The Holding
Part 4: Scarred past

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


    When we last left our heroes, Ash had captured Kapbutops and team rocket, and Scar was about to reveal who he really is. We see the group sitting by tree with team rocket tied to a nearby tree.

    "OK where would you kids like me to start?" Scar asked.

    " about what’s your real name?" Ash asked.

    "OK well my real name is Patrick Ketchum."

    "Wait that my last name."

    "Right Ash, I’m really our uncle."

    "Oh look we can in time for family reunion." James said in a touching way.

    "Can someone please hit in the head for me." Jessie reapplied.

    "Anyway I’m your fathers brother. Me and your father used to be pokemon trainers together, till the day I had met a old man. That man was also pokemon trainer, he bet both your father and myself using one pokemon. We stayed with that man for a while, till one day the old man told me something."


    We see a younger version of Scar next to a old man wearing a cloak.

    "You see Patrick you have a special gift. This is a gift that few know of or can even use. This gift is called the holding. You Patrick have this gift. I give you a choice, you can join me a learn this skill and learn advantage over other trainers or leave and never speak to anyone of what I had told you."

----------End of Flashback---------------------

    "I had token as the old man apprentice leaving your father to joinery on his own. I learned for years in the ancient way that thought the holding. Afther I had mastered the hold I restarted my pokemon journey. I had gathered the badges like ever other trainer, but because I had knew the ancient ways the gym leaders where like amateurs to me. Finally when I beaten the elite four, I was stripped of the title of poke master because I suoppily had stolen my pokemon or I used some illegal substance that made my pokemon unbeatable. In realty it was the power of holding that they could not understand, so they disgraced me and my family."

    "Wow that’s some story. Although how can I know that you really my uncle and not some imposture. I know my mother never said anything about me having a uncle?" Ash questioned not know what to believe.

    "I knew you would probably ask that." Scar reaching into his back pocket pulling out a wallet. "Here." Shows the gang a old picture. "This Ash was when me and your father where younger, I think about your age." The picture showed Scar and Ash father who looks somewhat like Ash.

"Yup, that’s my father all right, but that doesn’t explain why mom never said anything about you."

    "You see Ash, after I disgraced by the pokemon league, I headed back to your father. He said he would do nothing with any more having disgraced the Ketchum name. Your father probably promised your mother never to tell anything about me in fear of you know of the family’s black sheep."

    "Wow that story is so sad." Misty said wiping away tears from that story.

    "Pika." Pikachu said sitting by Ash in his lap.

    "Yah, but why are telling us this. I mean why are you telling us this story and what is the holding?" Brock      asked.

    "And why in the world do we have to listen to all this." Jessie said showing she really happy about this whole situation.

    "Well, first of all I’m telling you all this because this will all affect you. Second I will tell you what the holding is. The holding is a part of the ancient way. The ancient way is the old way pokemon trainers caught, battled, and controlled pokemon before a pokeball were invented."

    "There was a way to capture pokemon before a pokeball?" Misty asked.

    "Yes there was a way, but that is long gone into history books that are only know to few. One of those books are owned by the elite four. In that book contains common knowledge of the holding and a few secrets, that is why the pokemon masters fear the ancient ways because we are consited beasts in there minds."

    "Wow a group that elite four fear more than team rocket." James said.

    "But you still didn’t ask our question on why you are telling us this." Brock said feeling Scar is leaving something out."

    "Well this why I was sent out to find you kids."

    "Find us? Who sent you to find us?" Ash asked confused.

    "Why destiny. Who else?" Scar said smugly.

    "OK. Ash did anyone tell you that your family is crazy." Jessie said.

    "Yah and would that mean all the sane people are tied up." Meowth said when Jessie tried to kick the pokemon.

    "So what does destiny finding us have to do with anything?" Misty asked.

    "Well it has to with everything about you kids. Long ago There was a prophet whose said that ‘during the time when the holding is dying, five young trainers shall rise the magic to it’s former glory.’ I believe I had found the ones the prophet spoke of in you kids."

    "WHAT!" The kids said in unison.

    "Like I said you kids are the ones who will work together to bring the holding and the ancient ways back in the light. This is what I have been searching for. I ask you Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James that I teach you in the ancient ways and the power that the holding brings."

    "Um.. I don’t know about you guys but I want proof about all this power this holding has." Jessie said.

    Then Scar went up to the tree where team rocket was tied and cut them loose. "If you remove your gloves I’ll show you." Jessie and James removed their gloves. "Now if you all stand together I will show you." Scar held his hands together and they glowed white. "Now look at your hands." The group looked at there hands glowed in the same light. "You kids have the power Now the choice is yours to use it."

To be continued......

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