The Holding
Part 1

by: Xen (short for Xenophon)


    It was a lovely day to be outdoors or pokemon hunting as the case should be. In a lovely field for we find our heroes. Ash was hunting for pokemon, and the other were trying to find a sign of civilization.

    "Ash will you stop trying to look for pokemon and help us look for a town." Misty shout out to Ash. Misty didn’t even know why she bothered. Ash was too busy looking for pokemon and Brock was not doing well with the map anyway.

    "Did you say something Misty?" Ash shouted. "I can’t even see a single pokemon out here. But if you guys what to find a town maybe you should ask that guy up ahead."

    "Who?" Misty and Brock said in unison.

    "Pika?" Pikachu replied.

    The gang looks ahead to see a guy sitting under a tree. The guy looked tall, built, with a long black ponytail, and very tough looking. He was wearing boots, blue jeans, a blue shirt, and green vest.

    "Ahh, Ash I really don’t think we should ask that guy. Look at his face." Misty said with a worried look on her face. For on his face the man carried a bunch of scars. The man also carried a club on his belt and a long sword on his back.

    "True, but he the first person we have seen in days And besides if worse comes to worse we can use are pokemon." Brock replied.

    "Pika Pikachu Pika pi!" Meaning "I don’t what to fight that guy. He looks really mean."

    "Don’t worry Pikachu I won’t let anyone harm you." Ash said while patting Pikachu on his head.

    The gang went up to the man and Ash asked "Umm excuse me sir. Me and my friends are wondering if you can tell us where we are?"

    "Are you kids perchance pokemon trainers"

    Ash looked a bit nervous " Umm...Yes?"

    "Tell you what, if you fight me in a pokemon battle I’ll tell you where you are. Deal?"

    Ash the ever anxious trainer agreed to the match. We will now go to the field where the battle will take place. "OK This will be a 2 on 2 battle" Ash was glad the man choose a 2 on 2 battle due to the fact that Pikachu did not what to fight this guy, and Ash only has 5 pokemon. "Machoke Go!" the stranger threw his pokeball and out came a Machoke. "Machoke" it yelled as it came out.   

    "A Machoke I wonder what that is." Ash pulls out his pokedex. "Machoke: a super power pokemon. Its muscular body is so powerful, it must wear a power save belt to be able to regulate it’s motions." Dexter reported to Ash. "OK a Machoke so I’ll choose you, Bulbasaur!"


    "Machoke low kick." Mackoke kicks toward Bulbasuar, but missies.

    "Bulbasaur razor leaf." Bulbasuar shoots his razor leafs hitting Machoke.

    "Choke." Machoke grabs Bulbasuar into a seismic toss.

    "Bulba...." Bulbsuar faints.

    "Bulbasuar return." Ash returns Bulbasuar to his pokeball.

    "You should train your Bulbasuar more or let it evolve to it’s higher state. It has potential." the stranger tells Ash.

    "Isn’t it strange that the guy didn’t tell his Machoke what to do." Brock said to Misty. " I also saw that he didn’t use signals to tell his pokemon what to do."

    "Yah, it’s strange because aren’t psychic pokemon the only ones that can hear instruction from their master though a mind link."

    "That right Misty and that is what worries me."

    The battle goes on Ash then chooses his Charizard, but it was also defeated by the scarred man’s Machoke.

    "You fought good kid." the stranger complemented to Ash. "But you need more training if you are ever going to be a poke master."

    "Your probably right." Ash agreed disappointed that he failed. This really surprised Brock, Misty, and even Pikachu, because Ash agreed that might not be a good as a trainer as he thought he was. "Well we kept our half of the agreement so can you keep can you tell us which way is it to the next town."

    "Sure the next town is not that far, but I have to ask you something?"

    "And that would be?" the gang asked in unison.

    "Can I join your group?"

    Ash, Misty, and Brock huddled. "I don’t know, a guy like that wouldn’t need a group to be with." Ash said.

    "And also Brock saw how strange it was that he never ordered his pokemon around in his fight against you."

    "True, but I think we should allow he to join."

    "Brock are you sure we should."

    "Most positive, I don’t know why but I have a feeling following him would be a wise decision." said Brock.

    As the group talked, the strange man thought to himself, "I am certain these kids are the ones the legend speaks of?"  He smiled to himself.  "Yes I am sure. I feel that they are the ones. They are the ones chosen to be the masters of the hold. But didn’t the legend say five people will master it, and yet only three? I wonder if it is true, they fit the images I was to find. I wonder where the other two could be?"  Just then Ash and co. went out of huddle.

    "OK you can join are group, but can you tell use your name?" Ash pronounced.

    "You can call me by the symbol on the back of my vest.."  He turned around to show the back of his vest to reveal a large red slash on the back.  "You may call me Scar."

To be continued.....

    Who is this Scar?  What does Brock know about Scar, and who are the remaining members of the group (like you don’t know who) find out in the next chapter of Scar and the Hold.

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