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The Ancient Training
part 9: James proposal and the gang reunites

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Jessie and James with the new addition of Growly where walking down a road away form a town. "OK Growly I think I can remove your leash now." James said as he removed the leash Growly was attached to. He was attached to a leash, because it was part of there new disguise. After releasing Growly form James parents they had to change there looks to avoid the cops. James had died his hair black and wore sunglasses while Jessie dyed her hair blond and wore it in a ponytail. Also Growly was kept on a leash to complete the digs. "Say Jess when is this dye wear off, I don’t like my hair black."

"Well the box said that it last for about a month. Anyway I think you look good with black hair. I looks better the my hair, I look stupid."

"True, you do look stupid." Jessie hit James in the head with a mallet. "I mean you better with red hair." James said form the ground.

"OK then. Thank you, James." Jessie said smugly. Growly shakes his head.

Later the threesome where at a camp fire. Growly was asleep, Jessie was bushing her hair, and James was staring into the campfire. "James, what are you thinking. You been like that for a while now." Jessie said.

"Oh, I just been thinking." James said not moving from his position.

"Well what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about these recent events. You know about this whole situation." This confused Jessie a bit, because James usually never about anything other then himself. "You see Jessie I been thinking a lot lately. About This power we use, about quitting team rocket and loosing Meowth, and even about how good it been since I got Growly back. But I mostly been thinking about us." The last part surprised Jessie.

"Um I had no idea you ever thought about...us."

"Yes I do. But I’ve been thinking about us a lot more lately. Since we lost Meowth, I made a little vow that I would not lose anything that was dear to me. That’s why we really can back for Growly, so now that I got him back I think that’s it’s time I make sure I can never lose something else as well."

"And what would that be?" Jessie was curios about what James was going to say.

"Well." James stares at the ground. "How can I put this easily." James puts his hand in his pocket and pulls something out. "Jessie will you marry me?" In his hand was a diamond ring. "I know we still under age, but when we reach the proper age, I want you to be wife and stay with me forever."

Jessie was stunned. "Um....I don’t know what to say."

"Just say yes and make me the happiest man on the earth tonight."

"But James do you love me?"

"I always loved you Jess. Ever since we meet I always loved you and it would my honor to be my wife."
"James I also loved you too. Yes James, I’ll marry you." James puts the ring on Jessie finger and the two hugged. And of in the edge of the camp Growly smiled to himself.

Jessie and James reached Scar’s place about a week later. When they entered the place they found that the other’s had already arrived. "Hey guys. What took you so long." Ash said as they reached the front door. Inside they saw Misty playing with Togepi and Brock was brushing his Vulpix. James noticed someone in the corner.

"Say who’s that?" James points to the strange person in the room.

"Oh that’s my Ditto. He likes to look like a human."

"That explains why he looks like you." Jessie said examining Ditto.

"Hello. You two must be Jessie and James. Ash has told me much about you two."

"Like our flare for fashion and are your are amazing talents." Jessie and James pose.
"No he told me about on how he defeated you over and over." Jessie and James sweat drops.

"Um..say what happened to your hair?" Misty asked.

"We had to paint to not be discovered by the cops."

"OK. What trouble did you two get into?" Scar said with a disappointed look on his face when he entered the room.

"We didn’t do anything really bad. We just came back for James Growlite and took some excess funding." Jessie said

"How much excess funding." Brock said looking who stopped brush when he heard what they talking about.

"Ohh...Lets...see. About 2 million." James said causally.

"YOU TOOK 2 MILLION DOLLARS." The rest said in unison.

"Hey my parents are the richest people in the world. What I took couldn’t even dent the fortune." James pointed out. "Anyway I got back my Growly so that’s all that really matted. Next to me going to marring Jessie." The group just stared dumbfounded.

"JAMES! I thought we where going to wait before you we tell them."

"Sorry I’m just so excited that thing are finally going right for once."

"Well if everyone is done with there hello, it time that you kids get back to your training." Scar said.

"But we just got back." James complied.

"I know, but if you kids want to master this as soon as possible that means that we have to train you with no stopping and start ASAP."

"Well if it’s to master the holding as soon as possible, I guess we have to start as soon as we can." Ash mused.

"Well then, lets get started. Everyone into the training area." The group got up and went of to further there training. Who know how long it could take them to master the holding and full fill there destiny to bring back the magic of the true trainers of pokemon.

The End.

Stay tuned for more of Ash and the gang.

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