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Only Half-Human
part 1: A journey begins

by Xen


"So you wish to leave Ditto. Remember the choice is yours." Ash asked his pokemon.

"Yes I wish to leave. It’s been good being your pokemon and I have been always loyal to you. But I have a feeling that I can’t stay with you. I feel that I am incomplete. I must go on a journey to make myself compete."

"OK then I won’t hold you back. But remember that I can’t break the bond between us, so remember that you are always my pokemon and I hope one day you will return to me."

"I promise that when I am compete I will return to you. It’s just that I can’t stay with you if I’m not the best pokemon that I can be."

"So go then Ditto and good luck to you." Ditto left Ash home that day. As he left Misty asked where he going. "I don’t know Misty, but he feel that he must make himself complete. Strange thing is I know what’s he really is seeking."

"What’s that?"

"He’s torn apart over being the fact that he made himself half-human. He feels lonely. I believe that he going to look for someone that feels the same way."

Ditto was walking down the road in his newly created human form. He finally did something no other Ditto had been able to do, create a permanent image form his own mind. He knew that he was different then other Ditto since he learned to fuse images together to created different shapes. In his human form he was about as tall as Ash was. His face he created out of his own mind. His face was lean and his eyes where a gentle green. In the eyes of other humans he would be called quite handsome, if he didn’t carry Ash’s scar on his face. Ever since Ash had gotten the scar when he fought Charizard, he put it on his all his images to mark his was Ash’s pokemon. His hair style he borrowed form James, but changed the color to black. His clothing contained of a black shirt, blue jeans, and boots that really acted more like a layer skin, since it was part of his image. Suddenly Ditto spotted something behind him. He turned around to face two small kids behind him. One kid was a girl that had very short blond hair and a brown hair boy wearing a odd looking black hat. "Why are you kids follow me." Ditto said to the kids.

"We where wondering if you are a pokemon trainer." The boy asked.

"No I’m something else."

"Are you one of ancient trainers." The other asked.

"No, but that’s close. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ditto. My trainer is the grand master Ash Ketchum."

The boy gave a look of surprise while the girl hardly looked impressed. "Yah right. I think your pulling are leg mister. I don’t even think you own pokemon let alone are one."

Ditto gave a small smile. "Your right. If I really wasn’t a Ditto, I couldn’t do THIS!" Ditto then transformed into a Charizard before the kids eyes and then reverts back to human form.

"WOW! You really must be Ash’s Ditto. My name is Ed and this is my friend Carol."

"Well good to meet you two. And may I ask you why you where following me."

"We thought you where a pokemon trainer and wanted to challenge you to a match, but since your only a pokemon..." Carol’s sentence was cutoff by Ditto.

"You think that I can’t even fight without my master present. Or that I could be captured for own use since it looks that master has released me. You kids wanted a match, so you can have one. I challenge both of you kids to a pokemon match."

"You can’t be serious. Your a pokemon. You can’t challenge us to match."
"Yes I can. Trainers challenge wild pokemon all the time. So why can’t a pokemon challenge.’

"OK then Ditto. We except your challenge." Ed said. The match went on where Ditto defeated all of there pokemon.

"I can’t believe that we both lost to a pokemon and it’s own master wasn’t even here."

"I can understand what it means to lose to a lone pokemon. That’s what it like for a wild pokemon to lose to a trainer."

"We stink at this. We can’t be trainers if we lose to one pokemon." Carol looked like she was about to break into tears. Ditto felt sorry for kids.

"What say I do you kids a favor."

"What would that be?" Ed asked.

"How about you kids come along with me on my journey. I can teach you what you need about pokemon and I can use the company." The two talked it over.

"What kind of journey are you on?" Carol asked.

"I’m on a journey to find more Ditto’s that are like me. I’m different from other Ditto’s. I have the ability to create my own images. I want to find out if there any more like me."
"I heard that the house of imate has a powerful Ditto."

"Yes my master once spoke of that place. I think the owners name was Duplica."

"Well it might by dangerous for one pokemon to travel that distance by themselves, So me and Ed will travel with you."

"OK then lets get going. I really want to see this house of imate." Ditto smiled as he now had two traveling companies and a lead to what he was probably what he had been searching for. Only time knows if Ditto is going on the right path to what he truly looking for.


To be continued....


Stay tuned for Only half-human part 2.

Note: I think I chose this title, because Ditto in this act and lives like a human, but still a pokemon. So he only really half-human metaphorly speaking. But doesn’t sound like a cool title anyway.

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