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The Ancient Training
part 4: Brock’s Journey

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Brock was resting by a bench near a pokemon center. He was resting form trip to the mountains which took longer then he thought (remember it was his directions he was using). His Geodude was beside him since Brock also decided to keep his pokemon out of there pokeball. Geodude on the other hand was never fond of walking so Brock had to carry Geodude over half the trip, also another reason the trip took so long was that Geodude is not the lightest of pokemon and Brock is not very strong.

"Man Geodude I think I can’t wait till you evolve cause I can’t carry anymore." Brock said wiping the sweat on his forehead.

"Geodude geo." His pokemon replied.

"No it’s not that I don’t like you the way you are it’s that a Graveler has legs and I wouldn’t have to carry you." Geodude playful hits Brock in the leg. Brock reels back in pain cause even a light punch form a Geodude can hurt a lot. "Ouch that hurt. Well I guess it’s time to head into the pokemon center to fight out where I can catch more pokemon." The reason why Brock was delaying to go inside was the fact a Nurse joy was in that center. And he knew that as soon as he saw Nurse Joy he was going to go nuts and not be able talk or anything else for that matter. But this time Ash or Misty wasn’t around to help snap out of his ‘pretty-girl-mode’, so he was on his own. Brock kept repeating to himself to keep focus and not focus on how pretty Nurse Joy was. ‘Ahh Nurse Joy how I wish I could date even one of you. Actually almost any girl would do.’ "Well I’m not going do any better if just stand here. Lets go Geodude." Brock and Geodude start to slowly walk toward the pokemon center.

Nurse Joy was sitting by the counter filing her nails wondering on how slow the day is was. The door opens and a kid with a Geodude walks in. ‘Is that him?’ Nurse Joy checks the picture her sister sent her. ‘Yes he’s one of them. He must be the one who asks every Joy out.’ Joy thinks to her self on the joke that all the other Joy’s play , where they will reject Brock no matter how many times he asks one of them out.

"Hello. how may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Hello I like my Geodude healed please." Brock said.

"OK." See wondered if this was the right guy. It looked like him but he did become the drooling idiot her sisters told her. In a way this guy was kind of cute.

‘Keep it up Brock. So far, so good.’ Brock was trying to keep control to make sure that he didn’t go gaga over Nurse Joy. ‘Now when she comes back she just try t keep cool.’ Just then Nurse Joy came back with Geodude. "Here is your pokemon fully healed." Nurse Joy said.

"GE thanks Nurse Joy. I just want to know where I can find some pokemon."

"Up in the monitions there is a a lot of rock pokemon and some fire pokemon have shown up since the earthquakes."

"Thank you." Brock leaves the pokemon center. When Brock left the building Joy took out a mirror and looked at herself.

"I don’t get it. He should of been head over heels for me. Maybe he gave up on us." Nurse Joy called her sisters telling that there game came to a end.

Brock had reached the area Nurse Joy told him. "Well Geodude here we are. Do you see anything." Geodude nods no. "I guess there not just going to just come out for me to capture them." Brock smiles to himself thinking that’s what Ash say at something like this. Suddenly a Sandshrew borrowed up from the ground. "Well it’s not a rock pokemon but close enough. Okay Sandshrew perpare to be mine." With that Brock pulls the sledge hammer which he chose as his weapon.

"Sandshrew." Sandshrew digs underground.

"Dang. I don’t know where he went. Geodude can you pound the ground."

"Geo dude geo dude." Geodude says while it jumps up and down. Sandshrew pops out of the ground cause of earthquake.

"Way to go Geodude. Now prepare to fight me Sandshrew." Brock lunges toward Sandshrew stikes near him him jumping into the air. Brock kick Sandshrew in midair causing the pokemon it to land on it head. "Now Sandshrew prepare to join the ranks of Brock." Brock holds hands together till the glow appear on his hands. Brock touches Sandshrew and the glow surround it. They stayed that way till the glowed stopped. "Yahoo I got a Sandshrew." Brock jumped overjoyed over that he caught a pokemon.



"Well I see you two are as happy as am over this. Wow this is first pokemon I caught since Zubat (Remember Vulpix was a gift). Well I guess we should get going for me to capture more pokemon. Lets go Geodude, Sandshrew."

The three go deep into the mountains range in search of more pokemon and for more adventure.

To be continued...

Note: I know most people thought I'd continue with Misty’s story but I doing Brock’s and J&J story before doing a ‘part 2’ to all individual character story. So what happened to Jessie and James while the other where having fun. Find out in Ancient training part 5.

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