The Holding
Part 5: The Hold and the ancient ways.

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


Authors note: This part is not really part of the story. This is a more complete explanation on the holding and the ancient ways. This also can be a good exuse on how trainers where like before pokeballs and such items came to exist.


The holding:

The most basic way to explain the holding is that it works like a pokeball does. The holding is a spirit like bond between a pokemon and a trainer which allows a pokemon to obey the trainer. This does not mean that a pokemon is enslaved to totally obey a master, but in realty it gives a understanding between the two like what how pokeball turns tames a wild pokemon to obey a trainer. Over the years if a trainer has the a pokemon long enough the bond becomes so strong a trainer will be fully commuite with their pokemon take note on that Ash is strong in the holding so he can communicate with Pikachu without being trained. Also the bond with one who is master such as Scar one can use telepathy (see part 1) Note that it was is ability that got Scar removed of the pokemon master title because a normal trainer would have to actually have to command their pokemon. This is one of the most imporant things of the holding, that for someone to use the power of the holding they must fight a pokemon themselves in order to use it. The skill can only be done close hand and that if a trainer used a pokemon to capture then the spirit bond can not be complete and cause the pokemon to go completely wild and can never be captured. This is why Scar carries two weapons, the club for normal pokemon and capture, and the sword for hostile pokemon and in case the holding doesn’t work right. The glowing of one’s hand is how the spirit type of a trainer which allows the bond to work. The glowing is really the spirit of the trainer and when it touches a pokemon the souls of trainer and pokemon merge to form the bond. The color of the glow also represt the type of pokemon that the trainer can bond to strongest. the types go in this order:

A red glow is fire.

A blue glow is water.

A yellow glow is electric.

A dark green glow is grass.

A light blue is ice.

A dark red glow is fighting.

A purple glow is poison.

A brown glow is ground.

A indigo glow is flying

A orange glow is psychic.

A gray glow is rock.

A black glow is ghost.

A light green glow is dragon.

A white glow is a specialist in all types of pokemon. A white spirit trainer usully becomes a pokemon master because the are connected to all types. There have been many trainers that are dual sprit meaning that they can bond to more then one type of pokemon.


The ancient ways:

This is way in of holding, this more a way of life that the ones who follow the ways of the holding live or how today rules for training came to be. One of the first things to know is the order line of the holding. The order is held by a system of symbols that show status they are known as badges. Badges where used to show a trainers ranking in skill in all pokemon not types like the current badges. Gym leaders weren’t known as gym leaders but as poeple tests to a trainer to earn a badge. Then there was the pokemon masters. These where trainers that passed all trails for badges and pasted a special test to see if there methods are true and that they did not abuse or mistreat their pokemon (which mostly never happened because the bond prevented harming themselves enless they wish to hurt themselves). Also take note that there where a few trainers that did not use the skill of the holding to control there pokemon. These few trainers people befriend a pokemon with out the aid of the holding where called nonholders. Nonholders where not as strong as holders because the bond between a holder and a pokemon made them both strong then a average trainer. There were even a few nonholder that where able to collect badges and befriend other pokemon, but only if there befriended pokemon was strong. A few morden day nonholders would Erika and Gloom and bill with the Clefairys, also Ash can somewhat count as a nonholder because he befriend charmander and squirtle to join his group. Also let it be know that unlike the current times holders and nonholders alike had few pokemon. At most a pokemon master would proabtily have no more then six pokemon which later became the pokemon leagues limit in carring pokemon. The reason a holder couldn’t capture many pokemon was because the fact was that capturing a pokemon using oneself could be fatal and a if a spirit type didn’t match the pokemon the bond would not be strong enough for a link to work right, so many of sought there spirit type. In the past a trainer also didn’t have much space or time to care for them all. Over time current members of the ancient ways use pokeballs as a transport system not as a way to capture a pokemon. It should be known that people who use the holding are thought as dangours because they carry weapons, because only poeple trained in the holding can sense others with is ability so poeple think it is suspicious  that they don’t command there pokemon, and that the elite four beleive that from the books they found that the holding causes trainers to become nothing more then beasts.


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