The Holding
Part 2: Search for Kapbutops

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


    We join Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and the newly joined Scar traveling to the next town when...

    "Prepare for trouble."

    "And make it double."

    "Man, just when you feel you can have a moments rest." proclaimed Ash.

    "To protect the world from devastation."

    "To unite all peoples within our nation."

    "To denounce the evil of truth and love."

    "To extend our reach to the stars above."



    "Team rocket blast of at the speed of light."

    "Surrender now or prepare to fight."

    "Meowth, that right!"

    The gang looks around, but they don’t see team rocket. "That’s odd. We heard their opening theme, yet their not around here." Misty noticed. Ash sees something in a bush. "What’s this?" Ash pulls a tape player out of a bush. "This has been your daily team rocket theme song, if you would like to know or evil plan today please continue listening." The tape player had said in Jessie’s voice. "Now there had been resedent sightings of a Kapbutops in this area." "Our mission here is to find and capture this pokemon." This voice sounded like James. "That is, if you can find us or Kapbutops before we find this rare pokemon." "Hahaaahahhhaahhh." The two voices laughed in unison.

    "Do you guys think this a trap to capture Pikachu." Misty said.

    "That would be true if the Kapbutops was not true." Scar answered.

    "What do you mean that a Kapbutops is really here?" Ash questioned.

    Scar sighed. "A day before I met you kids I fought that creature."

    "You did." Ash and Brock asked together. Misty just looked dumbfounded.

    Scar resumed telling his story. "It was near a river when a saw it. I fought it with all my strength." The kids     picture a battle between Kapbutops and Scar pokemon. "But it defeated me easily like I was a bug. And before he left he gave me this." Scar pulls the back of his shirt to reveal a large gash on the right side of his back. "I think that whoever this team rocket is I would count them out as dead, because they are ether very brave or very foolish."

    "Knowing team rocket we can lean to foolish." Brock remarked.

    "Yah! But that Kapbutops would be a great member for my team." Ash had said.

    "WHAT ARE NUTS." Scar yelled at Ash. "It wiped my but royally and I even bested you in a match."

    "True, but I have a advantage over Kapbutops." Ash reapplied nodding proudly to the others. "Remember the time I was trapped with those prehistoric pokemon. I remember that Kapbutops can be beaten by grass-type pokemon, I know Bulbasuar can defeat Kapbutops."

    "Wow Ash that almost sounded like a real plan. I didn’t really didn’t know you had it in you." Misty remarked in the sly way that meant she really was impressed.

    "Thanks, I think."

    We see are group wander off, when from out of the bushes. "JAMES! I thought you said that the Kapbutops rumors where false."

    "Well I it was printed in the paper that the rumors where found false, how was I to know that there with someone who fought it."

    "Who care’s if the rumors are false or not. The plan is still going as seclude, the kids are still going for the bait." Meowth replied.

    "True." Jessie agreed "But if we can capture Kapbutpos and Pikachu then the boss would have to give a raise."

    "And I get to be the bosses favorite again."

    "I don’t know Jess. That guys over there was beaten by Kapbutops and looks really mean."

    "Who cares if some little trainer was beaten by one pokemon. Were Team rocket and we can handle any pokemon."

    "Minus the ones that beat us." James gets hit with Jessie’s mallet.

    Back to our heroes we find them resting. Ash is preparing Bulbasuar for the battle, Brock is brushing his Vulpix, Misty is playing with Togepi and making comments to Ash on how foolish he is, and we find Scar sitting by a tree thinking. "Yes. These three have to be part of the chosen group. Ash must be the one who is chosen to lead, Misty the one who is the friend to all pokemon, and Brock must be the one who cares for pokmon with his heart. But the two warriors who work as one. The legends speak that the chosen ones are always together. Maybe this team rocket are the others, but entail I see them I won’t know.’

    "OK Bulasuar are you ready at what you going to do when we face Kapbutops."

    "Bulba." Bulbasuar replied.

    "The thing is Ash." Scar answered. "Knowing what to do is different the really doing it."

    "That was what I would normaly tell Ash, but I think he just ignores me." Brock said.

    "I do not I ignore you, I always try to follow your advice."

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