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Hold Masters
part 4: The Speech

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


The arena was fully decorated for this event. It had been two years since the pokemon masters title had been defeated and a new master was to take the title. All the gym leaders form Flint of the Pewter city gym to the new leader of the Viridian city (A year ago it was found out that Giovanni was the leader of team rocket, so a new gym leader was selected) all came to congratulate the new pokemon master. It was about noon when the event began and the new Pokemon master arrived. Gary was standing at his place on the podium where the former master stands. Ash and Pikachu walked up to the podium and stood in front of Gary. Gary unpinned the master’s badge form his vest and handed it to Ash. Ash stared at the badge which looked like a golden pokeball with a P on it. Ash pinned the badge onto his vest. The league members clapped as Ash stepped up to the microphone to make his speech. Silently as Gary walked out of the stadium he made a vow to get even with Ash Ketchum.

"I like to thank you all for coming to this ceremony. I as it now let it be stated that I Ash Ketchum is now the world’s pokemon master. But there is something I wish to say. As you all have seen on the tapes on battle between me and Gary that Gary fought strong against my pokemon, but was defeated easily. I would like to tell you on how I won the battle so easily." The whole audience is silent. "The reason my pokemon where so strong is that I Ash Ketchum am more then just a pokemon master. I am also a master of the ancient ways of pokemon training." Most of the audience starts to whisper. "I see that a few members of the league now about the ancient ways. For those of that do not know about this, I will explain. The ancient ways where in the ways that a pokemon trainer used there pokemon. This was done though a spiritual bond between a pokemon and it’s master. This bond makes a pokemon and it’s master stronger then just a regular trainer and his pokemon. This bond also allows the trainer to speak with his pokemon on there own level. There have been books with contain knowledge about the ancient ways that league contains. It is form these books that the whole is based upon. With out the knowledge of the ancient ways there would of been no pokemon league. This is my reason of becoming pokemon master. I wish that the league reclaim the ancient ways as a method of pokemon training and that the league create a division for which the people that can use this talent can compete such as they once use to."

One of the league members stood up. "We the heads of the pokemon league have always revealed that people who used the ancient ways no longer existed. How can you prove to us that what you are talking about is the truth or not. Also if you can prove that this power exists, I don’t think we can create a whole division based on only one trainer."

"Well let me answer the second question first. I can see that it would seem to create a new division with only one person to run it." Ash waves his hands and the Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James join him on stage. "Meet my partners. Not only myself, but my friends use the holding and follow in the ancient ways. As for if we can actually use the holding, allow us to show you. Pikachu come here." Pikachu jumps on Ash’s shoulder. "Now watch what are power can do." Ash and the others hold there hands together till there arms shone at bright glow. Ash holds his hands open and Pikachu jumped into them. The glow surrounded Pikachu.

"I am Pikachu." The pokemon said. The audience was held in shock over hearing the pokemon suddenly talk. "Though my masters power I can converse with you as proof of the holding. Tough Ash has told me that the league considers the holding to cause a trainer to be no more then a beast, this is not true. The holding is binding of strength of the owner and there pokemon, but it is more then that. The holding is something that bring a closer friendship between a owner and their pokemon. If you don’t allow the holding to represent the league, you are saying to you care not for pokemon and that we are no more then salves to their masters." Pikachu jumps down form Ash and lands on the floor. The others release the holding and the glow fades form there hands. The audience is completely sealant. The member that spoke before talked again.

"Form what I can see, I guess that you speak the truth. What your Pikachu has said is true. We originally thought that a the holding was some dark form a power that was used to bend the minds of pokemon to there masters will. But you have shown us that maybe we where wrong. Members of the league, let us vote on if we should officially allow the holding to be known as the original way of training and if there a new division for the holding to take place. We shall hold conical on this issue. Good bye pokemon master." The league members sat up and walked away.

"So do you think that they will agree." Misty said when they all left.

"I think so. They where quite amazed when they heard Pikachu talking." Brock said.

"So what do we do if they accept and they make a division for us. I mean what do we do then?" James asks.

"Well I guess Ash would be the pokemon champ for the holding and I guess we could become gym leader since we the only other people who can use the holding." Jessie said.

Ash thinks a while. "I guess that sounds reasonable. I mean we are the only current users other then Scar, but when we start finding other who can use the talent then the league will have a use for us. But the important thing is that the world will know that the holding is real and that is most important thing I think that we can do." The five humans and the two pokemon leave the arena floor awaiting the results of the league vote.

A few hours passed and the gang got bored waiting in throne room. Are heroes where lying around when the league member the spoke with earlier entered the room. "So what the verdict?" Ash asked.

"The votes have passed. Ash Ketchum as of now, you are no longer pokemon master."

"WHAT." Everybody said.

"As I said Ash Ketchum is no longer pokemon master. Instead Ash Ketchum is now the first hold master of the pokemon league."

"So that means?"

"Yes the league has decided that the holding will become a part of the league and that Ash should be it new master."

"And now the world shall now I Ash Ketchum is more then a trainer but the first hold master."



And so it was declared that the pokemon league was to create a new division based upon the holding and the ancient ways and declared that Ash Ketchum to become the first hold master. But what became of others? This is what happened.

Ash: Still remains the hold master. Married Misty. Collected more pokemon over the years. Now lives somewhere in Pallet and teaches people the ancient ways with Scar.

Scar: Was granted a full pardon form the league and reaccept into the Ketchum family. Now runs a school with Ash where he teaches the holding to people that have the talent.

Brock: Became the first person in the ancient ways to become a gym leader. Runs for both the ancient fire gym at Cinnabar and rock in Pewter gym till he was replaced in the ancient fire gym. Also runs a breeding center in Pewter.

Misty: Runs the ancient water gym in Cerulean city. Married Ash and lives with him.

Jessie & James: Both married to each other. switch between running the ancient Poison gym in Fuchsia. James also runs the grass gym in Celadon city, while Jessie created the ancient fighting gym that also is in Fuchsia.

Gary: Got to reclaim the pokemon master title after Ash became hold master. Still thinks that he could defeat Ash in a pokemon battle although has never challenged him.

Meowth: When team rocket was destroyed Meowth went looking for Jessie and James. Now lives in Fuchsia with Jessie and James.

Ditto: Finally created a human image that wasn’t a copy of another. Ash asked if Ditto would like to live on his own. Ditto accepted and now roam the world in search of more Ditto’s that are like him.

Pikachu: Still with Ash. Remains Ash main pokemon in battle and his best friend.

The End.

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