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Water, Water Everywhere


Narrator: Last time, Ash and the group finally got to the ship in route to Cinnabar Island. Misty and Ash are arguing more than usual, as we found out, because of Gary, and Ash now can continue with his Pokemon training. The only catch- they’re on a boat.

Ash Introducing Title: Water Water Everywhere!

Brock: (blushing) Look at all the beautiful women!

Misty hits Brock in stupidity. Brock had a reason to be blushing- there was a lot of beautiful women on the cruise. Ash wasn’t with the two of them- he was on the main deck having a battle.

Ash: O.K. Bulbasaur, use the Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur jumped in the air and extended its vines. The other pokemon was hit and fainted.

Trainer: Oh no! Return!

The trainer called back the pokemon into the pokeball. Ash jumped up in joy.

Ash: All right! That’s another one for me! (does his pose)

Pikachu: Pika!

Trainer: You’re pretty good. How many badges do you have?

Ash: I have 6! (shows the trainer his badges)

Trainer: Wow! I only have 2.

Ash: (supportively) It’s okay. You’ll get there. Just train that pokemon of yours and it should do pretty well!

Trainer: (walks away) Thanks!

Ash had fought 6 trainers today so far and had a good winning streak going. He was getting confident in his abilities. He needed all the luck and skill he had for the upcoming battle at the Cinnabar Island gym.

Brock: Hey Ash!

Ash turned around and saw Brock. He walked over to him.

Ash: Hey Brock! What is it?

Brock: I was wondering if you knew where Misty was…

Ash: (still happy) No, I haven’t seen her all morning… (quickly getting worried) …you mean you don’t know where she is?

Brock: (shakes head no) Nope, I lost her when I went after this cute woman.

Ash falls in stupidity.

Ash: Well, I guess she can take care of herself.

Just as Ash says this, a scream is heard from elsewhere on the ship. Ash starts to run in the direction of the scream.

Ash: (yelling) I guess not!

Brock: Wait up Ash!

Brock and Ash went through the deck of the ship. They found Misty.

Ash: (worried) Misty, you O.K.?

Misty: Of course I’m O.K. (eyes narrow at Ash) Why do you ask?

Ash: (chuckles) Ha, no reason… just heard a scream and thought it was you.

Misty: That was the little boy over here. (points to the little boy crying)

Ash: That explains it…

Misty gets angry at hits Ash in the head. Ash falls down in pain, and she continues to yell.

Misty: (yelling) Do you think I scream like a little BOY?

Ash: (still recovering) No… of course not… oowowwwowwww…

Pikachu: Pika pi… {Sometimes I wonder…}

Just as Ash got back to the deck to do another battle, he heard another scream. This time he just ignored it.

Brock: (sweatdrops) Aren’t you going to go see if that’s Misty?

Ash: Nope. I’m not that stupid Brock.

Suddenly, a large group of crewmen ran past Ash. Two of them saw Ash and stopped.

Crewman 1: What are you standing around for?

Ash: (confused) Huh?

Crewman 2: One of your friends fell overboard while fishing.

Ash & Brock: (yelling) Misty?

Crewman 2: Some weird looking girl.

Ash: (thinking) That’s Misty all right.

The two crewmen went to the spot where she was, followed by Ash and Brock. Ash was worried about Misty again. How did she fall down the side of the ship? Ash thought, her being a fishing expert she’d at least be able to hold on to the side so she didn’t get pulled in. When he saw Misty in the ocean, he thought otherwise.

Misty: (waving her arms and yelling) SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF THIS WATER!

Crewman 3: (panting) I just checked the whole ship. I can’t find a tube.

Crewman 1: Then how are we going to save her?

Crewman 2: (looking at Ash) Hey, aren’t you a pokemon trainer?

Ash: (slowly) Yeah…

Crewman 2: Well, use your pokemon to save her!

Brock: Yeah, why didn’t you think of that Ash?

Ash hits Brock and takes out a pokeball.

Ash: (at Brock with angry tone) Quiet Brock! (throws Pokeball) Pidgeotto, go!

The ball goes over the side and opens. Pidgeotto comes out and flaps its wings.

Pidgeotto: Pigo!

Ash: Pidgeotto, go save Misty for us!

Pidgeotto then dove near her. Misty saw Pidgeotto and reached for him, but she couldn’t reach it.

Misty: (yelling) I CAN’T REACH HIM ASH!

Ash started to get nervous. What other pokemon did he have that could save her? He needed to think quickly.


Pikachu tugged on Ash’s pants. He looked down and saw Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika chu pi pi! Pika chu Pi ka chu! {Bring Pidgeotto back here! I have an idea!}

Ash: All right!

Ash called for Pidgeotto. When it came back, Pikachu hopped on it’s back and talked in pokemon language. Pidgeotto took off to the water.

Ash: (confused and worried) What are they doing?

Ash looked down. He saw Pikachu sticking it’s tail out for Misty to grab. When she grabbed it, Pikachu held on tight and signaled Pidgeotto to start flying upward. It was a tense struggle as Pidgeotto tried to lift both of them (she may be scrawny but she still has some weight), but in a few minutes Misty lay on the deck of the ship.

Misty: (struggling to breathe) That… was… scary…

Ash’s heart was beating very rapidly. He wasn’t expecting to save somebody today (then again who does?) and he didn’t even understand why, of all people he rescued Misty would be it. They had been arguing a lot the past few days, mostly because of the Gary incident. Ash thought again about what happened. He was so angry when he found out she had said all those mean things about him, right behind his back.

Misty: (still panting) Thanks… Ash.

Brock: Good job Ash!

Ash couldn’t help but blush slightly. Even though they fought a lot, Ash still cared for Misty somewhat. They were good friends.

Ash: You’re welcome Misty. (smiles)

Suddenly, the view shifts to behind a pair of binoculars. It was Team Rocket, watching the whole thing…

James: You know Jessie, I’ve been wondering…

Jessie: (pops head up from binoculars) What?

James: We keep trying to get Pikachu by trapping the group and then taking Pikachu. We haven’t tried strategy 2 though.

Jessie: (gasps) We haven’t because it’s twice as hard to pull off.

James: (pointing out) But, if we pull it off, we have a better chance of getting Pikachu!

Meowth: (slightly confused) I don’t know what you two mean, but I like the better chance of getting Pikachu part!

Jessie: O.K. then, we’ll try strategy 2 then!

James: Right!

Later at night, the group is in they’re room. They all have gotten ready for bed, and Brock has already fallen asleep.

Misty: Hey Ash?

Ash: Hmm?

Misty: Thanks again for saving me. (smiles)

Ash: (smiles back) Don’t thank me, thank Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika!

Misty rolled over in her bed and lay down. She didn’t know Ash still cared so much that he’d save her. She fell asleep thinking about this.

Ash: (thinking) Who knew? I guess I do care… wait! She said all those mean things… but…

Ash suddenly fell asleep. Pikachu hopped out of his little sleeping bag and turned off the light.

It’s now 1:00 a.m. Jessie, James and Meowth are in position outside the door. James lightly knocks.

James: (knocks) Hello?

Ash wakes up. Still half-asleep, he opens the door.

Jessie: (runs in) Ha! We’ve got you!

James and Meowth also run in and shut the door. Misty and Brock are waking up now.

Misty: (groggily) Huh?

Jessie: Prepare for Trouble!

James: Make it double!

Ash: (gasps) It’s Team Rocket!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of LIGHT!

James: Surrender now or prepare to FIGHT!

Meowth: That’s right!

Misty: (awake) What do you three want now?

Jessie: Good question brat… what we need…

James: …is (points at Misty) YOU!

Meowth: (shocked) THAT’S strategy 2?

James: (hits Meowth with a paper fan) Be quiet!

Ash: You’re not taking anybody away!

Ash backs toward Misty protectively and Brock stands up.

Ash: (whispering to Misty) Just stay there.

Misty, a little bit frightened, nods and stands there.

Ash: Pikachu! Use your thundershock on Team Rocket!

Ash looks around. He then sees Pikachu still resting in the sleeping bag. He falls down in stupidity.

Ash: (hits a gong) WAKE UP!!!

Pikachu jumps up and sees Team Rocket. He then does a thundershock attack that sends them flying into the door.

Jessie James & Meowth: Owwww!

James: Go Wheezing!

Jessie: And go Arbok!

Wheezing and Arbok appear. They immediately fly at Ash.

Ash: (screaming) WAAAAA!

Pikachu, before they hit Ash, flies into Wheezing and does it’s Quick Attack, which stops Wheezing. Arbok, though, flies into Ash and hits him, causing him to fall down.

Misty: (worried) Ash!

Jessie: Now James!

James pulls out a gun that sends out a net at Misty. It captures her, and the gun pulls the net back in.

Misty: (yelling) Somebody get me out of this thing!

Ash: (gets up) Not twice in one episode! Go Pikachu!

Sadly, before Pikachu can get to the net, the door opens. Jessie, James and Meowth run out and shut the door quickly.

Jessie: We did it! Let’s get out of here!

Misty: Let me go!

James: But, we have a use for you.

Meowth: We’re gonna get Pikachu!

Ash runs out the door and sees Team Rocket jump in a boat. He tries to get there before the boat starts up, but they get away. Ash looks at Misty as they move away from the ship.

Misty: (slightly crying) Ash…

Ash just stood there. He couldn’t believe it. Team Rocket got away with Misty. They’d never gotten away with a job ever. But why did they want Misty and not Pikachu? It didn’t matter. Ash had failed Misty. He tried to protect her, but…

Brock: Ash, snap out of it!

Ash shook his face and looked at Brock.

Brock: We need to get a boat and follow them!

Ash nodded. It didn’t sound very smart- going after Team Rocket, leaving they’re ship just to chase after Misty. But he agreed. He was worried about Misty. Old feelings were coming back to Ash. It was happening all over again.


Ash ran to the boat and got in. Brock started the engine and they were off- after Misty.

Brock: Now, they went this way, right?

Ash: (nods) Yeah.

Brock: Luckily, since we have less weight on our boat, we might be able to catch up to them.

Ash: What will we do if we do?

Brock sat there for a second. He didn’t have a plan- he wasn’t expecting somebody to capture Misty today (or tonight, for that matter).

Brock: I… don’t know Ash.

Back with Team Rocket, they’re boat arrives at an island. Jessie and James laugh as they carry Misty and put her in a cage.

Jessie: This was a brilliant plan, James!

James: It sure was. Now all we have to do is send the ransom letter and we’ll get Pikachu!

Misty: That was the whole idea? Trade me for Pikachu?

James: Of course. That lovesick pest will surely pay the ransom…

Misty blushes for a second, but then stops.

Misty: (irritated) Ash isn’t lovesick for anybody! For you information, we’re just friends.

James: Surrrre…

Jessie hits James with a mallet. He falls down.

Jessie: Stop being stupid! (looks at Misty) I’ll give the pest a little credit- why would HE want HER?

Ash: Maybe I think differently than you!

Jessie, James and Misty turn around to see Ash and Brock standing there. Misty’s eyes water as she sees him.

James: Let’s see you beat this…

James then fires the net gun. Suddenly, Pikachu pops up and shocks the gun, causing it to blow up and the net to stop in front of Ash.

Ash: Good job Pikachu! Now Brock!

Brock: O.K! Geodude, go!

Brock throws his pokeball. Geodude pops out.

Geodude: Geo!

Brock: Geodude, Seismic Toss! Throw Team Rocket over into the sea!

Geodude grabbed Jessie and James. He then threw them at the ocean. They landed with a loud splash. Meanwhile, Ash works on the net.

Ash: (struggling to get net open) I… almost… got it…

Ash then ripped the net apart. To his surprise, Misty jumped out and into his arms. He was a little shocked.

Misty: Thank you Ash!

Meowth: Don’t thank him yet!

Meowth came from behind and swiped at Misty. Pikachu did his thunderbolt at Meowth before he got to Misty, though, sending Meowth hurtling into the boat. Trying to grab hold of something, he accidentally pulls the cord on the boat, starting the engine. Meowth can’t steer it and it hits Jessie and James, sending them into the boat.

Jessie: We almost had Pikachu!

James: From now on, we stick with strategy 1!

Meowth: But until then…

Jessie James & Meowth: We’re surfing off again!

They hurtle off into the sea. On the island, Misty is still hugging Ash.

Ash: (slowly) You’re… welcome.

Misty lets go and looks at him. They’re both blushing beet red. Ash starts to lean in…

Brock: Come on you two, we have to-

Brock sees them both starting to kiss and he gasps.

Brock: (yelling) What are you two doing?

Misty stops and looks at Brock. Ash, off-balance, falls down on his face. Misty helps him up.

Misty: Oh… sorry Ash.

Ash: Waaa… it’s O.K.

They both walk into the boat. Brock starts the engine and they find the ship.

Misty: We need to sleep-in tonight.

Ash: Why?

Misty: (looking at him) It’s 2:00 AM!

Ash: Oh… hahaha, sorry.

Narrator: So the group docks at the ship. Hopefully they won’t sleep too long- so we can see what happens next! Will Ash and Misty finally kiss? And will Team Rocket make it back to the ship so they can try to capture Pikachu again? All the awnsers on the next Pokemon!

Brock: Come on A




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