The Holding
Part 6: The Decision

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


    When we last left our heroes they found out about Scar’s past and that he really is Ash’s uncle. We also found out that Ash, Misty ,Brock, and even team rocket have a power called the holding. A power that allow then to control pokemon. Scar also said that they can receive this training to master this power. We now go to our gang were we last left off.

    "You kids have the power, now the choice is yours to use it." Scar said.

    "Wow" That was all Ash could say of this.

    "Pikachu." Ash’s Pikachu said amazed by the strange lights on there arms.

    "Amazing. But how come there all in different colors." Meowth pointed out. That was true, while Ash’s hands where white like Scar’s the other’s where different. Misty’s hand’s were blue and the a lighter blue. Brock’s where red and gray. Jessie and James both had a purple hand, but the other on Jessie was blood red when the other on James was a dark green.

    Scar released his hand’s together and the glow faded. "That glow Meowth is there spirit type."

    "What is a spirit type and why are they all different?" Ash asked.

    "Spirit types are what type you can bond strongest to, But that all I really explain for now. I can only tell you when all you agree to be learn the holding." Scar explained.

    "Wait. If one of us refuses all of us don’t train?" Jessie said.

    "That is right. Ether all of agree or none of you learn, But it should be known that destiny brought you all together  I know you will make the right choice." Scar nodded knowing. Scar goes and leaves the kids to go sit by a tree  while the kids decides what to do.

    "I don’t know. My mother never told me I had a uncle. He has shown that he is a family member." Ash was confused that his parents had never told him that he had a uncle and wondered what else he never been told.

    "That’s true Ash, but it’s seems odd that he had reached pokemon master and the books never said anything about him." Brock said.

    "Well I don’t care what you others do, but I’m going to take up this offer." James said.

    "James why are you so willing to follow him?" Jessie asked her partner.

    "It’s just that, when he showed us the holding I felt like it was a right thing."

    "What do mean a right thing." Jessie was confused by James response.

    "A right thing like when I ran away from home or like...when I met you Jess."

    Jessie was stunned. "Yah that was it felt like when he showed the holding too. I’m in too."

    "I hate to even agree with team rocket, but it felt like it was a good feeling. Like when you done a task that you know was tough and you do it right." Brock agreed. "I’m in too."

    "Well I think this is good thing, I’m in." Misty said.

    "It looks like I’m the only one left." Ash petted Pikachu on the head. "To bond with one’s pokemon. I think that I would make the best pokemon trainer if I could understand a pokemon on there level. I will do it."

    "Well now there only one problem." Meowth said.

    "And that would be?" Misty asked the cat pokemon.

    "That would be that Jessie and James here can’t just quit team rocket like that. The only way out is to go to jail  or end up floating in a river."

    "Yeah we forgot." The two said in unison.

    Gee nice retirement program." Brock said.

    "Well that’s a bridge will burn when we cross it." Scar said coming from behind them.

    "Actually I think I have a plan." James said confident.

    "And that would be?" Jessie asked.

    "We die." Jessie face vaults

    "ARE YOU OUT OF MIND! That has to be the dumbest idea that you could think of."

    "Don’t hit me! Hear me out."

    "OK, what’s your plan and it better be good or else." Jessie risen her mallet in a treating pose. James explains his plan to Jessie and Meowth.

    "That might actually work."

    "It’s brilliant James."

    "Do you three mind telling us the plan." Ash asked team rocket.

    "This is would are last official business as team rocket we wish that we do it alone." Jessie said.

    "Are you going to leave us now." Scar said. "Cause you can’t quit training now."

    "We will only be gone a day then if it pulls of will meet again." James said.

    "Well then will meet you guys in the next town at the pokemon center." Ash look concern over his new ‘team mates’.

    "Will see you when it works." Jessie and James waved good bye to their new partners.

To be continued....

What is team rockets plan to quit? will it work? Will Ash find anything else that was never told to him about there parents? Find out in the next part of The Holding.

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