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Giovanni's Secret


Narrator: its yet another beautiful day on the ship. Ash and Misty patched things up last time, after Team Rocket kidnapped her. Now, Ash hopes the ship’s journey doesn’t last much longer, so he can go battle for his 7th badge at Cinnabar Island.

Brock Introducing Title: Giovanni’s Secret!

Party music is heard from outside Ash, Misty and Brock’s cabin. Misty and Ash walk inside to find Brock on the bed, pretending to play the guitar to the music.

Brock: (singing to the song) Nanananananana…

Ash and Misty both have sweatdrops. Pikachu walks in and shocks Brock, sending him to the floor, sizzling.

Ash: (sweatdrops) Thanks, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Ash goes over to the stereo and turns off the music. He then stands above the still paralyzed Brock on the floor.

Misty: What were you doing, Brock? (takes out the CD) This isn’t your music CD.

Brock: (stands up) I know. It came in a package at the front door while you two were gone. I opened it and decided to see what was on it.

Ash: Doesn’t say what’s on the CD on the case?

Brock: (nervous) Well, yeah, but…

Misty: (smirking) I think Brock likes Rock.

Brock: No I don’t!

Misty: (folds arms) Then why did you play the CD?

Brock just stands there. As Misty tries to get a reason out of Brock, Ash grabs his stuff and walks out the door.

Misty: (turns to door) Hey Ash, where ya going?

Ash: (pokes head inside) Nowhere special.

Ash then closes the door behind him. He was looking forward to battling some of the trainers on the ship. Pikachu wanted to battle too, but he left him there with Misty and Brock. As he walked down the side of the ship, somebody pokes him, and he turns around.

Trainer: Do you want to battle?

Ash: Sure thing!

They walk to the in-ship battle room. As they walk, the trainer introduces himself as Giovanni. The person is a man, wearing a suit (of all clothing) and a tie. Before Ash can ask how many badges the man has, they get to the battle room and they take sides.

Giovanni: Will a one-on-one be good with you?

Ash: That’s O.K. (grabs pokeball) I choose you Charizard!

Ash throws the pokeball. Charizard comes out and growls.

Giovanni: I saw you the other day with a Pikachu. Where is it?

Ash: Taking a break at my room. Now come on, let’s battle!

Giovanni: (chuckles) Sure thing. Let me get something first.

Giovanni then claps his hands twice. All of the sudden, part of the roof of the battle room collapses and three familiar figures appear.

Figure 1: Prepare for trouble!

Figure 2: Make it double!

Ash: What the…?

The three figures suddenly come into sight. It is, of course, Team Rocket.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denouce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our-

Ash: (interrupting) Listen guys, I’m in the middle of a battle right now, so could you come back another time?

Jessie: (angry) Don’t interrupt our motto!

James: (clears his throat) To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now-

Giovanni: (interrupting) Listen you idiots! Get the boy and his pokemon NOW!

James: But we were-

Giovanni: (yelling) I don’t care what you were doing! Just get him now!

Jessie & James: Yes sir!

Ash: (confused) What’s going on here?

Jessie: This person here is our boss!

James: It was a trick! A brilliant one!

Meowth: Now, let’s get his pokemon!

Ash: Never! Charizard, use your Fire Blast attack on Team Rocket!

For once, Charizard obeys Ash and does his Fire Blast attack on Jessie, James and Meowth, sending them through the roof and into the sky.

Jessie James & Meowth: Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again! (ding)

Giovanni then looks at Ash and chuckles.

Giovanni: Do you really think you can win? (grabs a pokeball) Go, Mewtwo!

Ash: Mewtwo?

Giovanni throws the ball and out comes a strange looking pokemon. It has armor plates around it and two holes in the head for eyes. The eyes start to glow. Ash pulls out his PokÚdex.

Dexter (a.k.a. PokÚdex): Mewtwo, a psychic pokemon. Mewtwo uses unbelievably strong psychic attacks. It doesn’t have a mouth, but at higher levels it uses it’s brainpower to transmit audible waves. So far, only one Mewtwo has been found.

Ash: Then how did you get one?

Giovanni: That doesn’t matter to you anymore, little boy. Now hand over all your pokeballs and I might spare you.

Just as Ash was about to order Charizard to attack, he hears somebody yell at him!

Girl: Just hand them over to him, Ash!

Ash turns around to see Misty, standing in the doorway. She walks up to him.

Misty: Just give him your pokemon. You can’t beat Mewtwo.

Ash: But… all my pokemon…

Misty: (finishing his sentence) won’t do you any good if you’re dead. Ash…

Giovanni: I’m giving you 5 seconds, boy.

Misty: Ash, don’t be dumb! Just give them up!

Giovanni: 5…

Ash: Misty I can’t!

Giovanni: 4…

Misty: (eyes water) Ash please! Just give them up!

Ash: I’m not losing all my pokemon!

Giovanni: 3…

Misty: (starting to cry) Ash… don’t do something this stupid! Give him the pokemon!

Giovanni: 2…

Ash is silent. Misty is now crying her eyes out, still imploring Ash to give up his pokemon. He looks at her one more time.

Ash: I’m sorry Misty…

Giovanni: 1…

Ash: (takes all his pokemon) You want them Giovanni?

Giovanni: Just hand them over boy.

Ash: (yelling) Then you can fight for them! (throws all his pokeballs) Pokemon, go!

Ash throws all his pokeballs, and all his pokemon pop out. They look at Mewtwo, who is now completely glowing.

Giovanni: Fine! Mewtwo, Psychic!

Mewtwo suddenly starts to glow red, and all of Ash’s pokemon start to float above the ground. They then start to fly up, near the roof, and then the glow on Mewtwo turns back to blue, and they all fall down onto the ground.

Misty: (grabs Ash) Ash run!

Ash: But my Pokemon…!

Misty grabs Ash. She almost literally throws him out of the battle room and takes him to the room. Ash is crying and yelling for his pokemon as he is dragged away.

Giovanni: Very well then. Mewtwo return! (returns Mewtwo) Worthless Pokemon… I’ll have to get the Pikachu, though. He’ll have to leave his room sooner or later, and when he does… he’s mine!

Narrator: Well, it looks like Ash is in big trouble now! What will happen to all his pokemon? Will he be able to make it through the last two days of the cruise? Find out in the continuation of today’s Pokemon!



Uh-oh, a cliffhanger! You’ll have to wait until part 4 comes out!


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