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Scott & Misty's Date


Narrator: Last time, Ash and Misty ran into Scott, a boy who took a liking to Misty. Ash, trying to stop Misty from going with Scott, pretended to hurt his leg, which Misty hasn’t found out about yet. But Ash’s attempt failed, as Misty is now going to the dance/party with Scott. Will Ash tell Misty how he feels before it’s too late?

Ash Introducing Title: Scott and Misty’s Date!

The setting is inside the room where the event is taking place. Misty is sitting next to Scott at one of the many tables. People are talking to one another and are also dancing in the center of the room. Ash is watching Scott and Misty from the other side of the room.

Ash: Huh, she doesn’t seem to be too happy. That might be a good sign.

As he says this, Misty laughs and then kisses Scott on the cheek. Ash gets several sweatdrops.

Ash: Guess not.

Man: Hey Ash.

Ash turns around. It’s Brock, wearing a suit. His hair is all fixed up (for once) and he has a big, bright smile.

Ash: Hey, what are you so happy about?

Brock: (points) Over there.

Ash looks over his shoulder. A beautiful woman is standing there talking amongst the people around her. Brock is blushing.

Brock: (in a daze) She’s so beautiful…

Ash: (angry) Snap out of it, Brock! Misty and Scott are getting too close.

Brock: Huh? What do you want me to do about it?

Ash: Go over there and sit at the table. Talk to them and see what’s going on.

Brock: Whatever.

Brock walks over to Scott and Misty’s table. Misty is busy at the moment with Scott (they kiss a lot…) when Brock appears.

Brock: (slyly) Busy Misty?

Misty immediately pulls away, blushing. She laughs lightly and offers Brock a seat. He sits down.

Scott: So you’re Brock… is it really true you act like a zombie in front of beautiful women?

Brock: (slightly ticked off) Yes… why, do you?

Scott: No… (turns to Misty) If I were I would be in major-zombie mode right now.

Misty giggles and blushes. Ash is watching with more sweatdrops then ever before.

Ash & Brock: (thinking) That was cheap.

Brock: Anyway, what do you two plan to do after the party?

Misty: Well, Scott was going to show me his room, and…

Brock: (blushing) It’s okay, Misty. Don’t tell me.

Scott: I think I might invite her to stay at Cinnabar Island for a while. (grabs Misty’s hand) We might just get together.

Misty and Scott both smile. Ash, meanwhile, isn’t. A large amount of steam is coming from his head, and he is starting to think about all the mean things he could do to Scott.

Ash: (thinking) I could just shove him against a wall and beat his little-

Ash’s thoughts are interrupted by Brock tapping his shoulder. He turns back around.

Ash: What now?

Brock: Um, bad news partner. Misty is falling big time for this Scott guy. She’s going to his room after the party.

Ash: (angry) What?!? (yelling) THAT LITTLE…

Brock: Ash, Ash, calm down… all you have to do is tell Misty what you’re thinking and you’re problem is solved.

Ash: What do you mean? She’s on a date with him! She loves him.

Brock: But she loved you first.

Ash: She does not! If she did she’d know how much this is killing me!

Brock: Maybe that’s why she’s not smiling.

Ash tries to make a comeback but he falls short. Brock looks over again at the table.

Brock: Just tell her… she’ll understand.

Ash: (sighs) Fine, I’ll tell her.

Ash takes a deep breath and starts over toward Misty and Scott’s table. As he leaves, Pikachu walks in wearing a tiny suit. He watches Ash walk over.

Pikachu: Pika pi chu chu? {He’s finally telling her?}

Brock: (smiles) Yep. It’s about time, too.

Pikachu: Pi ka pika chu chu pika pi chu… {Hope he doesn’t screw up this time…}

Brock lightly chuckles. Even he remembers what happened at the hotel that night. (No, I’m not showing the flashback again. You can read part 1.)

Brock: I hope so too, Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Ash makes it to the table. Misty is sitting at the table by herself.

Ash: Hey Misty.

Misty: (looks up) Hi Ash.

Ash: Where’s Scott?

Misty: Oh, he went to talk to the ship’s captain about the trip or something. We’re leaving after that.

Ash: O.K. then, I’ll see you at the room.

Misty: No Ash. You won’t.

Ash: (shocked) Wha-

Misty: Scott invited me to stay with him here, at Cinnabar Island. I’m accepting his offer.

Ash: But Misty, you can’t!

Misty: What do you mean by that?

Ash: (pointing at Brock and Pikachu in the distance) That’s why!

Misty: I don’t see anything. (squints eyes) Oh, it’s Brock and Pikachu.

Ash: Yeah, your FRIENDS. You’re just gonna leave us after all we gone through?

Misty: Listen Ash, I wasn’t gonna go until I realized how much of a burden I am on your journey. You don’t want me around.

Ash: But Misty-

Misty: No buts. I’m leaving.

Misty stands up. She leans over to Ash.

Misty: I’ll miss you Ash.

Misty gives Ash a little peck on the cheek, then walks over toward Scott. The song "The Time Has Come" starts to play in the background. Ash just stands there.

Scott: Are you ready to go, Misty?

Misty: Yeah. I’m gonna go pack up. We’ll leave in a few minutes.

Scott: (smiles) Good. (kisses Misty)

Misty smiles back at Scott. She leaves without looking back. Scott, though, walks back toward Ash to say something. He chuckles, and, before turning around, says to Ash…

Scott: Sucker.

Ash didn’t contain himself. As Scott went to walk back outside, Ash grabs his shirt, and throws him down. People around them are watching.

Ash: You little son of a gun! You made her leave just so you could get what you want!

Scott: (stands up) I can’t help it if you couldn’t stop me. She’s mine now. (laughs maniacally)

Ash goes to punch him when Brock grabs him. Ash pulls back his fist.

Ash: (really angry) I’ll get you for this, Scott!

Scott doesn’t say anything. He just turns around and walks outside. Pikachu hops into Ash’s arms.

Pikachu: Pika pi? {What’s wrong?}

Ash: (holding back tears) Misty… is leaving… us…

Pikachu: (sad) Pika? {Why?}

Ash: Because she found somebody better.

Ash then just runs out with Pikachu, crying. He runs straight into his room, not knowing that Misty would be inside. He just lays down on the bad, not noticing Misty.

Ash: (crying) That stupid Scott… I’ll get him someday…

Pikachu crawls out under Ash (he got squashed) and sees Misty. Before the little yellow Pokemon could say anything, Misty grabs him and covers his mouth. Ash continues to lie on the bed, crying.

Misty: (softly) Ash?

Ash literally flies 5 feet in the air when he hears Misty. He lands in a sitting position on the bed, facing Misty.

Ash: What are you doing here?

Misty: I’m packing up. I have to meet Scott in a few minutes.

Ash: (crying) Misty… just leave.

Misty: (confused) What?

Ash: If you want to leave, then just go.

Misty almost starts to cry herself but fights it long enough to grab her bags and walk out. She walks over to Scott and the boat that would take them to shore.

Scott: Misty… what’s wrong?

Misty: (sniffles) Nothing… let’s go.

Scott smiles back at her. He takes her stuff and puts it in the boat. Scott and Misty both sit down and the man operating the boat starts the engine. Misty just stares at the ship. A single tear escapes her eye as they go out of viewing distance.

Narrator: Oh no… now Ash and Brock are all alone. Will they get Misty back? If they do, will Ash finally tell Misty his true feelings? Find out in part 6!




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