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Hold Masters
part 2: The battle goes on

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


Gary was getting desperate. Two of his pokemon have been defeated and only a few minuteness in the battle have already passed. "My loyal pokemon." Gary whispered to his pokemon. "Please do not fail me." "Pokeball go!" He shouted as he threw the red and white ball into the ring.

In ball popped open and out came Arcanine the wolf like pokemon. "Aaaaarcanine." It howled as came to the arena floor.

"Good choice. Blastoise come here." Blastoise sits next to Venusaur. "Charizard I choose you." Ash throws his third pokeball in to reveal the large fire dragon pokemon.

"Char." The fire pokemon said.

"Arcanine take down now!" Arcanine rushed forward toward Charizard, but missed when Charizard flew up into the air.

"Charizard flamethower." Charizard lands and releases a stream of fire toward Arcanine.

"Arcanine agility." Gray shouted. Arcanine jumps out of way of the stream but still gets burned by the intense heat produced by Charizard. "Ha looks like your Charizard it’s as hot as your other pokemon."

Ash just stands there smiling. "Well I just thought that I give your pokemon a fighting chance, but if wish they beat you easily then so be it. Charizard fire slash combo."

"Char." Charizard runs toward Arcanine. First Charizard slashed Arcanine, then released a breath of down of the pokemon, and finishes with a tail whip throwing the wolf pokemon back to Gary landing right in front of him. Gary gave a look of shot cause that move took place in a blink of a eye.

"That’s impossible. I’m Gary Oak. You can’t treat me like some toy for you to play around with. Rhydon average your masters honor." Gary threw the pokeball in to show the large stone pokemon.

"Well to be fare. Charizard return. Pidgeot go." Charizard give a look of disappointment as it moves to the sidelines with the other pokemon. And Pidgeot flys out of his pokeball.


"OK, Rhydon horn attack."

"Pidgeot fly." Rhydon charges forward to attack but, miss when Pidgeot flew high into the air. Pidgeot then swooped down upon Rhydon into it’s back causing it to scream in pain.

"Rhydon tailwhip." Rhydon swung it’s tail narrowly missing Pidgeot.

"Pidgeot sand attack." Pidgeot flapped it’s wings causing sand to blind the large rock pokemon. "OK now use gust attack."

"Pidgeot." Pidgeot flaps it’s wings creating a gust of wind that blew Rhydon into the wall. Rhydon got up, but looked like it was about to faint.

"Finnish off with quick attack Pidgeot." Ash shouted. Pidgeot flys srainght into Rhydon.

‘Four of my pokemon are down and Ash’s pokemon aren’t even trering. I have two left, but there my strongest pokemon. They have to win. I must beat Ash and prove I’m the best trainer in the world.’ Gary pulled out his fifth pokeball. He did his old pose and kissed his pokeball before throw it in to the ring. Out of the pokeball came out the psychic pokemon Alakazam.

"Wow a Alakazam. That’s a good pokemon." Ash said. "Now which of my pokemon can I choose. I know! I choose myself."

"You can’t choose yourself, that’s against the rules. Only pokemon can fight in a pokemon match." Gary said.

"I know. But it doesn’t say anything about a pokemon that is you." Ash points toward the group of his friends. "Come here Ash." A figure walks up to Ash

"Wait you can’t bering another trainer in a match, that’s illegal."

"True, but that’s my pokemon Ditto." Ditto walks into the arena. Ditto currently looks like Ash in every way that you would think that Ash himself was going to fight Alakazam.

"I am Ash’s Ditto." Ditto said in Ash voice. "We all know that there is no rule against me taking the shape of my master. So may we please continue this match or do wish to forfeit cause my master will surely win."

Gary was getting upset over the mockery that even a pokemon is making fun of him. "Alakazam use Psychic and blow this pokemon away."

"Alakazam." The pokemon created a blue aura glow around it, then fired a wave of pure energy distorting the area around it.

"Ditto use agility and limb arm pull." Ditto jumped away form the beams energy and extended one of arms and punch Alakazam in the head. The blow disrupted it’s concentration.

"Alakazam use disable and prevent it’s attack’s." Alakazam glared at Ditto and a blue aura surrounding it, preventing Ditto form movement. "Ha looks like the tables have turned Ash. Looks like a you sink as a trainer and a pokemon." Gary laughed.

Ash just smiled. "Yes that’s true and now it looks like Ditto will have unleash it real power."

Gary stopped laughing. "True power?"

"Yes it’s true power. I’m just a damping it’s power right now. It’s acutely weaker in this state and now it looks like you forced my use Ditto’s real talent." All look at Ash hanging on every word he says. Ditto smiles at hearing the words for his sign to do what he was told to do.

To be continued....

(Note: I know some of moves I been using are made up and that a Ditto morphed as a human couldn’t really use any moves, being that humans aren’t pokemon, but since Ditto is a shape sifter it makes sense that he can morph two images as one.(see Ancient training part 2 and part 8). Also am I making Ash sound way too evil? I don’t really know.)

What is Ditto’s true power, is this all a part of Ash’s plan, can Gary fight back, and what will Gary’s final pokemon be? Find out in Hold Masters part 3.

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