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The Ancient Training
part 3: Misty's Journey

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


(Note: I think Starmie can float in midair. I don’t know because in the TV series it's standing or spinning at something. You decide.)

Misty was walking a path that was leading to the beach. She was walking with Starmie the first pokemon she spirit bonded with. She was carrying her Togepi in one hand and the other had a staff which she chose as the weapon to train with. She was wondering on how her life had changed over the last few months. She was just your average girl on a pokemon journey with some friends when they find out that she had a special power to understand pokemon. It was so confusing at times.

"Briii." Togepi was trying to get Misty to pay attention to it for an hour.

"What? Oh Togepi I’m sorry." She hugs the baby pokemon. "It’s just I was desiccated. It’s just so quiet traveling by myself. Guess I actully miss Ash and Brock, I even miss team rocket showing up."

"Star" Starmie said as it floated by.

"What Starmie? The beach is closce by. That great." Misty was learning to understand Starmie faster now that she kept it out of her pokeball. She guessed that why Ash and Pikachu are so close to each other. Misty, Starmie, Togepi reach the beach a hour later. "Wow what a beautiful beach." Misty runs down to the shore, where she sets down a umbrella, beach towel, and other beach objects out of her backpack (cartoon trick). She instantly is wearing her bathing suit (also cartoon trick) and puts Togepi in a little innertube.

"Now lets relax a bit before we go a search for water pokemon."


"OK you can go swimming." Starmie goes of into the water while Misty and Togepi tan in the sun.

A while later Misty hears something. "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

"What was that? Starmie come back. Come one Togepi." Misty grabs Togepi and they walk toward the sound.

"Laaaaaaaaaaa." The sound got lounder. Misty looked over a large rock Lapras colapsed on the shore.

"Oh my god. Poor Lapras" The Lapras was was a pale blue color and looked sick. "I’ve got to take care of it." She apporched the Lapras. "Lapras my name is Misty. I see your sick and I can take you to a pokemon center to heal you, but I can’t carry you. I can only help you if come inside a pokeball." She holds out a pokeball. "Please Lapras I can help you. I don’t want to you die Lapras." Misty puts her hand on it’s head. "Please." Lapras slowly nods it head yes. "Oh thank you Lapras I’ll take you to the center right away." Misty opens the pokeball and Lapras becomes engulfed in light in is sucked into the pokeball. Misty runs as fast as she can to the nearest center.

Nurse Joy was sitting behind her desk when a girl came running in up to her. "Hello. How many I help you." Nurse Joy said.

"You have to help this Lapras quick. It’s really sick." Misty opens a pokeball and Lapras came out. The Lapras was lying on the floor very sickly.

"I need a stretcher for a large water pokemon stat." Nurse Joy said into the intercom. Four Chansey came out with the stretcher. "I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything." Nurse Joy left to the emergency room with the Chanseys behind her.

Sometime later Nurse Joy came out. "Exuse me Misty." Misty looks up form where she was seating. "The Lapras is ok now you can see it at the outdoor pool."

"Thank you. Did you find what was wrong with the Lapras?"

"Yes I did. It seems that the Lapras was poisoned by so kind of toxicion. It probably can from some on shore spilling."

"That’s terrible how can people do that kind of thing."

"It is illegal to this but that just doesn’t stop who ever is doing this."

"Well thank you for your help." Misty goes outside to the pool where Lapras was. She finds Lapras swimming in the pool looking very healthy. "I see that your ok Lapras."

"Lapras." The Lapras go to Misty. It bows it head to Misty. "Lapras la."

"What is it Lapras?"

"Lapras." It points a fin toward her hand.

"You know I use the Holding and you want me as your master." It noddes yes. "OK Lapras I’ll be your master, but more imorant I’ll be your friend. But are you truly willing to for hold to work." She asks this because if a pokemon is really willing to a holder can use the holding without battle. Lapras nods. "OK here goes." Misty holds her hands together and they being to glow. Misty touchs Lapras and the glow surrounds it. They stay like this till the glow fades. "Yah I got a Lapras."

"Lapras." The Lapras said joyfuly.

"Briiiiii." Togepi chimed in to.

"Thank you Lapras for having me as your owner." Misty hugges Lapras. "But I have something to ask do you know how you got poisoned. I think the people that did this sould pay harming you." Lapras noddes yes. "OK lets get out of here and show those people not to mess with pokemon." She pulls out a pokeball. "Lapras return." A beam of light surrounds Lapras and zapped into the ball. "Come on Starmie, Togepi lets go find the people that hurt Lapras.

To be continued...

Will Misty find the illegal dumpers, what will Misty do, and what about the other journeys, find out in next part of Ancient Training.

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