speed elixir. We can hide out in the woods and when we have to, we will be there in a flash." Jessie said.
"We been training a lot and we know are own moves very well." James said.

"OK then. I suggest you two starting hide, since you been in here long enough. And when you leave look out for Gary’s cheerleaders."
"OK we will."
"You can count on us." Jessie and James put there hats back on and left. Misty turned to Brock.

"I can’t believe that we would ever put our lives to those two."
"Well, there are only hope. I just hope that they don’t have do anything."


To be continued....

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