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The Ancient Training
part 8: Brock and mountain volcano

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


When we left off with Brock, he just captured a Sandshrew. Since then has been traveling the mountains in search of more pokemon. He recently capture a Charmander which he found abodon and took care of, a Graveler which upset Geodude cause it’s his evolved form and Geodude thought that he would be ignored now, and Ponyta which seemed to of wandered form it’s herd. We find Brock now in another fight against a Magmar.

"OK Magmar prepare to join the ranks of Brock Magmar." Geodude rolls his eyes.

"Magmar." Magmar punches toward Brock. Brock avoids the punch nearly hitting him. Brock then in turns strike Magmar in the back, susessfully hitting him. Magmar falls to the ground.

"Looks like I have this battle in the bag." Brock goes up to the pokemon to use the holding. Just as he was about to summon the holding Magmar jumps up and kicks Brock in the head. Brock falls back form the blow, his face burned from the kick. Geodude tackles Magmar causing it to fall back.


"I’m OK, but I better do this before we it faints." Brock carefully approaches Magmar and beings to somon the holding. His hands become gray and red glow and places his hands on Magmar engulfing it in it’s glow. A few seconds later the glow disappeared and Brock fell back form the blow to his face.

Later Brock went to the hospital to get the burn treated. The doctor told him that the burn might scar his face permanently. ‘Gee just what I need. Another reason for girls not to go out with me.’ Brock thought to himself as he went to the pokemon center which was next door to the hospital. As Brock entered Nurse Joy saw brock’s bandaged face.

"Oh my gosh! What happened to you?" Nurse Joy said.

"When capturing a Magmar it hit me with a fire punch in the face."

"Oh my poor Brock is there anything I can do for you?"

‘Then again my it won’t.’ Brock thought. "No Nurse Joy, I’m OK."

"But doesn’t it hurt?"

"Yah it does, but I’ll be OK. Thanks for caring Nurse Joy."

"It’s my job to care for pokemon, but I also take concern about there trainers as well."

"Would you take concern over dinner." Brock said smiling stupidly

"Don’t push it." Nurse Joy said flatly. Brock sweatdrops and goes away defeated. After Brock leaves Nurse Joy smiles at the game can resume once again.

Brock felling depressed went of in to the woods with Geodude following him. "Man I can’t even use simply to get a date. What in world does it take for me to a date!" Brock yelled to the surrounding area. Geodude just shugged his shoulders. "Figures." Brock sits on the ground. "Say Geodude can you pounding the ground, it really bothering me."

"Geodude." Brock notices that Geodude hasn’t moved since they stopped there.

"If your not pounding the ground, then what is." Brock get up and starts trying to find the source of the pounding. "I can’t seem to figure out where the shaking is coming form. Maybe it’s underground. I know, Go Sandshrew." Brock throws his pokeball and out pops Sandshrew. "Sandshrew, go underground to find what causing this shaking." Sandshrew digs underground. A few minutes later Sandshrew comes running out of the ground very fast. "Sandshrew! What’s wrong."

"Sandshrew." Sandshrew points toward the hole it made. Suddenly a red fuild came out of the ground.

"Oh my gosh! That’s lava. That mean...THIS PLACE IS A VALCANO. And that means, THIS PLACE IS GOING TO BLOW. We got to warn the town." Brock pulls out his pokeballs. "Geodude. Sandshrew return. Ponyta GO!" Geodude and Sandshrew go into there Pokeball and Ponyta comes out. Brock jumps upon Ponyta. "Ponyta lets go! We got the warn the town." Brock on Ponyta rushes toward town to warn them.

Officer Jenny has sitting at her desk at her station, when a kid riding a Ponyta. "Woe there. What the rush kid?"

"Officer Jenny, the Volcano is going to blow."

"That’s impossible. If the mountain was really going to blow the sensors would of picked something up." Officer Jenny points toward a bunch of machines.

"Then there something wrong with the machines, cause the mountain is shaking and lava is starting to flow."

"Well as you can see the machines are working fine."

"But they aren’t doing anything." The two look a the machines which are currently doing nothing.

"Let me see." Officer Jenny go up to the machines and exams it. "Ah here is the problem, it was unplugged." Jenny plugs the machine in. When she plugs it in the machine starts go of the chart. "Oh my gosh the mountain is going to blow. I have to warn the town." Officer Jenny goes up to a loud speaker system. "All hear this. All here this. The volcano is going to blow. Evaculte immediately. I repeat leave the town immediately!"

Later the town of Hot Spot decaled Brock a town hero for the warning of volcano. Brock the now big hero of day tried to ask both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny out on a date, but they were busy with the towns people. Rejected Brock decided to head back to Scar thinking that his journey was done.

To be continued....

Stay tuned for Ancient training part 9.

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