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Only Half-Human
part 2: The Meeting

by Xen


It took Ditto a couple of weeks, but he finally reached the house of imate. Ed and Carol left on a different route to earn badges two week ago and Ditto was once more alone. Upon reaching there he saw a large crowd waiting for a show.

"Wow Duplica must be really popular. Look at this crowd." Ditto said aloud.

"You bet kid." Said a man standing near them. "A few years ago she started this playhouse with her pet Ditto. Since then she found more Ditto’s and pokemon show that became a big hit. But the only thing that is even bigger is Duplica herself."

"And why is that, if I may ask?" Ditto asked wanting to know more.

"Are you kidding? She’s the main attraction. Some people say that she herself is really a Ditto and that’s how she does her copying so fast." Ditto thought he maybe finally found what he was looking for. The doors opened and he entered the building.

Ditto watched Duplica show. It was a great show. Duplica’s Dittos did many shapes and copies of other pokemon, but it disappointed Ditto. These were ordinary Dittos, nothing like him. But he was still willing to talk with Duplica to know if she can direct him to where she found her Dittos. In a way she impressed Ditto. He had never seen another human that was as good at copying as she was. Of course she wasn’t as good as a Ditto was, but good enough none the less. ‘In a way she’s quite lovely. For a human.’ Ditto thought to himself. After the show was over he stayed there and went back backstage to meet her. "Hello is anyone here." Ditto spoke out into the back.

"What a minute." A voice said. A few moments later Duplica came out. She was wearing jeans and a orange shirt with a star on it. "If you want a autograph can you come back later." She said.

"No that not it. I want a word with you."

"Look. If you’re a talent agent, no I won’t sign. I don’t want to leave the house imate."

"No that’s not it either."

"Then what is it?" Duplica was confused.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Ditto."
"That’s a clever sir, but even I know that a Ditto can create a human image."

"That’s not true. Ask me to morph in to anything and I’ll do it."

"OK, then. If you really are a Ditto and can do what you say, why don’t copy me."

"OK." A light surround Ditto. When it dimmed Ditto looked exactly like Duplica. Duplicas jaw dropped. "Is that proof enough for you." Ditto also talked exacted like her too. Ditto reverted back to his own form.

"How did you? How can you? Are you a pokemon?"

"Allow me explain to you who I am and why I’m here." Ditto explained his tale to Duplica.

"I see. I didn’t know Ash captured a Ditto, but I didn’t realize that a Ditto could create a human image. I tried to teach my Dittos that but they really couldn’t do it."

"You see first learned to fuse images together, then over time I was able to copy humans."

"That really doesn’t explain much. Did you ever think that you are a new type of Ditto."

Ditto sighs. "A new type. I never thought of that. Then I could truly be alone."

"Don’t feel sorry for yourself Ditto. I’m sure that you can find someone that could care for you."

"You just don’t understand. I’m alone in the world. I have no one that is like me."
"Don’t worry. If you like you can stay with me for a while. I could even put you in the show if you want to." Duplica laid her hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you. That is very kind of you. I accept your offer." Ditto stayed at the playhouse for about a week. Over that time Ditto helped around the place, by cleaning and other things. Duplica tried to get her Dittos to spend time with Ditto, but they really didn’t like him on the fact that he might replace them, so Ditto spend most of his time with Duplica when she wasn’t with her Dittos. Ditto started to even feel happy when he was with Duplica. Ditto was thinking about something when Carbon one of Duplica’s pokemon approached him.

"You look sad human. What is bothering you?" Carbon asked.

"There is something on my mind and I can’t figure out what it is."

"Explain what your problem. Then maybe you can solve it."

"OK I’ll try. I feel that I must move on and return to my master, but I can’t seem to leave this place. I don’t know why but when I try to leave something inside of me wants me to stay."

"That sounds strange indeed. A Ditto never has a reason to stay anywhere, yet you don’t wish to leave this place." Carbon pondered for a moment. "Could it be that you have what other call emotions."

"Emotions. That can’t be. A Ditto doesn’t feel emotions, we just mimic them."
"But you are not normal Ditto. You do things that we can not do. It would make sense that you would develop emotions as well."
"So now have emotions. But it still doesn’t explain why I can’t leave here."

"The other Ditto and myself have been talking about you. We see that you like our master but don’t wish to be her pokemon."

"I’m owned by Ash. I couldn’t leave even if he would release me."

"That may explain that. But you look happy when you are with her. Could it be that why you can’t leave is that you are in love with her."

"WHAT? That can’t be. I can’t fall in love."

"Why not. You have emotions and you feel happy when you are with her."

"I do feel happy when I’m near her. But it would never work. She is a human and no matter what I look like I’ll still be a pokemon."

"That is also true. But we believe that we can make it work."


"We will make her one of us."


To be continued....


Does Ditto really love Duplica? Will Duplica become a Ditto? Find out in part 3.

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