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Big Trouble In Paradise


It’s been a long walk, but our heroes have arrived at the seaport- so they can finally get to Cinnabar Island! Sadly, Ash and Misty are having some REAL problems.



Brock: Would you two PLEASE stop arguing about who’s better? We’re getting on board the ship now.

Ash: Just as long as I don’t have to see her…

Misty: Take that back!

Ash: No, I won’t!

Misty: (pulls out mallet) Take it back or you get on the ship airborne!

Ash shakes his head no again, and Misty hits him. It does, in fact, send him flying on the ship. He lands with a loud thud.

Ash: Owowowow… that hurt…

The ticket man at the ramp to get onboard sees the boy on the ship.

Ticket Man: Do you two have a ticket for him?

Brock lightly chuckles and gives the man the three tickets.

Brock: (to Ash) Are you okay?

Ash: I never knew she packed such a wallop… ow…

Ash Introducing Title: Big Trouble in Paradise!

Why is the arguing so bad now? Well, Ash and Misty had a incident earlier on they’re adventure… let’s see what exactly happened…


It’s night time. Ash, Misty and Brock are in the hotel. Misty, at the moment, is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Ash and Misty hadn’t fought all day, and Ash was starting to enjoy her company.

Brock: I think it’s a world record, Ash.

Ash: I know. Absolutely no fighting. Today was actually pretty nice.

Brock: You know, this might be another good sign.

Ash starts to blush. He quickly shakes it off.

Ash: (defensively) Hey, what does that mean?

Brock: Please. You know why.

Ash once again blushes.

Brock: (slyly) That a pretty bright red there Ash.

Ash: (still blushing) So? Maybe I do…

Ash and Brock then look at each other. Brock knew. Ash didn’t want Brock to know but he did. He wasn’t worried about Brock doing anything with Misty- he was too old for her. What Ash WAS worried about was Brock’s big mouth telling Misty. Ash wasn’t exactly sure on his feelings for Misty yet. There were some days where Ash thought he might tell Misty about his feelings, but he always found a reason to back down. (Normally the constant arguing.) With the perfect day today though, Ash had time to think. Him and Misty? He laughed at the thought. After all this time, would it happen? He suddenly dropped the idea when Misty came out.

Misty: Your turn Ash.

Ash quickly ran into the bathroom. Misty looked puzzled.

Misty: What’s his problem?

Brock: (smiling, almost blushing) He’s just got a lot on his mind I guess.

Misty looked at Brock. She knew he knew more than he was telling her.

Misty: What else?

Brock was scared. He didn’t want to tell Ash’s secret but couldn’t lie to Misty. She kept looking at him. He started to crack.

Brock: (stuttering) We-Well, he was th-th-thinking about… y…

Misty: (now in Brock’s face) Who? What?

Brock was about to say it when Ash came running out. He saw Brock was about to say it. Ash covered Brock mouth and laughed.

Ash: (with sweatdrops) Nothing. Absolutely nothing, Misty.

Misty now looked at Ash.

Misty: (thinking) What is he hiding from me? It’s definitely something I have to find out.

Ash: (thinking) It’s okay Ash. You’ve kept the secret safe for another day. Just act natural and she won’t find out.

Ash went to sleep on his bed and Misty on hers. Brock slept on the floor. It was late, and Ash needed his sleep. Suddenly he saw Misty hanging above his bed.

Ash: (whispering) What is it?

Misty then grabbed his collar and held him there.

Misty: (whispering) What are you hiding, Ash?

Ash got about a million sweatdrops on his face. He didn’t want to tell Misty now. (Especially in his current position.)

Misty: What is it?

Ash: Well, you see…

Just as Ash got all his courage together to tell her, somebody knocked on the door. Misty let go of Ash and went to see who it was. She looked through the peephole. It was…

Misty: It’s Gary!

Ash: Then just go back to sleep.

Instead, to Ash’s surprise, Misty opened the door. The two suddenly gave each other a hug. Ash was NOT happy.

Gary: (smiling) It’s nice to see you again.

Misty: (smiling) Same here.

Ash was about to blow his top. He understood somebody else wanted Misty. He even understood that somebody else was with Misty. But what he didn’t like that is was GARY. Ash stands up and walks toward them.

Ash: So, how long has this been going on?

Gary: Just yesterday, as a matter of fact.

Ash then thought about this. Could that be why he didn’t have any problems with Misty today? He got depressed and went back to bed.

Misty: What is it?

Gary: What, I’m not allowed to miss you?

Misty giggles and gives him a nice kiss. Ash is still watching, and is clenching his fist.

Misty: I missed you too, but why did you come this late?

Gary: (loud enough so Ash could hear) Because I was hoping Ash would be asleep.

Misty: Why would that matter?

Gary: Because… (holds her hand) I don’t really like him.

Misty didn’t know what to think. She quickly pulled away.

Misty: But he is my friend, Gary.

Gary: So, what does that matter? He’s still a little loser.

Misty started to get angry. She didn’t like Gary messing with her friends. Ash was getting ready to get out of bed and give Gary a piece of his mind.

Misty: (angry tone) So? They’re my friends, so you shouldn’t be saying that… (turns around and looks at Ash’s bed, goes to normal tone) especially about Ash. He’s my best friend.

Ash smiled. Not only because he was Misty’s best friend, but also because he knew where Misty and Gary’s conversation was going.

Gary: I’m sorry. (puts hand on her shoulder) I didn’t know.

Misty takes his hand off her shoulder. Ash smiles.

Misty: Yeah, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me… or my friends.

Gary: So? I love you for who you are.

Misty: (angry) It doesn’t work that way Gary! You’re supposed to love me for EVERYTHING about me.

Gary: Well, if you’re going to be tough about this, then I don’t see why I’m wasting my time with you.

Ash starts to get out of his bed to pummel Gary when Brock holds him back.

Brock: (whispering) Just stay…

Gary then walks out. Misty then slams the door. Misty starts to cry, and falls on her bed. Ash gets up and sits down next to Misty.

Misty: (crying) Did I-I wake yo-you?

Ash: (smiling) No. I was up the whole time.

Misty: (crying) Ash… why did I fall for Gary?

Ash: I don’t know why. He’s just a jerk… especially if he left you.

Misty: (crying slows down) Oh Ash…

Ash starts to stroke her back. The crying stops. She now realizes what’s happening. So does Ash.

Ash: (thinking) What am I doing? She’s going to hit me…

Ash’s thoughts were stopped when she put her hand on Ash’s. They both started to blush.

Ash: (blushing beet red) Are you going to be O.K. Misty?

Misty: (blushing) I think so…

Ash then smiles at Misty. Then he starts to lean in and Misty does too. They almost kiss when…

Gary: (opens the door and comes in) And another thing, I want that neckl…

Gary sees Ash and Misty almost kissing.

Gary: (yelling) WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Ash then falls backwards, and he lands on his back.

Ash: (yelling at Gary) WHY DID YOU JUST BARGE IN HERE?

Ash then noticed Misty was still looking at him.

Misty: (thinking) Did I just do what I thought I did? I almost kissed Ash! I wasn’t supposed to tell Ash until he told me. Ha, guess that was his way…

Ash: (thinking) Wow, I did it! I almost kissed her. I wonder if she figured it out…

Gary: Why are you kissing Misty?

Ash: I didn’t kiss her! I was just comforting her, after YOU ditched her.

Gary: It’s okay. Not like she’d ever do anything with you. Considering what she said about you…

Ash started to look at Misty.

Gary: (continuing) She said you were a short, self-centered idiot who couldn’t beat a Caterpie.

Ash was frowning now. Misty started to sense this wasn’t going well.

Ash: Oh yeah? Well Ms. Scrawny can comfort herself!

Ash then stomps off to his bed. He pulls the sheets over his head. Misty is completely shocked. She had dreamt about Ash and her’s first kiss together. She never expected it to be ruined by Gary. Then again, she HAD said those things, so she kinda screwed it up herself. She felt like crying. Now they were arguing again, but they we’re SO CLOSE!

Brock: You okay Ash?

Ash also felt like crying on his bed. He just lay there, thinking about what she had said about him. He was heart-broken, but he didn’t show it. Just then, a great anger went through Ash’s body.


Ash then realized what he said. He just lay back down.


And that’s what happened. Now, our heroes are on the boat to Cinnabar Island. Misty is angry at Ash and Ash is angry with Misty. Who knows what will happen now? And where’s Team Rocket?

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Sorry! I guess you’ll have to try next time!




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