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The Ancient Training
part 2: Ash's Journey

by Xen(short for Xenophon)


When we last left the group Ash and the others spirit bonded to their first pokemon and Scar told them that they must find more pokemon to bond with. So the group split up to find themselves more pokemon. We find Ash and Pikachu walking in the planes looking for pokemon.

"Say Pikachu do you see any pokemon around do you?" Ash asked Pikachu. The spirit bond hadn’t yet go as far for them to speak to each other, but Pikachu was still able to somewhat speak to Ash.

"Pika pi." His little friend replied. Then off to the distance a Farfetch’d landed to peck at the ground. "Pika!" Pikachu pointed Ash in the direction Farfetch’d was in.

"Thanks Pikachu. Now I’ll capture him." Ash reaches for his pokeballs, but finds nothing. "Oh I remember I’m to fight the pokemon myself." Ash reaches for the club Scar give him to use. "OK Farfetch’d prepare to be mine." Ash yelled as he charged towered Farfetch’d.

"Farfetch’d." It said as Ash smacked it in the head with his club. It shakes it head and chases after Ash trying to hit him with his onion sprig. Farfetch’d was about to reach Ash when Ash stopped allow Farfetch’d to ram into Ash sneaker. "Far." It said as Ash once again hit it with his club.

"Now Farfetch’d your joining me." Ash put his hands together till they glowed, then grabbed Farfetch’d. Farfetch’d glowed the white aura while Ash’s hands glowed indigo till it stopped. "Now Farfetch’d that wasn’t so bad now was it." Farfetch’d nodded to his new owner. "Wow I just captured Farfetch’d." Ash, Pikachu, and the newly earned Farfetch’d pose.

"Pika." "Fetch’d" His two pokemon replied.

"Well Farfetch’d do you mind if you travel in a Pokeball?" Ash asked. Farfetch’d nodded no. Ash open a Pokeball and Farfetch’d went in. "OK Pikachu let us look for more Pokemon." The walks of in search of more pokemon.

A week passes by. In that time Ash caught a Spearow, Tangela, and a Zubat they found in a cave they passed by. We find Ash and Pikachu walking in a forest to there next destination.

"Pika pikachu?" Pikachu asked Ash.

"I tell you Pikachu that is not the same tree we passed a hour ago." Ash replied. It seemed that everyday Ash understand what Pikachu was saying, but it was still difficult to understand a times.

"Pika pi?"

"OK will take a rest." They sit down by a tree. Ash takes out a book that Scar give him. The book was about on how the holding can be applied and how it can be used. While Ash was reading a chapter on how a holding master can channel there power to thier pokemon to allow then to converse with poeple who can’t use the holding, when Pikachu noticed something odd about a nearby tree. Pikachu went up to the tree to incept, when Pikachu was poking at the tree the tree moved.

"PIKA!" Ash looked away from the book to see a tree moving away form Pikachu.

"WHAT THE?" Suddenly the tree changed it’s shape into that of a Ditto. "Wow a Ditto that I always wanted one. Prepare to fight Ditto." Ash pulled the club from his belt. Ditto then transformed into Pikachu and next to the real one to confuse Ash. "Ha unlike before I know which is mine and which is fake Ditto." Ash hits the false Pikachu on the head.

"Pikachu." The false Ditto said. It then changed into a large image. When it finished to Ash’s and Pikachu’s surprise it looked like Ash. "You wish to fight me Holder." It spoke just like Ash did. "Then I’ll fight as you." It charged toward Ash, but missed by a few inches.

"That was good swipe, but this is better." Ash punches Ditto/Ash in the stomach causing it to bend over. Then Ash kicks it’s head causing it to fall. "Now it looks like you’ll be joining me." Ash held his hands it’ll it glowed.

"Ash watch out." Ash looks up to see Ditto up and ready to hit him with his arm with changed into a blade. Ash drop in the holding and takes out a dagger he kept hidden in his belt for hostile pokemon. Ash and Ditto stake each other. Ditto’s blade arm came of (note: Ditto is made of a gel like substance so it only looks painful) and Ash got cut in the shoulder. Pikachu zaps Ditto for harming his friend. Ditto fell to ground form the shock.

"Thanks Pikachu. Now back to business." Once again Ash held his hands together till they glowed. Then Ash placed his hands on Ditto and the glow surrounded the pokemon. Then the light dimmed. Ditto then stood and bowed.

"You have beaten me in battle and now I am your pokemon, But I ask one thing. That I wish not to put into a pokeball. I will follow you faithfully if allow my request." The Ditto said to it’s new master.

"OK Ditto I will allow you to stay out of a pokeball if you wish. Now I just want to know who yelled that warring."

"Ash it was me." Ash stared at his Pikachu realizing that he understood what his pokemon said.

"Pikachu. I can understand you. I UNDERSTOOD PIKACHU! I can’t believe it Pikachu I understand your language." Ash hugged his friend who became more the a friend now.

"Well this is amazing. I can’t believe that I understand you. You know what Pikachu I think it’s time we head back to Scar's place."

"Why?" Pikachu was confused by Ash’s sudden decision.

"Because I miss the other and it feels kind of lonely to be alone with only my pokemon."

"Yah I miss the other to."

"So that stetted we head back for the other and I want to bond with my other pokemon as well and for the others the meet Ditto and the others. Come on Pikachu. Ditto. Lets go home." So Ash, Pikachu, and Ditto traveled back to Scar to knowing that his journey is nothing with out his friends.

to be continued.....

What is happening to others find out in Ancient Training part 3.

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