The Holding
Part 7: to reveal, to hide, to train

by Xen  (short for Xenophon)


    When we last left our heroes the gang decided to train with the holding under Scar’s supervisior. Now all they have to do is to tell their family’s there gone to train, not to mention the fact that Jessie and James have to quit team rocket with out going to the graves. We find Ash, Misty, and Brock by the phones at a pokemon center.

    "OK that my parents and Brock’s dad all that left to go is Prof. Oak and our mom, Ash." Misty said hang up the phone and giving it to Ash.

    "I now Prof. Oak is going to be easy, but how do I tell my mother that I’m going to be with my uncle for a while."

    "Do you think if Scar talked to your mom it would be better ?" Brock asked.

    Ash think for a few seconds. "Yah I think he went to the vending machine." Brock goes of to find Scar while Ash calls the Professor. A few seconds later Prof. Oak answers.

    "Oh hi Ash. How are you doing? Did you catch any new pokemon yet?" The Prof. asked.

    "Um.. yah I caught a Kapbutops a few days ago."

    Prof. Oak’s eyes bug out. "You...caught...a ..Kapbutops! And you only tell me now. How did you catch a Kapbutops and not even tell me?"

    "Well I reached the poke center today. But that’s the reason I called. I call to tell you that I’m delaying my joinery for a while to go under training."

    "Ash your so close to the league. You just finish getting all the badges. I don’t see how you just now decided to leave to go training. And who is this going to be training you?"

    "Well my uncle is going to be with me."

    "YOUR UNCLE!! Ash I warn you. Your uncle is a illegal trainer, I thought they asserted him for his illegal methods of training."

    "There not illegal methods. It’s just there different them your methods. He said that have what it takes to learn and I taking the chance to learn the ways that the league fears."

    "Well I see that there is no hope of talking you out, so as of this moment you are now longer my teacher. I’m sending you your Muk, Krabby, and your herd of Tauros to you since I won’t allow you to take care of your pokemon any more." Near Ash a bunch of pokeball’s appear.

    "OK if that’s it. Good bye Professor Oak." Ash hanged up the phone. "Well that went well." Scar and Brock come over.

    "So I see the professor disbanded you. Don’t worry I have a center near the where will train that will care for your extra pokemon." Scar said.

    "Well thanks Scar. Now that just leaves my mother." Ash dials the phone and his mother answers. "Hi mom it’s me Ash."

    "Hi son. How is my little boy doing?" Behind Ash Misty giggles.

    Fine mom. I have something to tell you."

    "What you found a girlfriend, Or is something wrong."

    "Umm mom, I don’t know how to tell you this. But how come you never told me I had a uncle."

    Ash’s mom looks down. "Well it looks like someone told you. Who was it."

    "Mom he told me." Scar shows himself on the phone.

    "Hi." Scar says not knowing what to do at this moment.

    "Mom he asked me to train under his style. All I need is your permission to train with him."

    "Ash, I never thought that you never know about him, but I guess if you want to train under him you have my blessing."

    "Thank you mom."

    "Bye Ash, see you next time." Ash’s mom hangs up.

    "Well now all that’s left is for team rocket to arrive and then we can start training." Scar said.


    Meowth walked into team rocket headquarters carrying a box, alone. Meowth walked in to Giovanni’s office. Giovanni was sitting in his chair with his Persian on his lap.

    "Meowth I’m surprised your here by your self. Where is Jessie and James."

    "That’s why I’m here boss. You see there was a accident."

    "WHAT! What happened?" Giovanni was upset by what Meowth had said.

    "When we where using the Robotops in trying to capture the Pikachu, it went haywire and started going berserk." Meowth pauses. "Robotops went after Jessie. James tried to stop it but he just killed first."

    "Robotops killed James?"

    "Then killed Jessie. After that it destroyed itself and the kids escaped."

    "Do they still have the Pikachu."

    "No When Robotops explode Pikachu was still wrapped in the cables it was burned to a crisp."

    Giovanni sat silent for a minute. "Well it looks like capturing Pikachu now is useless. Meowth what’s in the box."

    Meowth opened the box to reveal two team rocket outfits torn up and some what burned. "This is all there really is left of them." The cat pokemon said.

    "So thier dead. I guess I’ll have to give you new parnerts."

    "Umm..boss I don’t want new partners, I want to leave team rocket."

    "Now Meowth, You know that no member can ever leave team rocket. You’ll get over the loss of Jessie and   James and your new partners. Trust me. After all I am your master."

    "Yes boss, there just something I have to do before I can return."

    "Of course Meowth, I would never send anyone on a assignment after something like that. You can go now."

    "Thank you boss." Meowth left the office and went outside. Two blocks down, Meowth goes up to up to a guy in dark sunglasses and a girl with a red ponytail. "Well you two are now officially dead. Good luck to you too."

    "Meowth your not coming with us." Jessie said sorry that she this will the last time that they see the little cat pokemon.

    "Yeah James plan worked all the way, except that the boss won’t let me quit. I am still his pokemon."

    "Well I guess this would be good bye Meowth." James looked sad.

    "Yah good bye." Jessie started getting teary eyed over this situation.

    "Well you shouldn’t worry about me I’ll get over it. It’s not your really dead or anything." The threesome could no longer hold it in and ended up sobbing over each other.

    "Ohh Meowth where going to miss you so much." Jessie said not caring what anybody thought anymore.

    "Me too." James piped in.

    "I never told you this but I really liked you guys." Meowth was crying his eyes out.

    "We wish we could take you, but you know what would happen." James said.

    "Well I better leave before anyone spots us together." Meowth leaves his former partner waving good bye to a true friend they will never see again.


    A few days passed at the pokemon center where the group was staying at. We find Ash and Brock sitting by the entrance waiting for Jessie and James.

    "Man I never thought that we would have to wait for team rocket let alone become a group with them." Brock   said.

    "I know, but then when is it that you find a lost relative that tells you that you contain a magic force that allows you to bond with pokemon."

    "That’s true Ash." Suddenly a guy with blue hair and a Jean jacket followed by a red head in a causal dress.

    "Hey Ash, Brock." The guy said.

    "James? Jessie? Is that you?" Ash was shocked to not see them in their rocket outfits.

    "Yah it’s us, I guess we really shocked you that we came in without the motto." Jessie said. "Where are the other. We would like to leave A.S.A.P."

    "I’ll go get the other’s and our gear." Brock said when he left.

    "Umm saw where is Meowth?" Ash asked.

    "Well that was the only problem with our plan. We knew the plan would work if one of us stayed behind, so Meowth stayed behind so we can be free." Jessie was heartbroken over this as we as James. Ash decided not to say anything further. A minute later the rest of the gang showed up.

    "Well now we head for the training grounds where you all will learn the ways of ancients. If you to quit now do so, because this will be your last chance to quit." Scar said.

    "Well we quit team rocket so me and Jess are in." James said.

    "I in too." Brock said.

    "I’ll do anything to become a better trainer and become a pokemon master." Ash said.

    "Well I in cause it sounds fun to learn what pokemon really think." Misty piped in.

    "Well then. Now there is no turning back. You are now decided to the holding and all else till your finished training shall be held back." Scar simile at his new students. "Now we go." And so the future bring of the holding have gone to learn the ancient ways. Only the furture shall know what adventures shall bring them.

The End.

This adventure shall continue in The Ancient Training.

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