The Holding
Part 3: Battle with Kapbutops

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


    We find our selves where we last left off. Ash & gang are search for team rocket who are searching for a Kapbutops. But we know that team rocket used a rumor of Kapbutops to capture Pikachu. But what team rocket doesn’t know that the Kapbutops rumor was true and Ash & gang just found that out.

    "Kapbutops." The Kapbutops directed at our heroes.

    "OK there he is. Bulbasuar I choose you!"


    "Bulbasuar razor leaf now." Bulbasuar releases a fury of leafs but Kapbutops avoids them.

    "" Kapbutops rushes after Bulbasaur.

    "Bulbasuar vine whip now." Bulbasuar unleashes his vines wrap Kapbutops in his vines. "OK now slam him." Bulbasaur lifts Kapbutops and slam to the ground repeated times.

    "Ash capture it now." Scar said knowing Kapbutops was weak and can be captured.

    "Pokeball GO." Ash throws his pokeball and hits Kapbutops turning it into pure energy. Kapbutops is sucked into the pokeball. The pokeball glowed and moved about and just when it looked it was captured it popped open and Kapbutops came out really ticked off.

    "Um...Ash I think made it mad." Misty said ready to panic.

    Suddenly Scar jumped in front of the gang to face Kapbutops with his sword drawn. "Kapbutops you fought me before, now in the name of the hold you fight me." Scar and Kapbutops go into fight stances and look like there about to charge. Well they would of charged if a certain trio didn’t happen to show up.

    "Prepare for trouble."

    "And make it double."

    "To protect the world from devastation."

    "To unite all peoples within our nation."

    "To denounce the evil of truth and love."

    "To extend our reach to the stars above."



    "Team rocket blast of at the speed of light."

    "Surrender now or prepare to fight."

    "Meowth, that’s right!"

    "Um, say can you guys come back later." Ash said not really amused by their appearance.

    "Quite, cause we have to kidnap your Pikachu and that Kapbutops." Jessie said.

    "Yah and our new invention is going to help us." James takes out a remote. "OK get ready for robotops." James pushes button and a metal version of Kapbutops comes out of a bush. "Kapbutops." It said in a metallic voice.

    Meowth chimed in "Unlike a real Kapbutops ours features some upgrades."

    "Such as what upgrades." Ash asked knowing they would tell if he asked or not.

    "Upgrades such as this." James pushes a button. "Robotops cable." Robotops opens it’s chest where it wraps steel cables around Pikachu and Kapbutops. Pika tries a thunder shock but to know use. "Robotops is completely made of metal. Electric attacks are completely useless."

    "Ash. Misty. Scar. I think if we use water pokemon and hit the circuits in the chest it might short out."

    "Good idea Brock. OK then Squirtle I choose you!"

    "Staryu, Starmie go!"

    "Water gun attack now." The three water pokemon unleash a stream of water directly hitting Robotops. Robotops started twitching.

    "James shut it down." Jessie said trying to get away.

    "I can’t the system is down."

    "So what do we do now?"

    "Now we run before it blows up." Unfourunatly James advice came in to late. Robotops blew up causing it parts to fly. Pikachu is blow to Ash where he is caught. Team rocket was hit with the cable and flew into a tree where they became tied up and Kapbutops was blown to the ground.

    "Pikachu are you OK?" Ash said holding his best friend.

    "Pika." The little Pikachu said with a smile.

    "Ash I think it’s a good time to capture Kapbutops unless I can have it." Scar pointed out.

    "No, I think I’ll take him. Pokeball go." Ash threw the pokeball at Kapbutops and this time caught it. "All right I got Kapbutops."

    "Way to go Ash." Misty said overjoyed.

    "Um Scar." Brock sound suspisious. "Why where you about to fight Kapbutops without your pokemon and      what did you mean ‘in the name of the hold’?"

    "Yah Scar isn’t it very dangours to fight pokemon with out a pokemon." Misty said confused by what Brock brought up.

    "Well I believe it is time you knew more about me and why I’m here with you guys and What your furture for
the five of you holds."

    "Five of us?" The three looked at Scar wondering what they got themselves into

to be continued.....

    What will Scar reveal about himself. What does Scar know about the kids furture. And what really is the hold. Find out in Scar and the hold part 4.

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