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The Ancient Training
part 5: Jessie and James's Journey

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Jessie and James where near a road, but avoided staying on it since they declared ‘dead’. Sure they could use deguise, but Jessie will only allow her hair to be out of her style for only so long.

"James where are we going? We been traveling the road for about a week and we only captured two pokemon." While we been looking at the other adventures, Jessie caught a Mankey and James caught a Ekans to Jessie surprise, since she had a Ekans.

"Well since where looking for pokemon that are going to special to use, I’m going to get the one pokemon that I’ve been special with since childhood."

"You mean....."

"Yes were going to my parents house to find Growly." James had a smile on his face.

"Well why didn’t you take him with you when you left your house last time."

"Because I didn’t want to bring a friend into a life of crime against there will. But now that were not in team rocket no more I think it time I got my true friend back."

"I thought I was your true friend." Jessie pouted.

"No, you where my first human friend. But you mean something more to me Jess." James stared at Jessie for a while. This stared Jessie.

"So how are we going to get Growly back."

"Well that part I haven’t figured out yet." Jessie sweat drops.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF PLAN YET" Jessie yelled at James trying not to kill him over a stupid move.

"Well I thought we just make it up as we go along." James whinnied.

"That has to be the dumbest idea you think of. But it so dumb it just might work."

"You really think so?" James was still cowering form Jessie yelling at him.

"Sure we always used plans and they backfired, maybe if we just play along it could work."

"Well it’s a good thing you agreed, cause we reached the front gate." James moved a tree branch to relieve the front gate.

Growly was sitting in his dog house crying over the loss of his master. He was sure that now that James was gone his parents would give him away. He knew the only real reason they never got rid of him was that he was only thing James would ever come back for. But now James was dead so they no longer need him. Growly was waiting for them, when he heard something from behind him. Growly saw a secret door open in the back of the room. There was only one person other then him that knew about the door.

"Hey boy yah miss me?" James steps out of the doorway and Growly jumped up to it’s master. "Shh boy do you want to make the other’s aware I’m still alive."

"Growlite." Growly said as it rubbed against his master.

"James did you find him yet, I think we should leave now." Jessie appeared form the doorway.

"Why?" James asked.

"Cause we got a long way till out of hear before where safe."

"OK, but I want to do one thing before we leave."

"What you found Growly what else can we do that won’t get us caught."

"Well I thought since we’re here we can take a little extra funding." Since Jessie and James quit team rocket they really had gotten ant money since then and they where almost broke.

"How are you going to do that?"

"Simple. This house like all others my parents own has a vault in it. We can simply open the vault and take what we want."

"How much money is in the vault." Jessie was existed over the news.

"Since this is the dog house I guess only a million or two." Jessie anime falls. "Okay Growly open the vault."

"Growlllithe." Growly goes up to a panel on the wall panel and pressed a button. A door open to reveal a safe. James fiddles around the knob and it open to show a large amount of cash for such a small space. Jessie stares wide eyed at the sight of such cash.

"Wow that a lot of cash. James wouldn’t your parents notice the money missing?"

"No. There so rich a stock market cash won’t even ruin them. They wouldn’t notice the money gone." With that James takes out a bunch of money and begins to stuff it into his backpack. When Jessie and James took as much cash as they could carry they left though the secret entrance.

"Wow I can’t believe that we got this far and nothing happened yet." James said. Just then of all people Jessebell came around the corner with her Vileplume.

"Me word. JAMES! BUT YOUR DEAD. A GHOST." Jessebell fainted dead away.

"Good. She fainted maybe she won’t remember what happened." James said.

"But the Vileplume would tell that were not dead." Jessie pointed at the Vileplume. "We have to take it with us." James puts Vileplume in a sack and the trio run out of the estate.

The trio stop when they where about a mile away form the estate.

"Okay I think we got far enough." James said panting from all the running.

"Yah." Jessie puffed. "But what do we do with Vileplume."

"I don’t know if we release it might go running back to Jessebell or we can take it as our own."

"This may sound stupid, but I think we should let Vileplume decide."

"Your right. That does sound stupid but I can’t think of anything else to do." James opens the sack containing Vileplume and takes the pokemon out. "OK Vileplume we have a choice for you. You can be released into the wild or you can join our little group. The choice is your to make."

The Vileplume stays silent for a moment. "Vileplume vile." It says. Growly translated for James.

"What you want to stay with us. But why?" James asked the Vileplume

"Vile vile plume."

"I see. You liked Jessebell as bout as much as the rest of us. Well who do want as your owner?"


"Me?" Jessie said. "But why me."


"Cause I look like Jessebell. Well I guess that a show some resembling."

"Now I ask the both of do you wish to we captured you though a fight or are you truly willing to join us." James asked the two pokemon.



"OK then your both willing to join us the that is OK by us. Ready Jess."

"OK James." The two clasp there hand together till they produce a glow. James touches Growly while Jessie touches Vileplume. They stay this way till the glow dimmed.

"Now Growly will be closer together then we where and I’ll never leave you ever again."

James hugged his pokemon while Jessie watched with a smile see two old friends together again. "Well then I promise I’ll never leave you ether James."

"I expiate your offer Jess. Now all we have to do is decide what to do with all this money."

To be continued....

Stay tuned for Ancient training part 6.

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