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Ash's Pokémon


Narrator: Last time on Pokemon, Ash fought a man who revealed himself to be Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket. Giovanni fought Ash with his Mewtwo, and Ash lost all his Pokemon after Mewtwo defeated all of them! Now Ash is hiding in his room from Giovanni! Will he be able to make it through the rest of the cruise?

Ash Introducing Title: Ash’s… (sniffles) Pokemon!

Misty: What’s the matter Ash?

Ash is inside the room on his bed. Misty sits down next to him.

Misty: (sighs) Don’t worry. I’m sure all your pokemon are O.K.

Ash: (sniffles) But… he beat all of them!

Pikachu: Pika pi chu? Pika chu? {What am I? Dead meat?}

Ash: (hugs Pikachu and smiles) Sorry Pikachu. But I really miss the other pokemon.

Pikachu: Pika pi. {Me too.}

Misty: Buck up! We’ll find them! And the ship docks at port tonight! Giovanni won’t dare try anything when the ship is at port.

Ash: (looks up at Misty) You think so?

Misty: (cheerfully) I know so! (smiles)

Ash: (smiles back) Thanks. (thinking) Why is she being so nice to me? Hmm, maybe she isn’t so mean after all…

Misty: (thinking) Well, this sure is nice. At least I got him happy. Maybe I should tell him…

Ash and Misty both stare at each other for about a minute, then Ash starts to move forward. Misty follows.

Ash: (thinking) What am-

Misty: (thinking) I doing?

Before they’re lips could meet, Brock once AGAIN walks in and spoils the moment by yelling-

Brock: (yelling) Oh my god! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?

Misty and Ash both pull back really fast and look at Brock. They’re both blushing a bright, traffic light red.

Misty: (stuttering) W-what is it B-Brock?

Ash: (ticked off) Why does everyone ruin my moments? (sighs)

Misty: Moment? (slightly angry) I was just off-guard! I felt sorry for you!

Ash: (turns around) Fine then. Have it your way.

Ash then slumps into his bed and pulls the covers over his head.

Ash: (no emotion) I’m taking a nap. Wake me when it’s time for lunch.

Misty just stares at him (or the lump in the bed, since he’s under the covers) for a few seconds, then gets off the bed.

Misty: Have a nice nap.

Meanwhile, in some other part of the ship, Giovanni is talking on a videophone. The three figures on the other end are Jessie, James and Meowth.

Giovanni: (slams fist on desk) If you three hadn’t bungled the operation at the battle room, I’d have that boy’s Pikachu by now!

Jessie: (scared) We’re sorry sir, but he blew us away before we could do anything.

James: (also scared) And we needed to say our motto. It usually scares them.

Giovanni: (angry) If you three want to save your hides, I suggest you capture the boy’s Pikachu from his room before we dock. If you don’t… well, then you’ll be going on a special trip of your own.

All three of the Rocket members gulp. They nod and the screen goes blank. Giovanni chuckles as he leans back on his chair.

Giovanni: If they get the Pikachu, I’ll be able to make a super pokemon of great strength- enough power to take over the world!

The Persian appears behind him and purrs. He chuckles again.

Giovanni: And then I’ll get rid of those three blundering idiots.

Back outside Ash’s room, Misty walks out in a bathing suit. She has a towel and a bottle of suntan lotion with her. She lays down on one of the chairs outside and puts some of the lotion on herself.

Misty: (thinking) I can’t believe I blew it inside the room earlier. I should’ve told him right then and there. But… Brock came in and… I need to try again when we get to Cinnabar Island.

Just then, she sees a boy gawking at her. He looks somewhat like Ash, but is her age and has brown hair. He walks up to her.

Boy: Sorry about that. I’m Scott.

Misty: (blushes) Oh hi, I’m Misty.

Scott: What’s a girl like you doing on a cruise alone?

Misty: (chuckles) Oh, I’m not alone… I’m with two guys.

The boy stands there for a second. She can tell what he was thinking.

Misty: (sort of disgusted and confused) No, not that! They’re just friends!

Scott breathes a sigh of relief. He sits down in the chair next to Misty’s. Just then, Ash walks out a nearby corner and sticks his head out. He sees Misty talking to Scott. Steam starts to blow from his head. He then shakes it off and walks toward her. He’s in his normal clothing.

Ash: Hey Misty!

Misty nearly chokes on air when she hears him and she turns around and waves.

Misty: (cheerfully) Hi Ash! Over here!

Ash walks over and stands in the middle of Misty and Scott’s two chairs.

Misty: Ash… (points at Scott) This is Scott… Scott, this is Ash.

Both Scott and Ash say ‘Hi’ to each other but they both can tell one thing- they both wanted Misty.

Scott: (thinking) This guy must like her. I can tell. I’ll just have to get her first with my ‘charm’. (out-loud) So, Misty, do you like water-pokemon?

Misty: Yeah, I do! How’d you know?

Scott: (smirking) Because of your name! It’s beautiful… just like you!

Misty blushes quite red and Ash growls quietly. He gives Scott the ‘back off’ look but he keeps flirting with Misty.

Scott: Are you a pokemon trainer?

Misty: (smiling) Why yes I am. Wanna see them?

Scott: I’m sure they’d let you show them off at the party tonight before we dock! Would you like to go with me?

Now Ash was angry. This boy had entered his territory quite too fast. He decided that a quick counter-measure was needed. He would get yelled at, but it would be worth it in the long run. He pretended to fall down in pain from his foot.

Ash: (holding his foot) Ow! My foot!

Misty: (worried) Ash! Are you okay?

Ash falls down and signals for Misty to come closer. Misty leans in.

Ash: (whispering) Bring me back to the room.

Scott: (irritated) Can’t you hop back on your good foot?

Misty shot Scott a mean look. He could tell he had hit a nerve.

Misty: (angry) He can’t hop back! Can’t you see he’s in pain? (normal tone) I’ll get Brock, Ash.

Ash nods on the ground still holding his foot. She runs back to the room. When she goes around the corner, Scott stands above Ash.

Scott: And what was that all about, Ash?

Ash: (pretending to be in pain) It’s called hurting your foot, Scott…

Scott: Sure, you’re in real pain! (bends down to Ash and whispers) You just can’t face the fact that Misty likes me more than you.

Ash is silent for a moment. He then continues to act out his injury. Before Scott could comment again, Misty and Brock arrive at the scene. Brock picks up Ash and helps him to the room. Misty winks at Scott (to Ash’s dislike) and follows Brock and Ash. Scott winks back.

Scott: (thinking) Soon…

About an hour later, inside the room, Ash is laying comfortably on the bed with a TV remote. Misty is sitting on a chair next to his bed, still with a worried look.

Ash: Misty, I’ll be fine. You can go back outside and sunbathe.

Misty: Are you sure?

Ash: Yeah… (turns the TV on) go ahead.

Misty smiles at him and then gets back up. She gets her stuff again and leaves the room. Brock then walks out of the bathroom with Pikachu. Ash almost laughs at Pikachu, who wanted a haircut.

Brock: I TOLD you Pikachu… it would be hard to cut your hair because you barely have any.

Pikachu then looks at Ash. Pikachu then starts to twirl around like a model, and then hops onto Ash’s bed, right on his foot. Brock was expecting a loud "Ow", but he didn’t hear anything. He then examined Ash’s foot.

Brock: Pikachu just landed on your foot. Why didn’t it hurt?

Ash: (nervous) I… uh…

Brock: (looks hard at Ash) You mean it never did hurt?

Ash: (sighs) Fine, I’ll talk. It never got hurt in the first place. Scott was talking to Misty and…

Brock: You got jealous cause you like her and broke them up by pretending to be injured?

Ash: Not really…

Brock: Face it Ash. You like her.

Ash once again sighs. He nods his head.

Brock: A-ha! I knew it!

Ash: So? Why does it matter? She doesn’t like me.

Before any of the three of them could speak, somebody busted the door down. Suddenly, Jessie, James and Meowth ran inside.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: That’s right!

Ash stands up out of his bed. He doesn’t look very happy.

Ash: What do you three want?

James: Actually, it’s what you want.

Ash: And what would that be?

Jessie: You’re stupid pokemon, of course.

Ash: (gasps) You better give them back right now!

Jessie: Tell you what kid… we’ll give them back… (shows hand-full of pokeballs) if you give us Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika! {No!}

Brock: Ash, you can’t give away Pikachu!

Ash: (winks at Brock) I don’t plan to.

James: Then we’ll keep these pokeballs.

Ash: (yells) No you won’t! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

The three rocket members gulp as Pikachu quickly shocks the three of them, sending the pokeballs out of Jessie’s hand and Jessie, James and Meowth airborne.

Jessie: (smacks James) I knew we should’ve just grabbed the Pikachu! But no, you had to bargain with the pest!

James: It isn’t my fault! Meowth wanted to talk to him!

Meowth: Don’t blame me!

Jessie: Oh well. We’re still-

Jessie James & Meowth: Blasting off again!

The three of them disappear from sight as the usual star twinkles in the distance. Meanwhile, Ash was able to pick up his pokeballs.

Ash: (teary-eyed) Sorry guys… I was stupid in that battle against Giovanni… but now I can get him back for what he did!

Ash starts to walk out the doorway (mind you Team Rocket destroyed the door a few seconds ago) but Brock grabs him from behind and stops him.

Brock: Ash, you can’t just go out there! Giovanni will kill you!

Ash: (shoves Brock’s hand away) I don’t need you to watch over me!

Ash then turns back around and walks out of the room. It’s already the afternoon. He passes by Scott and Misty (again) and stands there long enough to hear them talking.

Scott: So you’ll go to the party with me?

Misty: (smiles) Sure! Ash doesn’t like these things so-

Scott: (grabs Misty’s hand) No, don’t talk about him.

Misty shuts her mouth. Ash starts to walk away when he sees them kiss under the sunset.

Narrator: Uh-oh. Looks like Ash has some competition! What will happen at the party? Will Ash get his revenge against Giovanni? And will Giovanni ‘take care of’ Jessie, James and Meowth? Find out in the next episode!




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