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The Ancient Training
part 6: The human Ditto

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Ash, Pikachu, and Ditto where in forest going back to Scar’s place so Ash can use the holding on his other pokemon. Ash was checking a map Pikachu was resting in the grass while Ditto was morphed as Ash and was also looking at the map. "Lets see. I think were about here so Scar’s place is about a day away from."

"You seem to care a lot about your pokemon Ash." Ditto said.

"Yah Ditto there my friends. If I continue my journey with out my friends it wouldn’t be good journey."

"But what about Charizard Ash. He won’t even listen to you anymore." Pikachu said.

"I know Pikachu, but I’ll still try to fight him to understand why he won’t listen to me."

"That sounds very foolish to try such a thing."

"That’s why I’ll fight Charizard last so I can learn to fight better." The three are silent for a while. Ash speaks first. "Ditto I have something to ask you."

"What is it Ash."

"Since I captured you, you’ve mostly spend most of the time in a human form. I like to know why you morph into a human so often?" Pikachu looked up since he was wondering the same thing to."

"Well it’s that I don’t want to be a pokemon."

"That doesn’t make sense you are a pokemon."

"I know that. It’s just that I really don’t like being a pokemon. Ever since I was a young Ditto I hated being a pokemon, to be captured by some kid and to be used only when necessary and then put into a ball all alone."

"Yah that why I never wanted to kept in a pokeball ether." Pikachu said.

"Gee I never thought that a pokemon hated a being a pokemon so much."

"That is why I learned to morph myself into a human shape so that I could live free of worry of being captured."

"But I’m your owner know so do you hate me for keeping you." Ash looked sad that his pokemon could hate him.

"No Ash I don’t hate you. You are different then other trainers. You truly care about a pokemons feelings and that you resept my wish of being allowed to be kept out of a pokeball."

"But when you turn human you look just like me, if you really wanted to be a human you chose your own image."

"That Ash is the problem of a Ditto. I can only shape myself as a exact copy of a object."

"Say Ash remember Dulpitca and her Ditto." Pikachu said.

"Who is Dulpitca?"

"She was a trainer that had a Ditto also. She had a problem with the fact that her Ditto couldn’t transform completely. I wonder if she still does her shows."

"What does she do in these shows."

"Oh she imitates pokemon and her Ditto transforms into other pokemon in the audience."

"A human that imitates pokemon. And I’m a pokemon that imitates humans. I like to meet her sometime if we get the chance."

"Sure thing Ditto, but first we got to go to and get my other pokemon back."

Ash arrived at Scar’s place the next day. Ash found Scar cleaning up the place which looked like a pig’s sty. "Gee what happened here? It looks like a Muk trashed the place." Ash said.

Scar picks up a bucket form the ground. "Well it did. Your Muk to be precise. It came in here earlier and looked what happened." Scar looks at Ash then looks confused. "Um Ash what happened here." Scar was referring to Ditto which looked like Ash.

"Oh. I captured a Ditto in my travels. He likes to look human so he looks like a clone of me."

"I see. Say Ash, why are you back so soon. I thought you where still looking for more pokemon."

"I was but I came back so I could you the holding on my other pokemon first. I want them to be with me on my journey. The pokemon I’ve been traveling with are my friends, for me to just leave them here was like leaving apart of me behind. I just couldn’t leave them here."

"Ash you can’t believe me on how important to what you just said meant. It proves that you are a true master. Because you care about your pokemon and you don’t wish to leave them behind proves that you are truly the a leader."

"Me a leader?" Ash was confused by Scar calling him a leader.

"Yes Ash a leader. Not only will you lead your pokemon to victory, but you will lead your friends on the journey to put the holding back in place as the honorable way it once was." Just then the phone rang. "I’ll get that." Scar goes and answer the phone. A few minuteness later Scar comes back with a worried look on his face.

"What is it Scar?" Ash asked Scar.

"Misty was on the phone. She called saying that she decided to find a group of crooks doing some illegal dumping. Ash I told Misty that you are going to meet her at the pokemon center in Shoreside town. Looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer before you can reclaim your pokemon."

"Can’t Misty handle the job herself."

"No! Something might happen if she does this herself. I would go to, but I need to take care of the other’s pokemon and wait to see if anyone else returns."

"Okay I’ll go I hope Misty doesn’t do anything before I get there."

"Don’t worry I told her not to anything till you get there but I still want you to hurry anyway."

"OK I’m of. Pikachu Ditto lets go." Scar watches as Ash, Pikachu, and Ditto go leave toward the shore where Misty went.

To be continued....

Will Ash make it in time to help Misty? Find out in Ancient training part 7.

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