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Hold Masters
part 1: The Challenge

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Gary was sitting on the throne that belonged to the world’s pokemon master. He won the title exactly two years ago today and had kept it ever since. Many trainers found defeat at the hands of Gary Oak and his mightily pokemon. Later today there was to be another challenger for the title. He wondered which number victory this would of be. "Who cares which number my victory this is. I’m still pokemon master for two years running, no one can defeat the mighty Gary Oak."

"Gray, Gray, he’s are champ! If he can’t no one can!" Gary’s pep squat cheered as his faithful followers.

"That’s right girls and today victory will be my two rain as pokemon master."

"Gary, Gary, he’s are guy! Today’s the day that he stay’s champ!" His pep squat cheered on.

The time had come for today’s battle. Gary’s opponent was said to be really strong and defeated all the gym leaders in less the a month. Gary didn’t care if this guy was strong or not he would defeat this guy like everyone else that challenged him. Gary was at the stadium floor at his spot at the end of the field where the master stood. Gary was waiting for the challenger to show up. "Man, when is this guy going to show up. He should know that it not nice to keep me waiting." Gary said. Just then his challenger showed up. The guy was wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, a green jacket, and a cap with the league logo on it, although Gary couldn’t see his face in the shadows. By his side was a Pikachu and following him were five other people behind him. Gary thought that this guy looked look like someone he knew long ago.

"I have come to challenge the pokemon master to a title match." The stranger said.

"I Gary Oak accept your challenge. Can I know who you are so I can remember who I beat in my anniversary of pokemon champ,"

"My name is Ash Ketchum of Pallet town." Ash stepped into the light to reveal his face. Ash still looked much the same expect that he had gotten taller and had a long scar of his face that started at his nose and went down into his right cheek till his neck. His face shocked Gary cause this Ash was completely different then the weakling when he last saw him, but now was chance to finally beat the one opponent that elude him all these years.

"So Ash, you finally made it to the league. I thought you would never reach me. You may of sacred my grandfather when you gone of to do some unknown training, but you don’t frighten me. I beat you and prove that my grandfather was a fool for believing you."

"Well then, do you wish to fight now or bore us to death with your speeches." Ash said.

Gary was getting quite mad at Ash, thinking that he’s better then him. "OK, then. Pokeball GO!" Gary said as threw in the pokeball. Out of the pokeball popped a Pidgeot.

"OK then Venusaur I choose you!" Ash threw his pokeball to reveal a large plant pokemon.

"Ash has your training taught you nothing. Plant are weak against flying pokemon. I thought you would know that. Pidgeot wing attack!"

"Pidgeot." The bird pokemon sweeps down and tries to hit Venusaur with it’s wing, only to miss.

"OK, Venusaur. Vine smash." Ash directed toward his pokemon. Venusaur releases a vine and wraps it around Pidegot’s leg, where it whipped the bird toward the ground causing it to faint on the first blow.

"Pidgeot return. I’m impressed Ash. Few people have gotten passed my Pidgeot on their first pokemon. but the battle will end now. Gyarados Go!" Gary threw his second pokeball to reveal the large water serpent pokemon.

"Gyarados." It said in a deep voice.

"OK, then Venusaur return. Blastoise I choose you!" Venusaur walks over to his master and Ash summons the large turtle pokemon.

"Gyarados, use hyper beam and blow it away."

"Gyaraaaaaaaa." The large serpent summoned energy in it’s mouth and fire the raw energy toward the pokemon. The beam hit Blastoise with full on. After the beam dissipated, Blastoise stood there unaffected by the beam.

"That can’t be." Gary was stunned. "No one can stand up to the hyper beam. You must be cheating, cause that pokemon should be fainted by now."

"It’s not impossible, mine are just stronger then your pokemon." Ash said casually. "Blastoise Hydro pump."

"Blastoise." The water pokemon kneeled down and drew out it’s water canons. Then it fired a blast of water hitting Gyarados in the face and it causing it to fall to the floor unconscious.

‘This can’t be. I am Gary Oak. I am the world’s pokemon master. Ash just can’t come in her and beat two of my strongest pokemon in one move. It Just can’t be."

Meanwhile the others where talking from the side lines. "Man Gray sure looks ticked off." Brock said pointing at Gary.

"Any more mad and stream going to come out of his ears." James said.

"Should we tell him that he has no chance against Ash. I mean a normal trainer can’t win against Ash and his bond to his pokemon." Jessie said.

"No." Misty repelled. "We shouldn’t tell just yet. Remember Ash is the one who is to reveal that we are the true trainers of pokemon."

"That’s right. Trust that my master’s plan will work, cause if it doesn’t then all that you stand for will be all for not." Ditto said form behind the others.

"Say Ditto shouldn’t you be with Ash. You are his sixth pokemon after all." Misty asked.

Ditto nodded no. "Ash told to wait until he gave me the symbol to come out."

"Well then I hope Gary doesn’t keep us waiting." Brock said as Gary pulled his third pokeball form his belt.

To be continued....

What is will Gary use next. What is Ash’s plan. When will Ditto fight. Find out in Hold Master part 2.

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