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Warning: This fanfic contains some mild human violence against Pikachu.


The Ancient Training
part 1: The First Trail

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


It had been three months since they started the training with Scar. The gang had learned the basic of the holding. The gang move into Scar’s training ground/house. It is actually designed was ok, but after Jessie makeovers it really look in livable. We find our heroes at the at the training area.

"OK you have all mastered the basics of your training. You all should be proud that you this so easily. But now we move on to more difficult training."

"Um Scar?"

"Yes James."

"I was just wondering. We trained for three months now and we haven’t done anything with our pokemon." In the past three months all they had done was learn the spirit bond, learn weapon skills for when they learn to fight pokemon, and learn the traditions and customs of the ancient ways.

"Am glad you asked that James. You see now that you kids are able to control the spirit bond you must choose which pokemon do you to bond first with. This choice is important because the first pokemon you bond with will be the strongest bond you form."

"Well that seems easy for me, cause I chose Pikachu." Ash said rubbing his little friend in the head.

"Pika." The little pokemon replied eager to do something other them watch Ash train.

"Well me and James only two pokemon each, so I don’t there is much choice to that."

"Say Scar which of your pokemon do you first bond with?" Misty asked.

"Well like Ash I choose my first pokemon Charmander."

"So you had to fight your own Charmander." Ash said.

"Yah and mind you it was a though battle cause when I fought it was a Charmeleon and was how I got my first scar." He pointed to a small scar on his cheek.

"Wow it looks like we got to choose a pokemon that probably won’t kill us." James said.

"Ohh that doesn’t matter. There going to fight you like they never owned them. To them in the battle you will be just like another pokemon they must fight." Scar replied.

So Ash chose Pikachu, Misty chose her Starmie, Brock chose Geodude, Jessie with Arbok, and James with his Weezing.

"OK now that chosen your pokemon who wishes to fight first." Scar said awaiting the first challenge.

"I’ll go first." Ash said.

"OK Ash, Pikachu go to the battle floor and then begin." Scar directed them to the battle floor. Pikachu went to one end and Ash the other. Ash carried with him a club to defend himself with. "OK now begin!" Ash and Pikachu charge forward at each other missing each other completely.

"Wow if they keep this up, it might be the most boring pokemon battle ever." Brock said.

Ash turns and charges Pikachu again, when Pikachu threw itself it Ash’s stomach. Ash falls to the ground, then grabbed Pikachu and throws him to the wall. Pikachu shocks Ash with Thunder shock back. The two go at it with each other till Pikachu weaken by a blow to the back from Ash’s club.

"OK now to use the holding." Ash holds his hands together till they glowed a white light. Then Ash grabbed Pikachu. The Light surrounded the little pokemon turning the glow yellow. Then the light faded.

"Congratulation, Ash. You have successfully bonded to your Pikachu." Scar proclaimed.

"All right! Now me and Pikachu are bond as one." Ash hugged his Pikachu who was now closer together then before. After a while the rest of the group spirit bond to their first pokemon.

"Well now that you all have bonded to one pokemon and know how to use it, you all are going a trip." Scar said.

"Really where are we going." James said confused.

"Not we James. You all are going in different directions to find pokemon that fit your spirit types."

"Does that mean that we all go separate ways." Jessie said affaird of leaving James, like when they left Meowth.

"I know what your thinking, and I would not allow you and James to be separated. Remember that you two are the ones that fight like one. For me to separate you would bring down unknown effect to your destiny."

"So where do we go?" Ash questioned.

"Well I suggest that you would go where your spirit takes you."

"What does that mean?" Ash asked.

"I mean that you should go to a area where you would find the kind of pokemon that you can bond strongest to." Scar explained.

"OK, but do we take are pokemon with us." Misty asked.

"Other then your bonded pokemon no. How ever Misty you take Togepi with you since it is a baby" Scar said. "OK now you must decide which way your going to go."

"Well since I’m water I am heading for the beach." Misty said.

"I think the mountains would be wisest for me to head for." Brock said.

"Me and Jess are heading to the forest for are pokemon." James said.

"I guess that leaves me and Pikachu with the plains." Ash said his Pikachu mimicking his movements. "Hay Pikachu why are you copying me." The little pokemon just stared at Ash and sruged his solders.

"Amazing the bond has already bond the two of you physically. I believe that so you two will two will soon be able to speak with on other."

"Wow you hear that Pikachu soon we’ll be able to really talk to each other." Ash hugged his pokemon.

"Pikachu." The little pokemon said in it’s master grasp.

"Now you kids must go and find the pokemon that will guide you on your way to destiny." Scar said. "Go now and do not return till you found the pokemon you need."

To be continued...

What pokemon will the gang find. When will Ash be able to talk to Pikachu. Find out in Ancient Training part2.


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