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The Ancient Training
part 7: A&M stop the rockets

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Misty was by the pool with her pokemon spending some time with them. She spent most of her time trying to find the people that where doing the illegal dump but she hadn’t found anything yet. However Lapras was not the only pokemon that was effected by the poisons. When combing the beaches she found a Shellder, a Tentacool, and a Poliwhirl all affected by the same toxin. Also all the pokemon that Misty rescue also allowed themselves to join her group which she excepted. She hated waiting for Ash to come and help. Misty wondered why Ash was there when he was also to be explore to find more pokemon. ‘May be he gave up on the journey.’ Misty thought. ‘No that’s not like Ash, I’ll ask him when he gets here.’ "I just wish Ash would hurry up so I wouldn’t wait so long." Misty sighed.

"Briiiii." Togepi was trying to get the attention of his ‘mother’ again.

"What? Are you Hungry. OK Starmie watch the others. I’m going to feed Togepi."

Misty goes inside the center with Togepi in her arms. Just as she was leaving the center rooms, she thought see saw someone familiar come into the door. In fact Misty thought she saw the same person twice. "Ash is that you?" The person turn around. ‘It is Ash!!’ Then Misty sees the person with Ash. "Ash and Ash? What’s going on here?" That was all Misty could say about such a odd occurrence.

"Hi Misty. I see you met my new pokemon Ditto." Ash says pointing to Ditto/Ash.

"Hello Misty I heard much about you form Ash. Please to met you." Ditto/Ash says sounding exactly like Ash.

"Um hi." Misty shakes hands with Ditto. "Say Ash how did you get here so fast it took almost a week for me to reach here."

"Well with the help of Ditto here I made it in no time flat. I just showed Ditto a picture of Rapidash and turned himself into one."

"Well I’m glad you made it here so fast I’ll fill you in on what happened so far." Misty showed them to the pool to explain what went on so far.

A hour later Misty finished telling Ash on what been going on. "I understand the problem now. It’s just I have no idea on what to do." Misty sweat drops.

"Pika pikachu pika pi." Pikachu says to Ash.

"That’s a good idea Pikachu." Ash rubs Pikachu on the head.

"Wait Ash you understand Pikachu?"

"Oh yah I forgot to tell you. Me and Pikachu are have reached full spirit bond over a week ago."

"That amazing Ash that you and Pikachu bonded so fast. I guess it’s the fact you kept Pikachu out of a pokeball so much that developed so fast. Anyway what did he say."

"Oh, right. Well Pikachu said that maybe the pokemon know where they found the toxins and we can stake out in case they dump there again."

"That’s worth a try. Lapras can you come here." Lapras moves over to where Ash and Misty are. "OK Lapras do you know where the toxicants came form."

"Lapras lap."

"Pika pika."

"Pikachu says that Lapras can lead us to where the chemicals are if that is what we want." Ash relays to Misty.

"Well then lets go and how the we find those people soon."

Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Ditto where out in the ocean where Lapras said the poisons were dumped. Misty, Ash, and Pikachu where in swim suits. Misty was on Lapras and Pikachu was on Ditto which morphed into a Lapras.

"Misty I think I see a boat coming." Ash said. Ash pointed to ahead to where a large boat was coming up.

"OK lets dive." They go underwater. In a short while the boat comes close. The gang sees two figures come up to the back of the boat. ‘Those outfits look familiar.’ "There team rocket members." Mist said to Ash. "That figures that they would do such a thing."

"I say it’s time we ruined there fun. Ditto surface and use ice beam attack."

"Lapras follow Ditto." Lapras and Ditto rise the surface and shoot beams of ice toward the boat.

"What the?" One of the rockets said

"Lapras! and there attacking!" The beams hit the side of the boat causing the hull to break and the sink started sinking. After the boat sinks all the team rocket members end up floating on surface trying not to drown.

"All we have to do is call officer Jenny to pick up these team rocket members." Ash said.

Later by the shore our heroes where celebrating there victory over a camp fire. "Wow Ash I can’t believe that team rocket was behind this. I mean these people where doing this for months and nobody knew it was them."

"Well Misty it wasn’t Jessie and James we where dealing with. Theses rocket don’t need the flashiness they did to do a job."

Misty laughed. "That’s true. But I thought team rocket mission was to capture pokemon?" The group thought about that.

Ditto spoke first. "I been thinking about that. Remember when said that kept finding pokemon on the beach, well team rocket was probably doing the same thing. It would very easy to capture a pokemon if there where weak and poisoned."

"That’s could of worked too. I didn’t think you could think of something like that Ash."

"I didn’t. Ditto said it." Ash points to Ditto who was in Ash’s form.

"Can’t Ditto choose another form, this is too confusing."

"I can’t create images form my own mind but I can blend some images, like when I morph my arm into a blade during the fight, right Ash."

"Yah I remember that." Ash looks a the scar that formed on his arm.

"Well can you do that? It maybe OK between the two of you, but around other people it will get weird."

"Ok, I’ll try something." Ditto closes his eyes. A few moment later, Ditto form looked somewhat thinner. Also the cap disappeared and the hair color changed to deep red. When Ditto opened it’s eyes it revealed that they became green like Misty’s instead of brown like Ash’s. When it was done it said. "Is that better?"

"Yah it OK, but what did you do?" Ash asked his pokemon.

"I just merged the images between you and Misty and this is what I became."

"Wow that looks much better. But why did you choose my form?"

"Well you where the only other human then Ash, so don’t think it’s anything special."

A short while later Pikachu and Ditto went walking so Ditto can try the limits of his new form. Ash and Misty now at the pokemon center’s outdoor pool where they where alone.

"Ash isn’t the moon beautiful form here. Ash? What are you thinking about Ash?"

"It’s just that I feel I can here for no reason. It’s just that you could of found team rocket by yourself and Lapras was strong enough to do the job yourself."

"Actauly Ash you where a big help. If you didn’t come here it would of taken longer for me to understand Lapras to tell me the location. I really couldn’t do this with out you."

"I guess Scar was right. I am the one who will lead the holding to it’s former glory."

"Maybe that true." The two stay silent for a while. "Say Ash I’ve meaning to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Well I was wondering before why where at Scar’s place when you are to be on your journey."

"Well I can back so I could reclaim the other because I missed them. You see Misty I missed then on my journey. It wasn’t a journey without my friends."

"Did you even miss me and Brock?"

"Yah I guess so. I didn’t think of that before, but I guess that I also missed being with you guys." The remain silent again. "You know the moon really does beautiful form here."

"Yah it does." The two just stare at each other before going back inside.

To be continued....

author note: Sorry this got part got so long. Anyway to find out what happens next, go and read The Ancient training part 8.

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