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Hold Masters
part 3: The Battle Ends

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


"Alakazam use disable and prevent it’s attack’s." Alakazam glared at Ditto and a blue aura surrounding it, preventing Ditto form movement. "Ha looks like the tables have turned Ash. Looks like a you sink as a trainer and a pokemon." Gary laughed.

Ash just smiled. "Yes that’s true and now it looks like Ditto will have unleash it real power."

Gary stopped laughing. "True power?"

"Yes it’s true power. I’m just a damping it’s power right now. It’s acutely weaker in this state and now it looks like you forced my use Ditto’s real talent." All look at Ash hanging on every word he says. Ditto smiles at hearing the words for his sign to do what he was told to do.

"OK, Ditto use energy disrupt." Ditto unleashed a wave of energy distorting the disable attack and knocking back Alakazam. "Now use seismic toss." Ditto grabs Alakazam by the legs and lift the pokemon it the air, then slammed it down at full force. Alakazam staggered back up. "Looks like your Alakazam is quite strong. To bad it still going to lose." Ash thinks for a second. "Ditto mini push."

"OK." Ditto turns to Alakazam. "You been a nice opponent but now it looks like it’s time to end this." Ditto takes one of it’s fingers and gently pushes Alakazam in the head. Alakazam collapses onto the ground unconscious.

"What kind of move was that!" Gary yelled.

"The kind of move that doesn’t hurt a weakened pokemon." Ash said.

‘I have only one pokemon left.’ Gary thought. "Well well Ash It looks like you forced my strongest pokemon. I guess you should now forfeit, cause this pokemon is undefeated. Dragonite GO!" Gary throws his last pokeball into the ring.

"Dragonite." The large dragon pokemon said shaking the arena with own voice. Ash gives a look like he is impressed, while is friends behind him are grinning like they heard a funny joke.

"Ditto looks like your fun over. It’s Pikachu’s turn now."

"Ah, but I was having fun." Ditto says as it joins the other pokemon.

"Pikachu, It’s your turn. Make me proud."

"Pikachu." The little pokemon says as it goes into the arena.

"You have to kidding. You’re going to fight the strongest pokemon in the world with a Pikachu. You must be kidding. What happened to your Ditto with it’s hidden power."

"I lied. It’s just a common Ditto, minus the ability to copy humans. I just like to see the look on your face when you thought that my pokemon was some sort of pokegod. But my Pikachu here will fine against ‘the worlds strongest pokemon’."

"That’s it! Since this match started all you done is make a mockery of me and my pokemon, but this ends now. Dragonite slam that pokemon into the ground!"

"Dragon." Dragonite jumps up and dives toward the little Pikachu.

"Pikachu thunder shock now."

"Piiiiiiikkkkaachuuuuuuuuuuu." Pikachu releases a surge of electric energy blowing the dragon pokemon into the wall.

"Draaaaaaaagonite." The pokemon roared as it came thought the wall. Pikachu smiled at his opponent.

"Dragon rage attack now!"

"Draaaagooooooniiiiiite." Dragonite fire a large stream of flames toward Pikachu.

"Pikachu thunder bolt."

"Pikachuuuuuu." Pikachu fires a electric bolt hitting Dragonite’s dragon rage attack. The two pokemon keep continuing putting all there power into the two streams of energy.

"Pikachu use thunder." Pikachu unleashes a lighting bolt into the air. The bolt goes into up to the ceiling and downs into the ground. The bolt hits Dragonite in the head and causes it to stop dragon rage, where Pikachu’s thunder bolt hit Dragonite. All of the electric shock causes Dragonite to fall to the ground. Dragonite has fainted and Ash is now the world’s pokemon champion.

"Well Gary, looks like you just lost. I guess that makes me the new champion." Ash said holding his Pikachu which came up to his master.

"How can this be. My undefeated Dragonite beaten by a Pikachu. That can’t be. Nobody can defeat me I’m Gary Oak. I am the best pokemon master of all time."

"Was the best pokemon master. Ash Ketchum is now the world champion." A voice above then said. "Gary Oak will remain the title holder till tomorrow’s ceremony when Ash takes the title officially." Gary stormed off tying to figure out how he lost.

"Ash you finally made it. You finally became a pokemon master." Misty said as she ran up to him.

"Yeah Ash. How does it feel to full fill your dream." Brock patted Ash on the shoulder.

"It feels good. But I’m not champ till tomorrow. Anyway this be worth nothing if the plan doesn’t work." The group remain silent as they leave the arena.

"Say I’m hungry. When do get to eat?" James asked.

"Is that all you’re thinking about." Jessie said.

"Well, I can’t think on a empty stomach."

"Then that would mean that you never think." Ash said with a smirk. "But James is right. Lets go get something to eat. For now we celebrate, for tomorrow we start are true propose and bring back our ancient ways back into the light." Ash looks around. "Say do you see anyone."

"No, why?" Brock said curiously.

Ash jumps into the air. "Yahoo! I’m the new pokemon master. I finally did it." Ash does a little dance.

"OK I win pay up." Misty says to the other.

"Pay up for what?" Ash looked at the other as they gave money to Misty.

"We all made a bet on when you crack, and I won." Misty said.

"Well you know what that means." Ash said.

"No, what does it mean?"

"That your paying for dinner."

To be continued....

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